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It began to drizzle as Flight 37A reached the tarmac. Danny made sure his seat belt was tight as the plane began to speed up. Danny stared at his reflection on the window in front of him, his double's eyes piercing through him... Like his reflection knew the young man was making an awful decision. Chin in his hand, he replayed his last conversation, as well as the kiss with Sam, in his head. Exhaling sharply, Danny shut his eyes and let a tear slid down his left cheek.

It was finally starting to sink in.

Sam loved him. And he, her.

Laying his head back on the headrest, Danny squeezed his eyes tighter, hoping another tear wouldn't dare slip out. Why did my parents have to move to Tokyo? he asked no one in particular, only having to vent to himself. I have no choice but to join them.

"You always have a choice, Daniel," came an all too familiar voice.

"What the - ?" Danny jumped with surprise in the airplane seat, looking around for the source of the voice.

"Time out." As soon as the command was given, everyone on the plane was immediately frozen... With the exception of Danny. The young man glanced out the window and noticed all those on the ground had ceased movement as well. Turning away from the window, Danny came face to face with adult version of Clockwork, whom was immediately replaced with his child version.

Showing a wide smile, the ghost said simply, "Hello Danny it's been a while."

"Clockwork," Danny asked, sounding slightly irritated, "what are you doing here?"

The ghost chuckled, turning his adult form. He sat down beside Danny in the airplane seat next to him. "I'm here because you are here," Clockwork replied subtly.

Danny rolled his eyes. "Wouldn't have figured that one out," he muttered sarcastically.

"Not because you are here on this plane, but because you are here in this situation," Clockwork explained, gesturing his statements with his hands. "I'm here because you are wrong." He lowered his face so his eyes were cast up, an expression that caught Danny off guard. "You always have a choice, Daniel. Always." Clearing his throat, Clockwork continued, "And you have mainly mostly the right one. When the Observants told me I had to kill you, I found a way around them."

Danny stared at the ghost beside him, unsure of where this conversation was going. Anyhow, Clockwork went on, not noticing the young man's confused expression. "But here we are again, at a crossroad. One path leads to sadness and pain, the other happiness and prosperity." Danny watched as Clockwork got up from the airplane seat, making his way back into the aisle. The ghost turned to face Danny, pursing his lips together. "You made the right choice when you were confronted with your alternate future, but here again your choice has more consequence than you could imagine." Clockwork soon changed into his child form, grabbing the arm of Danny. Soon enough, they were both teleported to the ghost's tower.

"What are you doing?!" Danny spat with anger. "I need to get to Tokyo!" Clockwork simply smiled than pointed his staff toward the viewing screen Danny had last seen his evil self on. This time instead of mass genocide, it showed a very familiar woman.

She was trembling against a wall of some sort, possibly the wall to her home at the time. With her hair in her face, her eyes swelling with tears, the woman was being beaten, not even trying to fight back. She let the man's hand come down with full blast every other second, not once budging, accepting every beating. A small girl cried in the distance, her sobs uncontrollable. Danny watched in horror as the view turned to show the man face the little girl, hatred in his burning eyes. He raised his hand, his arm slowly and gradually making its way over his head. With a full swing, his palm smacked down on the young girl's cheek, making her fall to her knees in humiliation.

Danny gasped, unwilling to hide his anger. "How dare he do this to his family!" He turned to Clockwork, a confused expression on his face. "Who was that woman?!"

Th ghost's smile faded away, his eyes growing dim with seriousness. "The one you love." With those seven words said, the wind was immediately knocked out of Danny, leaving his breathless.

Sam? That was Sam?

No, Danny shook his head in disagreement with Clockwork's statement. Sam was always strong. She always stood up for herself. She would never let this happen to her and her daughter.

"Because of your decision to leave Sam back in Amity Park," the ghost explained in a hushed tone, "Sam is to later be in a terrible relationship."

Once more, Danny shook his head. "How could she fall for this? Wouldn't she figure it out?"

"Sooner or later. But not until it would be too late. Then she'd find that he's a snobby, self-absorbed aristocrat. He would drink and abuse her both physically and verbally. Their child being treated in much the same manner." Clockwork let the screen go black, the light soon diminishing and the whole room going dark. The two stood in silence before anyone spoke.

"Do you understand now?" The ghost's voice echoed around Danny in the darkness. The young man could soon hear the grim expression in Clockwork's words. "One path leads to pain and anguish, the other…"

Danny shut his eyes, panic setting it. "Nooooooo!" he yelled, gripping his head. His voice was so loud that he never heard the ghost say those two last words.

"Time in."


