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"Christ, Lucian! Has anyone ever survived a night out with you?!"

"Well…er...there's a first time for everything?"

The two voices…one was feminine while the one called "Lucian" sounded almost…sane…too sane…

"Alright, what did you do this time? Wait…this…you got it on purpose, didn't you?"


A sigh was heard, followed by several moments of silence.

"What is it with you? I know what happened, but I don't think that-,"

"What makes you think this has to do with that implant of mine? Oh no, I let myself be nearly eviscerated for different reason…"

Now there was no doubt, immunity to pain, a lack of concern over his own well-being, and an air of menace behind every word, the masculine voice was Lucian's…

"Well…I'm sure I qualify as a surgeon now, I've seen enough of my own entrails to know what goes where, and I'm sure that I can sew a little skin…most of it's dead anyway…I'm practically a walking corpse now…, eh, Sarah?"

Sora awoke with a start in a bed that he didn't recognize. The pain, exhaustion, and sense of hopelessness that he had felt when the darkness Lucian infected him with was consuming him was gone, though the key-bearer did feel rather tired. Everything after being stabbed seemed to be a blur; he could only recall bits and pieces of confused memories. Sora's vision was blurry even as he looked around the room, it was medium sized and seemed pretty much devoid of anything other than his bed and a few lamps on the walls to provide lighting. He could recognize the architectural style as the one used in Disney Castle, the way the walls were made gave it away.

Sora was suddenly made aware of a slight pressure on his chest when he felt movement there. As straining as it was, the brunette moved his head sideways, just enough to see what was resting on it. Sora looked for several, silent seconds, before he practically gasped, eyes widening as he realized just what, or rather, who, was causing the pressure. Kairi was sitting next to the bed in a chair. She must have been there for quite some time as she was asleep, her head resting on his chest while her hand was lightly squeezing his. Sora was now painfully aware of the fact that he was in a pair of pajamas rather than his "normal" clothes.

The brunette began to take deep, yet quiet breathes as he struggles to keep himelf composed, something that he was never very good at. Okay, he knew that Kairi tended to be a touch over-protective of her friends and that she'd probably be worried sick over Riku if the same thing happened to him, but that didn't salve the overwhelming amount of embarrassment Sora was feeling about now. His mind went blank as he tried to think of the best way to handle this, even the rather disturbing dream he had just experienced was secondary to this.

"Um…Kairi?" Sora called out as he lightly poked the princess of heart's head with his finger, only getting a slight stir as a response. "Kairi?" he poked her harder this time, and felt his heart rate increase when the auburn-haired girl seemed to wake, slowly raising her head off of his chest and sleepily looking at him, still half-asleep.

"So…ra?" the brunette could see the beginning of bags underneath her eyes, either he'd been for longer than he thought, or she had been really worried about him.

"Um…hi?" Sora grinned weakly, not quite sure how Kairi was going to react, he could see her eyes widening. "Er…I..uh…" Sora stuttered, unable to think of anything intelligent to say.

"Sora!" To the brunette's surprise, Kairi lunged forward, wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug, placing her head literally right next to his. Sora had no idea how to react; the whole ordeal was as terrifying as it was dream-like. Part of him did want to return Kairi's hug, but the other part feared what would happen if he did…

Time passed as he sat, unable to do anything more than lift his arms up and towards Kairi, and after a few more seconds, Kairi began to raise herself up. Sora's dilemma had been solved for him. "Sora, you-," Kairi was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Maria walked into it, holding what seemed to be a tray of food in her hands, only to stop and star wide-eyed at Sora and Kairi.

"O-oh, I'm sorry!" The white-haired girl exited as quickly as she entered, leaving a stunned Sora and Kairi in her wake.

"Um, Kairi?" Slowly, the auburn-haired princess of heart's head turned to face Sora, a slight tinge of pink stained her otherwise flawless features. Kairi let out something that sounded akin to an embarrassed squeak as she literally jumped off Sora and bolted after the door to chase down Maria.

"Maria, wait, that wasn't what it looked like!"

