The Sweeney Song

I'm baaaaack!

Disclaimer: I don't own Sweeney Todd, or the tune for this song. You've heard of the Gir song, the Roxas song, and the Cloud song. Now, here's the Sweeney song! GET READY TO SING!

The Sweeney Song

I am Sweeney.

Here's my razor!

I slit guys' throats.

I'm tight with GIR.

I kill because

I miss my wife.

Was falsely charged.

I hate my life.

Mrs. Lovett

Is my girlfriend.

Her hobby's to

Bug me no end.

Since she's alone

Except for flies,

We put our dead

Into meat pies.


I miss my daughter, Johanna.

And when I slit that Judge's throat,

His blood will rain like manna!

I hate the Judge.

And all his friends.

It's thanks to them

That my joy ends.

In bitter woe

I quickly sink

As Toby sells

Fresh piss with ink.