Danny screamed awake, opening his eyes suddenly. He inhaled sharply, trying to calm himself down. But when the young man looked around - just to make sure he was back in the airplane -, he found that the few people in their seats stared at him. He turned back around in his own airplane chair, sinking lower and lower, as if trying to escape the gazes of the boarded strangers.

Was that all a dream? Danny asked himself, closing his eyes once more. He meditated on this question before someone else's voice interrupted his thoughts.

Make the choice, Daniel.

Danny jerked around in his seat, turning to see who it was. Then he came to realize that the voice came from inside his mind. And that it was Clockwork telling him the right think to do.

"Make the choice, huh?" Danny murmured, his breathing heavy and slow. He inhaled sharply, coming to a desicion. With determination radiating from his smile, Danny became intangible, allowing the plane to leave him where he was.

Fully transforming, Danny took flight for Sam's house.

Sam couldn't stand to watch the plane take off. After Danny had walked into the boarding area and was out of sight, she turned and headed for the elevator. When it finally reached the third level of the parking garage, Sam slipped out. She waited for a few minutes before taking out her cell phone and flipping it open. With a press of her thumb, she speed dialed her best friend's number.

"Hello?" answered the all too familiar voice.



"Bring me home." Sam sighed softly before running her hand through her hair. "Please?" After Sam's last say, there was a small silence that hung in the air, no noise daring to be made. Tucker cleared his throat after a few moments, but then it became silent once more.

Tucker was soon to break the silence.

"Did you tell him?" he asked quietly. He hoped that Sam had heard him, but wasn't so because of another silence that followed. Hesitantly, she answered.


"And? Is Danny with you?"

"Just... just bring me home." Without saying another word, Sam closed the cell phone, shoving it into the back pocket of her jeans.


Thirty minutes later, Tucker finally rolled into the parking lot. The car wheezed to a quiet stop, waiting for Sam to get in. She silently stepped into the car, closing the door behind her. Wordlessly, she buckled herself in, immediately laying her head on the headrest. Without any sounds exchanged between the two, Sam stayed quiet while Tucker steered the car out of the parking garage.

Then she realized something.

Danny isn't in Amity Park, anymore.

Suddenly, it was hard to breath. It was hard to blink, hard to swallow, hard to hear, and it was hard to move. Any muscle took too much energy to even budge. Watching Danny walk out of her life forever was harder than anything to deal with, she finally acknowledged. She didn't know there was pain like this. Maybe...maybe if she'd confessed her feelings sooner, Danny would have stayed. But the world was full of "maybe if's" and there was nothing she could do about it.

Perhaps this was for the best.

Perhaps she would meet someone new, someone better.

"No," Sam muttered under her breath, "there is nothing better than perfection."


An hour later, she had arrived at the door of her house. Putting her key in the knob and then the deadbolt, Sam slowly opened the door. With her head heart heavy, she slowly walked through the doorway. She turned and shut the door, her fingers lingering enclosed around the knob. She immediately let go, leaning on it with her back, resting her head against it. Sam shut her eyes, trying hard not to let tears escape.

But she failed.

"Danny..." she begged quietly to the darkness.

"Yes?" it replied. Startled, Sam quickly turned around. She raised her eyes to the voice in front of her, and soon came face to face with the man she thought she had lost forever.

Was it a dream?

It sure seemed like it.

Sam reached out toward the voice, hoping to feel something other than air. Tears immediately began to flow uncontrollably as a hand grabbed hers in the blackness. Before Danny knew it, Sam had wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him in a hard hug. She buried her head into his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around the small of her waist in reply to her actions. Sam didn't want to let go of him, for fear that he would leave again.

After a while, Danny began to pry Sam off of him. At first she relented, but eventually she gave up and released him. "Sam, I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice hoarse. He paused to clear his voice, but then continued, "I should have realized sooner that there is one thing I would never be able to do."

Sam's voice cracked while trying to answer. "What's that...?"

"Leave you." With his eyes finally used to the darkness, Danny watched as Sam seemed surprised by his boldness. "You mean too much to me." The young man paused, clearing his throat. "Which is why I want to ask you something, Sam."

The woman standing before Danny looked at him quizzically. But he really surprised her as he began to lower himself down to one knee. Grabbing Sam's left hand, Danny brought forth a small, black, velvet covered box from his pocket, the case in his left hand, and opened it. Inside was a dark blue sapphire stoned engagement ring, one with two small diamonds on both sides. Sam gazed at the ring and then into Danny's gorgeous blue eyes. He carefully lowered the case to a view where she could see his face behind it.

There was nothing but love and care in every inch of his expression.