Once again, Sora felt like he had been left out of the loop in some way. He could understand why Kairi would be embarrassed by hugging him, but the way she had reacted to Maria walking in like that, well, it was just over the top! What on earth could Kairi have thought Maria was thinking that would get her so worked up as to leave him hanging without any kind of explanation? Sora sighed audibly to himself as he planted his head back on his pillow, staring up at the ceiling. The keyblade master resigned himself to waiting for someone come into the room and give him the explanation he needed…

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!" Sora nearly jumped out of his bed as he heard a familiar voice and saw Dingo standing next to his bed, smirking. The keyblade master wasn't entirely sure how it had happened, but he must have dozed off at some point or another during his waiting. "Well, aren't you going to ask me what happened instead of staring at my ruggedly handsome features all day?"

Sora rolled his eyes, eliciting an even bigger smirk from Dingo. "I'll take that for a "yes". You see, after Lucian skewered you with that knife of his, we had to drag you all the way back to the ship, and when we got there Kairi and Riku nearly tore it apart trying to get it to Disney Castle." Dingo shot Sora a rather rueful look, causing the keyblade master to grin weakly. Riku and Kairi could get a little…drastic at times…though Riku tended to get far more ruthless over little things. "Anyhow, we eventually managed to get you here before that darkness devoured you and King Mickey; you know, that walking rat-,"

"He's not a rat, he's a mouse…" Sora couldn't help but glare a bit at Dingo as he grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

"Oh…sorry, we only had rats where I came from." The brunette barely managed to contain the urge to ask Dingo about his own home world, he was more curious about what happened to cause him to be bed-ridden. "Right, now where was I? Oh yeah, well, Mickey said some mumbo jumbo about "The Cornerstone of Light", and had us drag you near it to get the darkness exorcised , and that about sums things up. The darkness was disposed of, but it was so straining on your heart, mind, and body that you passed out for three days, you almost lost your heart…actually, this is the first time any of us has seen you awake or not had to force-feed you."

Dingo seemed to shutter and mutter several unpleasant things to express his disgust with the things he had seen when feeding Sora. Meanwhile, the keyblade master simply sat there in disbelief. "Th-three days!?" Again, Dingo shrugged and seemed to take it in stride.

"Yeah, three days of reading through Jimmy's journals or whatever…you know, I had no idea that you could meet so many cute girls on a quest to defeat darkness, you really have to take me with you the next time you go on one of those!" Sora simply stared awkwardly at Dingo's enthusiasm before the silver-haired boy began to calm down, lowering his fists, which he had thrown into the air in excitement. "Of course, half the time Riku was being a complete jerk and kept bugging me about where Maria and I came from and how we know Lucian."


"Yep, I just told him that I would explain to everyone when you woke up…I just don't get it, why do people always seem to take everything out on me and not Maria? Oh well, Riku should be storming in here in…five…four…three…two…" Suddenly, a very upset-looking Riku burst through the door, followed by Kairi, Mickey, and an apologetic-faced Maria. "…Darn, I was one second off…"

"Dingo, explanation…now…" Riku demanded with his arms crossed and a scowl set across his face.

"Right well…let's see…er…ugh…alright this is going to be harder than I thought…" Dingo rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment while Sora along with everyone else, slapped their foreheads in frustration. "It's a complicated story, alright? Hm…say, would you mind making one more trip off-world? Everything should make sense if we could get to Maria and I's home world…" Dingo's mood was nearly impossible to predict, he seemed serious, but there was an underlying tone of sorts in his voice…

From his position on his bed, Sora could see Maria's facial expression change only slightly. Either she wasn't nearly as concerned about returning to her and her brother's original home as he had imagined, or the white-haired girl was an incredible actor. "Um, your majesty?" All eyes turned to Sora as he called out for the mouse king. "Do you need us to help deal with Maleficent?"

