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Hey everybody, I'm back! I'd like to say that I am very impressed, and more then a little surprised, at how popular this is. Firstly, I'd like to thank Samurai Crunchbird for being the first reviewer and for his brutal honesty. I'd also like to thank acosta perez hose ramiro, Aero Tendo, and RDF-73 for their reviews. Not to mention thanking Aero Tendo, RDF-73, lab1152, patrickdron, and flatliner15 for putting this on their story alert lists and ShadowFang Demon, Aero Tendo, and Cabrera1234 for putting thing this on their fave fics list. Never have I seen so much success for one of my fics, especially for just the first chapter. Now without further delay the next chapter.

Tara was pretty distracted during her morning classes because of the conversation between her and Bonnie on the way to school. Not to mention what transpired with Ron. She hadn't seen him since then and was hoping to ask him out during lunch. Finally, the bell for lunch rang and Tara was quick to get out of the classroom. On her way to the cafeteria she ran into Bonnie.

"Hey T, how's it going?"

"Ok" she said without her usual zeal.

"Something wrong?"

"Well I'm wondering if Ron likes me considering what happened this morning"

"What happened?" Bonnie asked though she knew perfectly well what happened. As Tara recounted what happened Bonnie had to keep a barracuda smile from gracing, or disgracing depending on your point of view, her face.

"I told you he's a loser" Bonnie said after Tara had finished. "He could've at least heard you out. But on the bright side I've heard a lot of guys talking about you. You've caught the attention of some real hotties"

"I guess, but I'm not giving up so easily. Besides none of them are the guy"

'Damn!' Bonnie thought angrily. 'Thought I could get her with that one'

"No, I'm heading to the cafeteria and finding Ron"

"Good luck" Bonnie said half-heartedly.

"Thanks" Tara said sounding more like her old self. She headed to the lunchroom and after a few minutes spotted a familiar blonde cowlick. Smiling she headed over to him weaving through the throngs of students getting a usually inedible, not to mention unidentifiable, lunch. When she got there she saw Monique sitting very close to her boyfriend Felix and Ron and Kim not as close together, but still sitting next to each other. As she got closer she heard her name mentioned.

"I'm still pretty shocked at Tara's wardrobe" Kim remarked.

"Yeah, but she's just trying to impress a certain guy" Monique replied looking directly at Ron who was battling his lunch and losing.

"The lunch meat's tougher than usual" Ron said completely ignoring Monique's gesture.

"She does look good in that outfit" Felix said absently earning a punch in the arm and a glare from Monique. "I'm sorry, you know I'd never leave you for her or anyone else" Monique's expression softened considerably.

"I forgive you"

"Thanks" At this point Tara decided at this point to make her presence known.

"Hey, Ron"

"Oh, hey Tara, what's up?"

"Not much. Listen, could I talk to you alone?"

"Sure, be back in a bit guys" Ron and Tara went outside the cafeteria.

"Ron…do you like me?" Tara nearly slapped herself in the forehead. 'How could I say something so stupid?' Ron just gave her his usual goofy grin.

"Of course I do. Is this about your crush on me?" Tara was shocked.

"You know?"

"Well, Kim told me you did, but that was when we saw you with Josh awhile back"

"Yeah, well, we broke up a while ago and I kind of like someone else now"

"Anyone I know?"

"Yes, you know him"

"Is he good looking?"

"Oh, I'd say he's quite good looking"

"Is he…"

"Ron" Tara playfully chided.

"I'm sorry!" Ron cried out of nowhere.


"Wait, you're not mad?"

"Of course not" Ron visibly relaxed. "Ron" she said taking his hand in hers. "It's you I like"


"Yes, and I want to ask you out. So do you want to go out with me sometime?"

"I'd love to" Tara almost squealed in joy.

"Pick me up Friday at 7?"

"It's a date. Oh, can I get my hand back, please?"

"Oh, of course, but can I just say one more thing?"

"Sure, what?"

"This" Tara said as she started leaning in towards Ron. Right before their lips met Bonnie suddenly popped up and startled the couple.

"Oh there you are Tara, I've been looking everywhere for you"

"Uh, Bonnie, I told you that I was going to look for Ron in the cafeteria"

"Oh, yeah, but I checked and you weren't there"

"Yeah, Ron could you excuse us for a minute"

"Uh, sure" Ron said as he headed back to the cafeteria. After he left Tara turned around on Bonnie and tried to stay calm.

"Why did you do that?"

"Do what?" Bonnie asked trying to sound innocent.

"Pop up out of nowhere, scare the crap out of me, and right when I was about to kiss Ron for real"

"I told you, I was…wait, what do you mean for real?"

"Never mind" Tara said trying to hide a blush.

"Were you fantasizing about him?"

"Sort of"

"Look, you need to think about what you're giving up. Is it worth it?"

"I have, and it is" Tara said with more confidence than Bonnie had ever seen in her.

"I give up! You want to throw away your popularity then go right ahead! I'm done!" Bonnie said storming off in a huff. Tara just stood there in shock at Bonnie's sudden outburst and didn't move until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head and saw the concerned look on Ron's face.

"You ok?"

"I am now" Tara said without thinking. "Uh…I mean I'm ok, just a little worried about Bonnie"

"Yeah, I heard the yelling and came back to make sure everything was alright"

"I'm not sure Bonnie just kind of snapped and stalked off"

"So the Bonniesaurus Rex went on the rampage again?" Ron joked to lighten the mood a bit. It worked as Tara giggled slightly.

"You could say that" she said with a small smile before leaning in and giving Ron a peck on the cheek.

"Wow" was all Ron could think to say.

"Glad you liked it"

"There you are" said a familiar voice. "Ron I've been looking everywhere for you. Wade called it seems golf pros are disappearing and he thinks Duff Killigan is behind it"

"Ok, be right there" Ron called before returning his attention to Tara. "I gotta go"

"Take care of yourself"

"Hey, as Kim would say, no big. We've dealt with Killigan before and beaten him and his exploding golf balls"

"Exploding golf balls?" Tara asked in a frightened tone. Ron felt like a major league idiot.

"Why did I say that? Man I'm an idiot. Maybe Bonnie's right, maybe I am a loser"

"Don't ever say that!" Tara said in a stern tone of voice that shocked Ron considerably. Tara continued in a softer tone. "You're an incredible person; you're kind, considerate, brave, and very, very hot"

"You really think that?"

"Yeah, I do" Their little moment was interrupted by Kim's impatient call.

"Hurry up Ron"

"Sorry, Tara I have to get going" Ron started walking away, but Tara stopped him.

"One more thing" Tara said as she wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. "For luck" she said after they broke apart.

"Thanks" Ron said somewhat dazed before heading over to Kim who was in utter shock. "Uh, Kim, don't we have mission to get to?"

"Huh? Oh, right, the mission" Kim said snapping out of her stupor. "You know Barkin's going to kill you for that" Ron spared a glance at Tara who was starting to walk in the opposite direction.

"You know something, Kim? It would be so worth it" They walked in silence for a few moments. "Now let's get out of here before Barkin finds me" Kim couldn't hold back the laughter as Ron started running to the school parking lot with Kim in hot pursuit. Meanwhile Tara had to use the facilities so she went to the nearest restroom and when she walked in she was shocked at what she saw.

How was it? Better then the first chapter? Worse? Why does the author keep asking these insipid questions? Hopefully this chapter satisfied at least some people. If anyone has any ideas about Killigan's plan I'd love to hear them. I'm still kind of working out the details of the plan, but have a basic outline for it. As always constructive criticism, ideas, suggestions, and generous cash donations are always welcome. R and R please. Peace