Hello all. I'm so sorry it seems I've given up on this story…it's just I stopped watching wrestling so I lost interest in writing and reading about wrestling.

I read through the story though and thought that maybe I should tie up some loose ends, you know let everyone know where this was headed. Even offer the story to someone if they'd like to continue it.

So here it goes…

John and Karie do like each other a lot and there were dates in the future

Torrie's diagnosis is that she is pregnant

Michelle and Dave end up going on dates as well

Randy and Kelly continue to be cute

Karie ended up feuding with Jillian

The biggest secret of all is the meaning behind the title…

"In Her Shadow"

Karie was living in someone's shadow, her older sister who was a diva.

Karie moved away from home to join OVW to learn to wrestle.

She did not give OVW or the WWE her whole name.

Karie Rose is actually Karie Rose Stratigias.

Her older sister is Patricia Anne Stratigias, Trish Stratus.

If anyone would like to pick up this story and continue it all I ask is that you PM me first.

Thank you again to everyone that reviewed my very first story.

-Sorceress of Magic 15 aka Cali