The mouse king took several seconds before he replied; his face was contorted in thought during the entire span. "Yes, but not now. I'm going to take Donald and Goofy with me to warn the other worlds, starting with Radiant Garden. I don't know how Maleficent managed to hide on The World that Never Was without me knowing, but there's no telling what she had planned, for all we know, she could be expecting us to run after her…still, I don't like the idea of you going to a world you've never been to before while Maleficent is at large." King Mickey turned to face Dingo with a demeanor that Sora hadn't seen since the battle for Radiant Garden. "Dingo, are you sure that it's absolutely necessary to go off-world to give an explanation?"

The silver-haired boy simply nodded in reply while placing his hands behind his head, accidently positioning his cap in a slight angle. "Yeah, I'm afraid so. You know that expression "a picture's worth a thousand words"? Well…" Mickey sighed and exchanged a look with Riku, who stubbornly crossed his arms in reply. "…Sora, it's your decision, I'm not YOUR king…"

Sora tried to ignore the glare that Riku was shooting him as Dingo and Maria led the group away from their ship and through a barren, almost wasteland-like, devoid of everything except the occasional piece of metallic scrap. This time, the trip on Dingo and Maria's ship was filled with tension and an almost awkward silence. Even Sora, as naïve as he was, could pick up on the fact that Riku was apparently nursing a grudge of distrust against Dingo, at least until he could get an explanation out of him. With his life-time of experience with Riku, Sora was guessing that the keyblade master of dawn was upset over the fact that Dingo was dragging Kairi and him from the safety of Disney Castle.

Even though Riku was well-aware of their formidable abilities, he was as unwilling as ever to let them get in harm's way, especially after Lucian's attempt on Sora's life. Kairi seemed to have a similar opinion,

though she was more trusting of Dingo and Maria, the pair had taken injuries fighting Maleficent, if they wanted to harm Sora, then they had passed up several opportunities to do so.

Personally, Sora really didn't see how Dingo's background could be so complicated that it would necessitate a trip all the way to his home world, but the silver-haired boy hadn't really done anything to deserve any distrust, and he did seem upset at Lucian for trying to kill him.

"Sora, are you alright?" The brunette was shaken from his thoughts when Kairi fell into step beside him, a concerned expression dominating her features.

"Huh? Oh yeah…I was just thinking…"

"Really? I'm surprised, that's not something you do often…"

"Hey!" Sora exclaimed with a pouting expression as he crossed his arms. "That's not funny!" Kairi only giggled in reply and shook her head. Despite the tease, Sora couldn't help but feel happy himself, just being with Kairi had that effect on him, she was, both literally and metaphorically, his light in the dark.

When his heart had been claimed by darkness, it was Kairi who saved him.

When he had finally lost all hope upon realizing that he had been helping Organization thirteen all along, it was his drive to reunite with her that kept him from despairing.

In all of his darkest moments, Kairi had been there for him, either physically or mentally, and she never failed to support him when he needed it the most. Making her smile was just one of the ways he could pay her back.

"We're here…" Dingo said in a tone so low that Sora was barely able to hear him. "Welcome…to Metropolis!" Sora and Kairi rushed forward, Dingo and Maria were standing on the side of a cliff that seemed to overlook the city that they apparently grew up in. The brunette heard the ground behind him shift rapidly, apparently Riku was just as curious as he and Kairi were to see what Dingo and Maria's home was like.

Sora rushed forward eagerly, imagining a huge, bustling city full of life and joy in the middle of the desert wasteland that they had been walking through.

Below the blue eyed key-bearer was a vast collection little more than rusted scrap. There was the occasional skeleton of a skyscraper, or even a vague outline of a small building amidst the ocean of debris, but the vast city had clearly been utterly devastated by something.

"…Or more specifically, what's left of Metropolis…" Dingo continued in an almost bitter tone. "Come on, once we get into the city, I'm pretty sure things should start coming together…" Sora and Kairi exchanged looks before they followed the pair, Riku bringing up the rear behind them.

The piles of derelict were seemed even larger now that Sora was so close to them; something he hadn't thought was possible. Dingo and Maria led the trio in silence, though Maria seemed to glance about as

though she were nervous or even scared of something. Of the two, Maria was clearly more affected by whatever happened, though Dingo's normally cheerful demeanor had evaporated the moment they stepped foot on this world.

