A/N: Just pointless -Man oneshots/drabbles collected into one place. Since my mind can't make anything else than short oneshots, and since my patience and imagination doesn't allow me to do long stories/oneshots. :D Well, anyway, enjoy.

Sweet and Dark

Summary: "Allen Walker" The name sounds like music to his ears.

Pairings: None, well, maybe faint Road/Tyki and RoadAllenTyki, but only if you want it to be that. xD It's up to you.

Warnings: None

POV: Tyki's

Sweet and Dark

"Allen Walker.."

The name sounds like music to his ears. Beautiful and yet dangerous in a way that makes his skin curl and a sick smile to grace his lips. But the name was nothing compared to the owner of the name.

So sickingly sweet.

And yet so dark.

He knew what lay beyond that flawless mask. And he wanted to break it.

But, as he lowers his vine filled glass and stares at Road playing with Lero, he knows there is no way he can do that to her toy. He's her, after all.

A twisted grin spreads over his face. But that doesn't stop him from joining in on the fun sometimes.

"Road, let's play with Allen-kun for a bit, hmm?"

And the smile that spreads over Roads face, dark and morbid, may just make it worth letting her have him.