Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

One could just feel the energy and joy that was being emitted from each student in Jump City High School as they all celebrated the last day of school before the summer holidays started. Streamers and glitter were flying everywhere and the sounds of nature were drowned in the loud screams and chants of the ecstatic students that were in pure bliss at the feeing of freedom from all the school work and what not.

Among the crowd of students in front of the school were Kori and her friends. Obviously having a great time themselves.

" Guys, I seriously cannot wait for the camp to start. I mean I had so much fun in the previous years that I had gone there. And I get to see all my friends too."

"Kori, we know, you've been telling us about how excited you are all week." Said raven in her monotonous voice.

"He he, sorry Rae, it's just I just cant wait to go back there and see all my friends there again"

"Hey you better not forget bout us when u get your camp friends back, lil lady" said Vic jokingly.

"Oh come on Vic, you know I would never do that. Besides I'd still be seeing you guys everyday, I mean the camp is only from morning to evening . we could still hang out after that."

" Nop, not me. I'll be at my dad's place. I mean this is the only time I actually get to spend time with him.", said Gar. They all nodded in understanding, non of them wantig to pursue the matter.

Poor Garfeild. His mom and dad divorced when he was just 10 yrs old. He has been going back and forth ever since then.

"Well man, hope you have fun." Replied Vic trying to lighten the mood.

"I wont be here either," added Rachael. "Oh? Where are you going Rae?" asked Garfield.

Raven's gaze lowered and mumbled something which none of us could actually make out what.

"What was that Rae?" I asked.

"I said I going with my mom to Hawaii."

"Wow, great that should be fun," said Gar.

" FUN? Ha ha…. Right. She said I was growing more distant from her everyday so she wants to spend some 'quality time' with me, whatever that means." Spat raven.

"Whoa girl, cool down. We get ya" said Vic, trying to calm Raven down from her sudden outburst.

"Whatever", replied Raven using her monotonous voice again.

"Wow, so I guess we won't be seeing each other much this vacation huh." I sighed at the realization. I can't believe we won't be seeing each other for 2 and a half months. My train of thoughts were broken as Hannah came shouting towards us.


"I'm sure we won't have to since your going to be blabbing it out right now" said raven.


"Man., I guess we won't be able to see each at all this vacation"

'Hey come on a guy, that's what phones are for. We can always talk on the phone", said Kori trying to get everyone's spirits up as usual.

"Yeah. That's right. We could always talk on the phone,' said Vic joining along.

This seemed to reduce the sudden sad feeling in the atmosphere.

"Hey guys, I gottta go, I promised my mom I'd help around the house for when my cousins arrive, c ya guys, have a great vacation," there was a chorus of byes' and cyas' as Hannah got on her bike and went off.

"DUUUUUDEEEEE! We gotta hurry or we won't be able try out anything", said BB.

"Oh yea, I totally forgot 'bout that, Yo guys so we're off too…"

"Lemme guess, another stupid arcade is opening today," interrupted Raven.

A grin spread across both BB and Vic's face. "You got it, so we're off.

C ya guys. bye" said Vic just before dashing off with BB behind him.

"So I guess it's just you n me huh Rae", said Kori.

"Yea, uh, so tell me about that camp your going to again," said Raven, trying to cheer Kori up.

And Kori was grateful for that too. Raven always knew when Kori was feeling down and always knew how to get her spirits up too, even though not always in an enthusiastic manner. But she still cared, and that meant a lot to Kori.

And so the 2 best friends chatted all the way to their respective homes.

By the time Kori got back home it was already dark. So Kori as usual followed her nightly routine and was off to bed.


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