"So, what happened here?" Riku asked, speaking up for the first time since they had left Disney Castle. Obviously, it was a great relief to Sora to finally hear his best friend saying something.

"That's the thing…we don't know…" Maria stopped and turned around; her blue eyes were filled with emotion. "That's why Dingo wouldn't just explain everything on Disney Castle…he doesn't like admitting that he's not all-knowing in front of people." Dingo merely groaned and grunted a bit in frustration, causing Maria to chuckle a bit to herself. "I'm sorry if he worried you…I know all of this must seem pretty suspicious, I mean, we have only just met."

Sora looked over at Riku to see, much to his surprise, that he actually looked a bit guilty. Whenever Riku was wrong, he always tended to shrug it off with a "hmph" and a scowl. For him to actually look sorry…Riku must have really been thinking some terrible things to feel so guilty. What happened next practically made Sora's jaw hit the floor.

"…Oh…I see…sorry…"

Riku apologizing to Maria?! The guy hadn't even formally apologized for trying to kill his best friend for no real reason, and he was apologizing to someone that he had met only a few days ago? The idea of Riku swallowing his pride was far-fetched enough, but to see him actually doing it…

Maria didn't seem to realize the magnitude of what was going on, as she had a puzzled expression on her face. "Sorry? For what?" Either Riku had been hiding his suspicions from her, or Maria was very naïve.

"…Nevermind…" Riku grunted, clearly in a sour mood now that he had said the word "sorry". Sora knew all too well that Riku was only willing to compromise so much before he would go back to being his normal, cocky, ruthless, and all-around dark self…why girls found his best friend so attractive, Sora would never know. Good looks couldn't cancel out all of his flaws!

'It's about time that you finally started to view him for what he is…'

'Huh, R-Roxas, what do you mean?!'

Sora could hear his nobody's mental sigh. Somehow, the brunette had a pretty good idea where Roxas was going; they were one and the same now, just different aspects of the same person.

'Alright, let me put it this way, Riku is YOUR friend, not mine, even if we are one person. First he abandoned you and Kairi for the darkness so that he could start running around and seeing what the other worlds were, then he tried to kill you for no good reason, then, after all that he'd been through, Riku decided to trust DiZ and kidnapped me. Do you have any idea what it was like being brainwashed into thinking the computer around you was your home and then finally getting out and remembering everything? At the time, Riku thought that forcing me back into you would mean the end of my existence, he tried to kill me just so that he could swap funny stories with you sooner!'

Sora winced under the assault of the anger he felt rising. Most of it was Roxas's anger, but the blond nobody was a part him, even if he was just the qualities that he rarely let out. The truth was, part of Sora had always been holding a grudge against Riku for leaving him and Kairi to be devoured by the heartless while he went about taking in all of the sights across the universe, Roxas had just given those feelings a voice.

"So, are we going to stand here awkwardly all day or do you want to find out what happened?" Dingo asked with a smirk gathering the attention of all.

"Wait, I thought Maria said that you didn't know what happened," Kairi said in a confused tone. Sora nodded to reinforce her point.

"Ah, that is true my good friend!" Dingo exclaimed with one of his cheerful smirks as he spun around, causing Sora to exchange looks with Kairi. "But I do know someone that knows the specifics of it all…"

"Kenichi and Tima's Robot Company?" Kairi asked with a questioning, even skeptical, expression on her face. Sora couldn't blame her; the building that Dingo had led them all to really didn't look like much, though it was a cut above the ruins that surrounded it. The building was made of brick rather than the metal that now lay ruined and strewn across every inch of the ground. It was actually like most of the shops that Sora had seen in old pictures, relatively small with large windows in the front to show whatever the shop happened to be selling to anyone who walked by, the windows in this building were filled with various gears, bolts, and pieces of electronics that would make Sora's brain explode if he ever tried to figure out how they worked.

