The Fire Still Burns
Introduction and teaser


You will, I hope, forgive me for this one. It's the sort of idea one has after watching two shows in a row when both have glaring big flaws but a good idea at the heart of them.

Legend of the Rangers is a story of good scope and a few solid ideas. A bit of supernatural horror and a few gags that made B5 so watchable and you should have a sure fire hit. Only two problems (well three if you count the VR weapons system but I'm afraid I've blocked that out for the sake of my sanity). The first problem was I've seen better acting on early Blake's Seven (infamous because viewers actually sent in money to pay for one member to get acting lessons!). The second was a stupid time slot when it was first shown in the U.S. that practically killed it stone dead.

For those of you who don't know Legend Of The Rangers was the second attempt to do a spin-off from the classic Babylon 5 show. Like it's predecessor (Crusade, that is now held up as a example of why a studio should have NOTHING to do with production but that's another story all together) it failed. Only this time at the first hurdle. Recently I finally got it on DVD and have now seen it.

The other show was an episode of Doctor Who. It had such promise and I could accept the first leap (taken in the first three minuets and possibly the worst way to introduce a supporting character) I can take the fact that what should have been a belting two part-er was gutted to become a single quick and lazy character introduction. In fact I could also take the silly seven day - thousands of generations garbage. But not all together, I mean come the hell on!

Anyway on with the show but first as always disclaimer


I have wrote this for no profit or financial gain. It's just for fun and to exercise my brain and my fingers writing for the fun of it. All characters are owned by their respective creators.


'It's been a week since we dropped off ambassador G'Kar,' David said to his Minbari friend. 'About time something went wrong.'

Dulann grinned as he kept pace with him. 'Sometimes I wonder what I would do without your boundless optimism close at hand. Perhaps a quiet life in temple, or maybe just a long, but dull, existence.'

David skidded to a halt outside the bridge door and kicked it, no one had figured out how to fix the access panel yet. 'I know, great isn't it!' he sarcastically replied before barging in on the bridge. 'What is it Kit?

'We've picked up a tail Captain.' the helms man looked up. 'I thought I saw something a few hours ago on the edge of sensors. When we had that pulse from the engines and lost power...'

'Someone's following us on the extreme edge of sensors, Why didn't you tell me?' David sat in his chair at the head of the command table.

'I thought it was just another glitch. We just lost power for a moment again and I got a better look.' he punched up the hologram in the middle of the table. The red glow of hyperspace flickered up. A black and blue five pointed star shifted and warped as it slid into view before snapping back.

David bit back a curse before tuning on his console and bringing up a second hologram. 'Right, it's probably following us until we drop out of hyperspace. Or it's made a guess as to where we're going and is shadowing so we can't get out of it.' He quickly thought over what he knew about the Hand.

A race supposedly older than any other discovered, banished by another ancient race and only now making a return. These killer blue snow flakes had more than a few tricks up their sleeves and, as far as he could tell, more weapons than sense. Another problem was the Liandra was no match for one without luck, skill and a fair amount of guile.

'What the hell, I was always lucky with those.' he said to himself before looking at the second image. 'The nearest base is Proxima 3. There is supposed to be at least four White Stars at any one time. More importantly a space dock.' he addressed the crew. ' I think a side trip might be in order.'

David tapped the internal comms. 'Na'Feel, the problems we're having with the drive. How bad is it?'

'They're fine. It's just a case of balancing the new power cells they installed back on Minbar. It's fine.' She bluffed.

'You don't understand, Na'Feel. We're being followed and we need a reason to pay a visit to Proxima 3. Faulty engines and little TLC might be a good enough reason.'

There was a pause 'Well... We could do with some time powered down. There's a few things I should have a look at. General maintenance and the like, these would go a lot quicker with the equipment of a full starbase.'

She had got it. 'Good. Thanks Na'Feel, Can you keep the power twitching for a while too?'

'That won't be too difficult.' She answered with a laugh in her voice.

David covered his grin and cut the internal comms before opening a standard channel to Proxima. 'Proxima 3, this is the Ranger ship Liandra on deep patrol.'

The hologram spluttered and flickered for a moment and finally showed a Minbari warrior cast female. Behind her David could see the bridge of a White Star. 'Liandra, you're Captain David Martel. The Ranger who once ran from battle.'

'I wouldn't call it running, more like survived.' His little story seemed to have made the rounds.

'You also saved a group of alliance representatives from a failed mission and proved yourself to the high council after your disgrace. Yes, your story has travelled almost as far as you have. What can we do for you.'

'If you've hard of me you must have heard about the ship I'm commanding. Well its no exaggeration, we're passing through this sector and our main power system is acting up. We're heading your way to fix what we can. Thought I'd give you a heads up.'

She nodded. 'Understood, I will inform the spaceport of your arrival. Shock-na Arann of White Star 64, out.' David nodded and looked back at the main hologram. The recording of the Hand's ship frozen in place. 'What do you want?'

She looked around the spaceport in wonder. The very first thing she did when leaving the planet in her little shuttle was to crash head first into a wormhole. She didn't know what it was but guessed that it was why the builders had come to the planet in the first place. Tumbling through space and time she felt as if her head was going to explode, oh the things she had seen.

Worlds spinning out of the darkness. Invisible lines of destiny pulling backwards and forwards with the force of creation. Stars spinning out of cold nebulas, clouds of gas and plasma catching space itself on fire. This was why her father travelled the wonder and the majesty of all this. She couldn't turn her back on it.

Being spat out of the big green swirly thing was fun, at least she hoped it was. If she was honest with herself couldn't remember. All she could remember was waking up in space, with nothing but distant stars surrounding her.

Then there was a pull. Inside her but it was almost as if she could see it. Out there in the distance a dull brown world. Horribly ugly and spinning around one of those stars she could only just see. She might have been programmed with all the latest fighting skills and abilities but in reality she was only just a child. Like all children across the universe she was curious and to a point fearless.

Pointing her little ship head on for the world she set off.

Now here she was. With more people, things and shapes than she had ever thought possible. Only one or two problems. First; she had absolutely no idea where to go now. The other was a lot simpler; find out what the dozen or so people in green and black uniforms and guns wanted with her.

'Stand down! Identify yourself and what you're doing here' The one with the smaller, silver, handgun shouted.

A broad grin sprang across her face for no reason, oh this looked like fun. 'Hi I'm Jenny. I'm kinda looking for me dad. You haven't seeing him have you?'

End teaser