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He climbed up the stairs, his hand tightly grasped around her wrist. This day so far had been frustrating, confusing and embarrassing, overall it was wonderfully horrible and if anything he was getting some answers. Of course, it wasn't going to be easy, Claire was already having a fit as he pulled her up the last few steps of the inn.

"Really, Gray, I don't think we have anything to talk about. So…lemme go dammit!" She struggled against his hold but her efforts were wasted as she simply just tired herself out in the end.

"You know just as well as I do," he let go of her wrist, "that we have serious things to talk about." As he glared at her from under the brim of his hat she realized he really meant it, like, really meant it. Gulping down her pride and fear she nodded dumbly, prepared to…discuss events she'd rather repress in her memories.

Gray crossed his arms and frowned, now that he actually had her in front of him he wasn't sure where to begin. How do you talk about something as awkward as what had happened? He glanced at her, hoping she would start talking but her mouth was seemingly glued shut, sighing he spoke up, she wasn't going to any time soon.

"So…first things first I guess, we're sure we did…that right? I mean, we just aren't getting worked up over nothing now are we?"

Her cheeks flamed with blush; did they really have to talk about it? In her mind it was obvious enough what had taken place.

"Y-yea, I'm pretty sure it happened, I mean we…both woke up naked right? I would think that was an obvious enough sign. But so what! Let's just forget this ever happened ok? It's not exactly something we want people in town to find out about, so I don't want to ever talk about this again!" She crossed her arms and huffed angrily, still avoiding eye contact.

He looked at her being all defiant faced and angry. Of course, Claire never made things any easier.

"Just hold on alright? Claire, I mean you have to think about the big picture, what if you end up pregnant of something? Don't you think we should address that possibility?"

Pregnant?! Claire's mind began dancing in circles. What the hell, why hadn't that ever crossed her mind? Pregnant?! Her mouth gaped open, what was she supposed to say to that, her eyes darted to his face, his completely serious face. Oh Goddess. Pregnant?! There was only one possible solution to this, denial.

"Gray it was only one night, there's no way I could be pregnant. It's impossible." She laughed, trying to make light of the conversation but her thoughts lead her to believe otherwise. Why couldn't it happen? She doubted they used anything like a condom, therefore they'd been completely unprotected; pregnancy was one hell of a possibility and yet she looked at Gray boldly, she wasn't going to admit it.

Gray on the other hand was getting a little pissed off. Sure he and Claire got along fine, but there were times when they became absolutely livid with each other, he deduced it was the mix of her outright stubbornness to his sour temperament. Either way, when they clashed people knew to get out of the way, he was just glad he was alone with her at the moment.

"Don't be stupid Claire, what are you going to do if you really are? If it really did happen! What are you going to do…what are we going to do?" His voice came out angrier than he had expected and Claire shrank back slightly from his words, but she came back with full force.

"We…we don't have to do anything Gray because nothing is going to happen! Why can't you just let things go, you're such a freakin' nag. Forget it alright? Forget it!" Her pitch became shrill and she turned away in a huff, she was done with this conversation.

Gray groaned in frustration, Claire was so difficult but he knew her well enough to know when to back down. He tried a different approach.

"I'm just telling you to think about it alright? Something like pregnancy isn't guaranteed but we have to take it into consideration." Claire frowned, she hated when Gray sounded more mature than she did.

"Yeah, yeah, alright." She shrugged her shoulders indifferently and walked away. Her head was buzzing with crazy thoughts and ideas and all she wanted to do was go to bed.

Gray watched her trudge down the stairs and sighed. Their little talk had been worse than what he was aiming for, he could tell she was too afraid to consider the possibility of pregnancy but then again, maybe he was just over thinking things. It really was just one night, what were the chances.

Zack looked up as Claire walked through the door. Glancing at the clock he wondered what she was doing here so late.

Won greeted her with his salesman grin, "Perfect timing Claire! I'm having my late night special!" but she simply ignored the man in yellow and walked straight up to Zack. Won pouted.

"H-hey Claire, how's it going? What bring you here at this…um…hour?" her intense gaze was making him uncomfortable.

"Keep this a secret for me Zack?"

"Keep what a-"

"Order me a pregnancy test."

Zack's eyebrow shot up, and he regarded her with a look of utmost surprise. Maybe he heard her wrong.

"You want me to order you a what?"

"A pregnancy test."

This time her face was tinged with blush as he began scratching his head.

"Now why would a nice, unmarried girl like you be wanting something like a pregnancy test?" Her face was becoming more and more red by the second, he decided to drop the question, "Well, I guess it's none of my business, but sure I could order it for you but I can't just go ordering one pregnancy test, they'll come as a pack. In a box."

Claire's face went blank, a whole box of pregnancy tests? She only needed on of the little things!

"A box of pregnancy tests? You're joking, you've got to be." But Zack grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

"Sorry kiddo, things like that just don't come in singles."

"F-fine! Fine, just as long as I get one of those bloody things." She began digging into her rucksack for the money, "Thanks though, I mean, I really appreciate this, just don't tell anyone?" She looked up at Zack hopefully.

"My lips are sealed Claire, you can count on me." He knew how much the gossip queens of Mineral Town would rip up a story like this, which is why he kept all his Lillia pictures inside where no one else could see them.

"Ohh, thanks Zack, you don't know how much that means right now. I really don't want something like this getting out." She turned her attention to the front of the house, "You too Won, could you keep this our little secret?"

Won looked up from his little crate desk, "Maybe if you buy something" he answered somberly.

The marker left a thick red circle on Claire's calendar. Recording her period would give her some sense of comfort, but as she stared at the marked date she felt more distressed than ever. The robust red mark just made the possibility of pregnancy even more realistic. She tossed the marker angrily onto the table and flopped into bed, the pregnancy tests would arrive within the week, but she'd only use one if she was late.

"I'm not going to be late, there's absolutely no way."

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