"Wait a minute, we haven't seen anyone for the past ten minutes we've spent just climbing through the rubble of this place, even if there was someone manning that place, then they wouldn't have anyone to sell anything to," Riku said as he looked around, in a curious manner rather than suspicious.

"Just because you haven't seen anyone doesn't mean they aren't there," Maria replied as she gracefully walked up to the door of the building, placing her right hand on it. "…Sometimes the people who you'd expect to need help aren't the ones who are truly in need or even in danger." The white-haired girl turned around to face Riku, her facial expression was impossible for Sora to read. "But you would know that better than anyone else, wouldn't you?"

Riku practically glared back in reply and looked away, suddenly developing a fascination with the ruined building next to "Kenichi and Tima's Robot Company". Apparently, this wasn't the first time Maria had said something similar to Riku while Sora was out…the brunette mentally groaned at just how much he had missed in those three days.

"…Fine…I understand…" Maria said with a sigh. "Well, no point in standing out here any longer…" She turned around once more and lightly knocked on the door before stepping back, resigning herself to wait until the door opened.

Sora was able to hear footfalls as whoever lived in the small building moved to answer the door. A girl who looked a year or two younger than him opened the door, looking first at Maria and Dingo and then at him, Kairi, and Riku with curious brown eyes. The girl had short blond hair and wore a white, buttoned shirt and a bar of blue-jeans rather than "feminine" clothing. There was something…different about her; she seemed innocent, almost angelic in a fashion.

While Sora knew that Roxas tended to brag about Namine's appearance being almost holy (something he did to get a blush out of her whenever she embarrassed him whenever the two were together), it was this girl's…"aura" so to speak, that broadcasted her innocence, though she did look like an angel of sorts.

'…Namine's more beautiful…' Roxas sniffed in reaction to Sora's thoughts. While he and Kairi had reasoned that Roxas and Namine's apparent attraction to each other was their own affair since they were still separate beings from their somebodies, there were times when Sora preferred to think otherwise…unfortunately, Namine never talked about Kairi to him, and Roxas was woefully tight-lipped about his and Namine's "outings". If Kairi felt anything for him, the brunette was going to have to find out the old-fashioned way…something he knew was not likely to happen anytime soon.

"Hello, Tima, do you know where Kenichi is right now?" Maria asked with a quick bow of politeness after looking over the girl in what seemed to be surprise. So, the "robot company" wasn't just a building that had survived whatever had devastated the rest of the city, it had been either built or converted into its current state. Tima opened her mouth to answer, but before she could, a second pair of footfalls echoed through the building and she stepped aside to let a boy who looked exactly her age come up to the door.

He had brown hair and eyes and an innocent face, though something about it suggested that he had seen things that had sorely tested that same innocence. He was clad in clothes that were identical to Tima's, though he wore a brown jacket over his shirt. "Maria, Dingo, what are you doing here?" the boy, apparently Kenichi, asked in surprise.

"Oh, we just needed you to explain the specifics of what happened to Metropolis…if you don't mind…" Dingo's tone carried a note of…worry…he wasn't happy about being back on his home world, though Sora didn't understand what could possibly drive someone to hate their own home…

Kairi sat down next to Sora, who was next to Riku, on the couch opposite of the one Kenichi and Tima were sitting on. Both Dingo and Maria had elected to stand for a reason that the princess of heart couldn't fathom, though Dingo seemed nervous about something. Maria remained as calm as always in contrast to her brother. As usual, Sora really didn't seem to notice anything wrong, he always did tend

to take things at face value, and he had the attention span of an ADD-infected rat, unless someone was at risk.

Sora really was a hero, but he was also a kid at the same time…something Kairi found both endearing and frustrating at times. If anything, the brunette seemed more interested in a small, foor-high robot that he had nearly stepped on when Tima and Kenichi welcomed all of them into their living room on the second floor of their house/shop. Apparently, they did indeed have customers amidst the ruins of Metropolis…robots of all sorts. While Sora was perfectly happy to accept that there was a city-load of robots running about, Kairi's curiosity demanded an explanation…she was every bit as adventurous as Sora and Riku!

