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The door burst open, slamming it right into the Nymph's face.

"Aah! Watch it, bastard!" she growled at the source, an ashamed red headed pyromaniac.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see you, Sparks!" he apologized quickly, not wanting to be castrated. Larxene gripped her nose painfully.

"Hey, you alright?" Axel asked cautiously.

"No, I think you broke my nose..." the blond groaned annoyed. Axel reached out to her and gently pulled away her gloved hands that hid her nose.

"Get away from me, Red." she snapped, yet let him continue.

"Let me have a look." he whispered softly. Larxene tried to look at anything but the emerald flaming eyes of the other Nobody while he slowly observed her features, massaging the flustered skin. The Flurry smirked, knowing perfectly well how uncomfortable she was with someone this close to her.

"Axel, stop it..." Number Twelve said unusual quiet for her.

"Stop what?" he teased, his hands encircling her angelic face. She still refused to look at him directly.

"I... hate... you..." she trailed off while he pulled up her chin, drawing closer to her.

"You'd need a heart for that." the pyro grinned fox like, softly brushing her pink lips. Larxene gripped the front of his cloak tightly, asserting her gaze somewhere between his nose and chin and pushing forwards. The other replied only too grateful, lust licking at both of their consciousnesses.

"But I don't need a heart for this." Seductively, a portal opened behind him, leading nowhere else but the Nymph's room.

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