In Her Shadow

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Chapter 2: Karaoke Night

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They got into his rental car and arrived at the club to see Torrie and Michelle all dressed up. Michelle was wearing an orange halter dress and Torrie was wearing a hot pink baby doll dress. The four of them walked into the club only to find Jillian singing "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears on stage.

"Please someone make her stop?" Kelly Kelly begged

"What's going on?" Karie asked curiously

"It's open mic night. Who are you? I'm Kelly by the way." Kelly stated all in one breath

"Breathe Kel. This is Karie, she just won Diva Search." Michelle explained

"Hey, the three of us should go up there!" Torrie suggested about herself, Michelle and Karie.

"Us?" Michelle asked nervously

"Yeah, it will be fun!" Torrie answered linking arms with the girls and walking towards the stage.

"John?!" Karie pleaded

"Don't worry, you'll do fine. No one can do worse than Jillian." John joked. The trio was backstage deciding on a song.

"Okay what song should we sing?" Michelle asked

"Something not too slow but not too fast." Torrie answered

"Hey how about Girl Can Rock by Hilary Duff? I know most of the lyrics already." Karie suggested.

"Okay!" Michelle and Torrie exclaimed. The trio got the song set up and faced the crowd awaiting the lyrics to appear on the screen and the music to start.

"Ready for the big time, ready for the small
Whatever's coming to me, I'll be ready for it all
Sometimes it ain't easy, sometimes its not polite
Some days I don't get it, some days I get it right" Karie sang

"It's in my heart, it's in my head
That's what I said
Hey Boys are you ready for the shock
I'm living proof, the girl can rock
Spread the news around every single block
Hey boys, the girl can rock" All three girls sang their hearts out following Karie's lead.

The trio continued singing the rest of the song and received a standing ovation from the whole club. Even Jillian was in shock. The trio left the stage with smiles plastered on their faces.

"You guys did great!" John stated hugging each of them

"Karie was amazing!" Michelle gushed

"We were all amazing." Karie stated calmly

"Hey guys, we're going to go do a song now so find a partner." Kelly stated walking towards the stage with Layla and Brooke.

Torrie grabbed some random guy and led him to the dance floor.

"Hey Michelle what do you say you come dance with Jamie Noble because we both know you want to?" Jamie asked smugly. Michelle sighed

"Sure Jamie, I'd love to." Michelle stated with fake enthusiasm as she walked off in the direction of the dance floor with Jamie following close behind.

"May I have this dance?" John asked the remaining diva showing off his irresistible dimples

"Yes you may." Karie blushed and smiled, taking his outstretched hand and letting him lead her to the dance floor

The extreme trio was on stage awaiting their song, Who Loves You, by Lindsay Lohan.

"I can tell you things nobody knows

I been everywhere nobody goes

But nothing gets me off the way that you do

You drive me crazy when you step in the room." Kelly started

"Something bout your lips, something bout your kiss

Something bout your eyes, keeps you on my mind

Thought it was nothing, turns out it's something

You're the one who keeps me up every night." Layla belted


"Who who? Who who loves you?

Who who? Who who loves you?

I think I do. I think I do!" All three girls continued the song as their friends danced to the upbeat song.

John and Karie happened to be dancing close and not paying attention to the two blondes giving them full attention. Torrie and Michelle whispered back and forth giggling madly. As the song ended the crowd erupted in applause and everyone stopped dancing except John and Karie, who weren't aware of their surroundings. When they finally stopped, they joined their curious friends at the table for a few drinks. A few hours later they decided to leave.

"Ay Kar, you ready to go?" John asked Karie

"Yea I'm ready, let's go." Karie answered. They said their goodbyes and had gotten into the car John had rented.

Karie looked out of the window for most of the ride. Thinking about these past nine weeks in Diva Search and finally being the winner. About the friends and enemies she had made in the contest and rooming together. And then it hit her…

"John, where am I going to stay?" Karie questioned "They cleaned out the Diva Search room I was in before and it's too late to get a new room!"

"Um, I share with my friend Randy but he's been staying with his girlfriend so you can stay with me if you want." John proposed

"Thank you so much John!" Karie leaned over and hugged John as he parked the car. Once inside the hotel room they found that Karie's stuff had been moved there already. Karie took over the bathroom and got ready for bed, and when she got out John did the same. They got into the separate beds and faced each other.

"John?" Karie whispered

"Yea Kar?" John answered

"Are you going to come with me to my meeting tomorrow?" Karie asked

"Of course I am, Vince is probably just going to talk to you about your first storyline and stuff, but I'll be there." John reassured

"Thanks. Well goodnight, see you tomorrow." Karie stated turning over.

"Yeah, see you in a few hours!" John joked drifting off to sleep

Next Chapter: Karie and John get surprised at what Vince has up his sleeve.