"So…what happened?" Kairi asked somewhat awkwardly, unsure of how else to phrase her question. Kenichi seemed to take a deep breath while Tima, who previously seemed to be content watching Sora play with the small robot at his feet while she held Kenichi's hand, seemingly out of habit, suddenly seemed to stiffen and jerk straight up in her seat.

"Well…it all started when I met Tima, several years ago…" Kenichi stated, apparently trying to recall everything that had happened. "My uncle and I came to Metropolis when it was still a city; he was a detective and brought me along with him as his assistant to help arrest a criminal he'd been investigating…the man was a brilliant scientist, and he'd been hired by the ruler of this city to make a very special robot for him…"

Tima seemed to wince to herself as she sat back into the couch, a troubled expression written all over her face as she seemed to tighten her hold on Kenichi's hand. Still, the boy continued.

"Tima was that robot…she's the first and only one to even resemble a human…." Kairi jerked back in surprise, she could feel both Riku and Sora doing the same.

"S-she's a robot?!" Sora blurted out before either Kairi or Riku could do anything to stop him from doing something impulsive, much to the princess of heart's chargrin.

"Yes…" Tima replied, almost sullenly as she pulled her legs up onto the couch and buried her head in them, almost as if she didn't want to see Sora, Kairi, or Riku's faces.

"That's cool!" the robotic girl raised her head in surprise. Tima opened and shut her mouth several times, but no words came out. Kenichi seemed to smile pleasantly at the exchange even while Tima struggled to express herself and a sense of relief flooded into Kairi. She had seriously expected Sora to unintentionally hurt the robot-girl's feelings, which she obviously possessed.

"Most people view robots as just tools that can be treated as poorly as anyone wants…apart from me and my uncle, you guys are the only five I've ever meet who've reacted to Tima so well." Sora and Kairi both smiled a bit at Kenichi's praise while Riku just sat awkwardly, not quite knowing how to react. "Anyway, the scientist was killed and his lab was nearly destroyed in a fire while Tima was still in it…" The boy glanced over at the blond as she slowly let her legs down; he seemed embarrassed by something…perhaps a memory?

(AN: If you've seen the movie, you'd know why he'd be embarrassed about the time he first saw/found Tima snickers)

"The two of us wondered around the city when I was separated from my uncle, but we were eventually caught…it turned out that the ruler of the city had Tima built to replace his dead daughter and to interface with some kind of super-weapon he built to conquer the world." Kenichi sighed as Tima seemed to move closer to him as she too recalled the most terrible memories of their lives so far. "There was this guy named Rock who shot Tima to try and deactivate her, but that caused her programming to take over and force her to activate the weapon…she tried to wipe out all humans on the planet because they didn't fit with what the program that was controlling her deemed necessary to function…all of the other robots began to rebel throughout the city while I barely managed to get Tima out of the weapon before it could fuse to her."

Kairi could see an almost overwhelming amount of guilt and even fear in Tima's eyes as she practically buried herself back into the couch while tightening her grip on Kenichi's hand. "The program that was running her made her try to kill me, but she managed to get control in time to stop…but Tima was destroyed when she fell off the skyscraper we were in and the reactor was destroyed by the rebelling robots…"

Kairi couldn't help but notice that Dingo seemed to be rooted in place as he stared out of the window at something, though she couldn't tell what.

"The whole city was destroyed in the explosion caused by the weapon's reactor…but…I just couldn't leave until I rebuilt Tima, and all of the robots left in the city…they…they helped me every step of the way, from finding all of Tima's part to putting her back together…"

"Wow….that's…wonderful!" Kairi exclaimed joyfully, it was just such a beautiful story, it was the kind of thing that uplifted you right when everything seemed lost. Tima had effectively died, but that didn't stop Kenichi at all…he cared enough for her to try and rebuild her amid the ruins of a steel jungle, a daunting task by any and all measures.

Suddenly, Dingo staggered back, horror stricken. "Dingo, what's wrong?" Maria asked, turning to her brother. Her voice sounded panicked, though it was controlled somehow.

