Title: The riches desire

Title:The riches desire

Rating: M

Pairing: SasuNaru yaoi

Disclaimer: too bad Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto

"ahhhahhh" – speach

and 'ahhhahhh' - thoughts

Chapter 1

The Uchiha's were famous and rich people. The head of the family Uchiha Fugaku was a cold person at work and at home. His wife Uchiha Mikoto was like the perfect sophisticate woman a man could ever want. They're oldest son Itachi was like a carbon copy of his father for every one except his little brother Sasuke. The two would do every thing for one another no mater the cost. But for every one else even their parents they were cold like icebergs.

Everything however changed when the Uchiha's hired a new maid in there household. Her name was Naru. She had shoulder length blond hair, blue as the sky eyes, full pink lips and three cute whisker like scars, three on each cheek. She was tall 5'7 feat and her body was curved just in the write places. There was only a little problem with her. She was actually a boy. His full name was Uzumaki Naruto. The boy was an orphan from birth and even at the beginning he was mistaken for a girl so he thought 'why not just become one'.

Naruto worked for the Uchiha's for half a year before every thing got alt of hand. You see the youngest master had had some feelings for the young blond since the day he first saw her. He wanted to persuade her but he couldn't because of his father. He would never allow Sasuke to even one date with Naru. After all she was just a maid and he was the son of one of the richest family in the world.

It was one late afternoon that we find Sasuke thinking how to be with his little sunshine without anyone finding out. Sasuke didn't know how his mind wondered of his plan to the way Naru moved her body with such grace to the way her soft kissable lips moved when she talked, how her hips moved sensually as she waked. Unknown to the raven there was a little drool on the corner of his mouth.

And that's how his brother found him drooling with a happy expression on his face.

"If I didn't know little brother I would say that you were going back to your baby years with all the drool you are producing out of your mouth." said a smirking Itachi.

That got Sasuke allay from his fantasies.

"What do you want Itachi?" "Just to say hi to my baby brother. That's all."

"Tell me what's bothering you Sasuke." said the older Uchiha with all the humor in his voice gone.

"Promise not to tell any one first." "I promise." "I like Naru."

"Is that it? I've known you like her from day one." was the eldest answer.

"How?" was all Sasuke could say. "I am your brother and know you better than even you yourself. Was that all that bothered you?"

"Not really. I want to ask her out….." "But" "Father wont allow me and will fire her!" exclaimed Sasuke.

"Do you like her that much?" "Yes" "OK I will help you."

"Do you really mean it Itachi?" asked the surprised Uchiha. "Yes I will little brother."

And with that was sealed the fate of every one in the Uchiha household.

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