Hi guys, so this is like my second story. And this story is very special to me for many reasons. Also i've kind of added a few new characters which are not there in the comics or the cartoon. Hope you like.

And by the way im thinkin of changing the tittle maybe. If any of you have anything better , do tell...

so that's it for my rambling...now you may get on with the reading..enjoyyy...

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Hey, I'm Kori, 15 yrs old, I go to Jump City High. I'm about 5'6 and have deep crimson hair which goes down to just above my waist. I have tanned skin, a gorgeous figure and green eyes. Well basically I am your ordinary teenage girl with average looks and those insecurities every girl goes through in this age.

Well enough about me. Let me tell you about my friends. First of all I have a great set of friends and I love them all. I have 5 best friends. I seriously cant live without them.

First there is Rachael, she's kind of the quiet one in our group, always so calm and collected. She can seem really emotionless but there's actually a lot more to her than what we see. I'm one of the only 3 people that really know her. She opens up to me. And she's always there for me and I do the same for her whenever she needs it. You can say she's the mature one of our group. She has dark purple eyes, shoulder length dark violet, almost black, hair. She's about 5'2, has a great figure, and a pale complexion. All in all I think she's really pretty.

Then there's Vic, as in Victor. He is like my big bro. He's very protective of me. And he's loads of fun to hang out with. He's into all those cybernetic things n stuff. He has a car which he calls his 'baby' for a reason only god knows. And he's in the high school football team. He really is a great athlete. He's about 6'2 and has chocolate brown skin, with a lighter shade for his eyes. And he has a very strong built; you know the kind that's perfect for bear hugs n stuff.

And then of course there is Gar, as in Garfeild. But he doesn't like anyone calling him that. Most people call him BB, that's short for Beast Boy. He got the name from one of the video games he n Vic plays. Well the name just stuck that's all. Well he's about 5'4 and has a lean built. He's has green eyes , has a normal complexion and blonde hair with green highlights. Well to tell about him, he likes pulling pranks and stuff like that. And he's kind of like the funny guy jokester in our gang. He and Vic are always having fights over whether to order meat or veggie pizzas whenever we're eating out together.

And last but definitely not least, is Hannah. She is like a total tom boy. She'd be ready to punch the daylights out of any guy if she had to. She likes to stand out. And that's one of the reasons she died her hair white, which by the looks really good on her. She has brown eyes, normal complexion and is about 5'5. She's the one who taught me to be tough when I needed to be.

Well that's all for my friends, well best friends that is. If I say about just friends I have a LOT and when I say a lot I mean a LOT. I mean I have friends in almost every single school in Jump City and even some outside Jump City. He he, well that's another thing about me, I'm a very friendly person and am able to get along with almost every kind of person.

Well enough with the babbling, I'm starting to feel sleepy and I should really be getting some sleep if I wanna get to school early tomorrow.

Oh yeah I forgot to say, tomorrow is the last day of school before summer vacation starts and I am so totally excited. So till next time. Gudnight.

And with that last sentence Kori shut off her laptop and set it on her table right next to her bed. Pulling the covers over her, she sighed one last time thinking about the exiting day to come before she let her self be swept away into the world of dreams.


So what did you think? I know this chapter was kinda boring. Well it was just an introductory chapter. I wanna know what you think of the new character I added.

A quick heads up though, in this story a lot of things might be different from how it is in the comics and all. And there's a reason for that. Those of you who wanna know more can mail me and I'd be happy to clear things out.

So I'm continuing this story only if I know people are gonna be reading it.