"BOMB!" he shouted in reply as he grabbed Maria and practically dragged her into the center of the room. "Shield, now!" Kairi barely had time to even process what was going on before a shining white barrier of magic enveloped all within the room…and not a second too late. And immense stream of fire, wood, and metal erupted from below them, slamming itself against Maria barrier while it engulfed the rest of the room in a maelstrom of destruction.

Kairi saw Sora jump off the couch, unquestionably in an attempt to somehow protect her and Riku, and try to add his magical strength to the barrier. He raised his keybalde just as Kairi and Riku did the same, but the Maria's barrier collapsed around them, exposing them to the carnage outside of it.

Out of reflex, Kairi stiffened and froze as she flew through the air; Maria's barrier has shielded her from most of the explosion, so the pain was bearable…somehow. Her leg burned and Kairi was certain that several sharp objects slice her body as she fell, but the sensation of falling and then hitting the ground on her side was what dominated her senses.

Kairi's whole body ached and jarred as she opened her blue eyes, her vision was blurry to boot. "So…ra?" she called out, unable to move even a finger. The auburn haired girl could feel her strength waning, she couldn't remain conscious much longer, and the metal she fell on wasn't exactly comfortable either. Kairi tried to move, to get up, but she couldn't…the fall had shaken her whole body, it was almost agonizing to just stay conscious….

And then, a crazed laughter echoed out through the entire area as she heard footsteps behind her…

"Magnificent…have you ever imagined what it would be like if the whole world was set on fire like that? All the lives being extinguished at once…the burning, the maiming, the destruction…it would be the most beautiful thing that could ever exist!"

Kairi felt her blood run cold when she heard Lucian's voice, he sounded excited and she was in no position to fight. Precisely how he had been able to recover from his wounds so quickly was the last thing on her mind, fear for both herself and Sora was the one thing on her mind right now…it snaked its way into her heart and mind like a snake exploring its home."Anyway…down to business!" She could feel his breathe on her as the murderous boy squatted down next to her.

"Now, I need to ask you a question or two before you go unconscious…I won't bother with cutting you up yet, you wouldn't get anything out of it anyway, and I'm not in the mood to experiment…"

Kairi felt his hand grip her jaw as he forced her to look at him as he grinned wickedly down at her, his eyes seemed to have an almost satanic glow to them. Her only saving grace was the darkness that was rapidly eating away at her vision, consuming it.

"Oh fine, I can collect Dingo myself…just so you know, he knew something like this was going to happen…you see, he and I are both classified as mass murderers and terrorists on this world….just sleep on that for a bit, sweet dreams!" Kairi could feel her eyes widen at Lucian's words, while insane, he didn't seem to be the kind to lie…could what he have said been true? The princess of heart tried to open her mouth and say something, but a choked sound was all she could muster as her consciousness faded.

The last thing she saw before fading away was Lucian's grinning face as he stood up and walked off, singing a bit to himself as he toyed with one of his countless knives.

"Drawn in by an unseen cold hand,
I pass even time as it flows to eternity.
As your eyes look away into the hazy distance,
what is revealed to them, I cannot see…"

Okay, so what did you think? I know it's probably not the best, but…yeah…just so you know, Lucian's singing really does connect rather strongly with his past…actiually, the whole song kind of outlines his role and what becomes of him in this story, but I doubt you guys know the full lyrics, and even if you did, only I know exactly what's going to happen…

Oh, and the person Lucian was talking to was a person from his past…they're the person that drone named Sarah that Digo had in the last chapter or so was based off of...

One last thing, I"m sorry if you fan-girls don't like what Roxas said about Riku, but my opinion of him has just kind of taken a nose-dive since KH2...and a few fics...I'm just saying, Riku HAS acted like a complete jerk for no good reason in the first two games...he had free-will all the way up until Sora defeated him for the first time on Hollow Bastion...and don't even get me started up again on his treatment of Roxas!

Anyway, just tell me what you think, it's your reviews that inspire me and allow me to improve you know!