"Samantha Elizabeth Manson..." Danny whispered, his voice soft yet strong enough to be heard. He stammered a bit at the beginning from nervousness. "...will you marry me?" He looked up at Sam with expectant eyes, the ring right before her. As a smile danced arcoss her lips, Danny slipped the ring onto the proper finger. She lunged at Danny, wrapping her arms around his neck once more. She kissed him eagerly, clutching his locks of his hair as he slid his arms behind her waist. Reluctantly, they broke apart after a few seconds, their arms still remaining in place.

Sam smiled, tears in her eyes. "Does that answer your question?"

"I don't know," Danny murmured, eying the woman in his arms closely. "You could have been a little more forward." He continued to stare at her, not at all noticing her foot approaching his fibula. Sam, then, proceeded to kick him in the shin.

"Ow!" Danny yelped, almost dropping his fiance. "Man, what was that for? I just asked you to marry me, and you've already gotten mad at me?"

Sam smirked at Dan, brushing a strand of hair out of his face. "For calling me Samantha." Danny soon smiled as well. She rested her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes. "But I love you anyway."

The man tightened his grip on the woman in his arms. "I love you too, Sam."


"Where the heck is Danny?" Jack whispered anxiously to his wife. He watched as she shrugged. "His plane is here, but he's not."

Maddie slipped her hand into his to calm her husband down. "Maybe he missed the flight," she suggested.

Jazz shook her head in disagreement. "No, Danny would have called."

"Wait... Look!" Jack yelled, gazing over the heads of stranges in the airport. "Over there is his luggage!" Jack pointed at the conveyor belt and over to it, Maddie and Jazz following shortly behind.

While an all to familiar suitcase emerged onto the conveyor belt, Jazz noticed it had an envelope attached to it. The cream-colored envelope had a C and a W mixed together on it, the font a polite script. Before either one of her parents could pick it up, she did. Quickly snatching it, Jazz opened and read the few words it contained.

He made the choice.

:2 years later:

Sam's eyes fluttered open, her vision growing clearer. She rolled onto her side and glanced to where her husband should've been. But he wasn't there. Glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand, she noticed it was a quarter after six. Removing the sheets from over her body, she kicked her legs over the side of the bed. Sam soon got to her feet and stood up. Stretching her arms high and slightly yawning, Sam peered into the hallway and saw a small amount of light coming from the hallway. Grabbing her robe from the door, she quickly pulled it over her nightgown then walked into the hallway and towards source of the light. Sam soon walked over to a room, light seeming through the crack of its door. She peeked inside, full of curiosity.

Danny was standing over the crib, holding their three month old daughter, Danielle - Elle for short -, and feeding her a bottle. Sam silently made her way behind him, slipping her hands around his waist and leaning her forehead against his back. "She was hungry again," she heard Danny explain quietly.

"I would guess so," Sam murmured into his shirt. Danny leaned over his shoulder and placed a kiss on Sam's cheek. Elle soon finished the bottle and noticed her mom and showed some sort of smile. Well, at least, the kind of smile a three month old could show.

Danny handed their daughter over to Sam and watched as she placed Elle back in her crib. He shifted his weight so he could be behind Sam instead, snaking his arms around her wasit. He rested his chin on her shoulder as Sam smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. "You know Danny," she whispered into his ear, hoping to not wake the baby, "I've had this feeling you haven't told me everything about why you didn't leave."

Danny cracked a smile, sweeping Sam off her feet and into his arms. "That easy to read, huh?" Danny mumbled as he began carrying her to their bedroom. "Well let's just say time gave me a good hard slap in the face." Danny's smile grew even wider, as if finding the comment witty.

"So Clockwork paid you a visit," Sam laughed, her eyes shut and head leaning into his chest.

Danny chuckled as he placed her back on the bed. "I knew were smart." Walking around to the other side, Danny crawled into the bed as well, soon pulling the covers up onto him and Sam. Danny wrapped his arms around his wife and brought her close to him. Nuzzling his face into her neck, Danny explained the story.

"Next time we see the ghost," Sam said jokingly, "remind me to kiss him."

Danny laughed into her neck. "I realize you're kidding, but when I saw what would happen if I left, there was no way I could let it." He tightened his arms around Sam, holding her closer. "I love you too much, and I'm sorry it took me so long to acknowledge it. I knew that we could be happy together, whether Clockwork showed me as much or not." Danny heard a his wife sighed in his grip. "I'm glad I made the choice I did. Sam, I have never been happier in my life than now."

Sam rolled onto her right side and turned around to face Danny, tears in her eyes. She soon noticed he did too. Her husband leaned over and kissed her carefully. Sam's gaze lingered on Danny's afterwards, smiling. She kissed him on the forhead this time before whispering, "I love you so much, Dan."

"And I love you, Sam." Danny sighed, tightening his hug around Sam. "More than anything else in the world."

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