"I know you miss her."

He shrugged, "It's been so long now, I don't know if I miss her or resent her."

"It hasn't been that long, and you shouldn't resent her!" She narrowed her eyes at him, "You know it's nobody's fault but your own."

He skipped a rock across the lake water in frustration, even when he was searching for sympathy this girl refused to give it to him.

Another rock skipped across the water, exceeding his rocks distance. "Why don't you just stop feeling sorry for yourself already? Get on with your life."

Irritated he stalked away from the lake, he just wanted to be by himself, "I just want to be by myself."

"Hmph. Alright fine, go and pout. We all know you could never take it like a real man. That's why she just left you a note instead of telling you in person."

She was trying to piss him off, trying to get a proper reaction out of him. She'd be doing the same thing for a while now but it didn't seem to get through to him.

"Oh why don't you…" go fuck the Kappa, "go to hell."

He didn't even have to heart to be a foul mouthed bastard anymore.

"Why don't you come kiss my ass!" She shouted in the distance. He ignored her and walked back up the mountain path. He could hear more rocks splashing faintly from behind him, she was relieving herself of frustration.

That what he needed to do, actually he'd been doing that for a good year now, it just didn't seem to be working.

Everything had gone wrong since she'd left.

"God Gray, I'm actually beginning to worry about you." A voice drifted over to him, he'd stopped underneath a messy looking pine-tree. The girl farmer with orangey-blonde hair and bright blue eyes walked up next to him.

Claire, yeah, he knew of her. She had become a permanent thorn in his side lately, but Mary had taken a liking to this girl they day she'd landed in town.

Mary. His thoughts of her burned everything else he'd been thinking of. Burned in anger, resentment, hurt, fear. He scowled and lashed out at the only other person near him.

"If I'm such a worry then just piss off, I don't need annoying novice farmers bothering me."

"Hey I can farm better than you, and I'm not going anywhere alright? I'm here to look after you, as a friend."

Friend, since when had they gotten onto friendly terms? She was deluding herself.

"I'd rather be friends with anybody but you."

"Too bad, we're friends! Can't do nothing 'bout it." She shrugged nonchalantly and sat down at the foot of the tree. "Everyone's tired of you playing the tragic figure anyway, you just have to let some things go."

"…I don't want to let it go."

Claire looked up at him and squinted her eyes, "That is so childish."

"You wouldn't understand anyway." Gray crossed his arms and looked away from Claire's blue eyes.

"Yeah right, you just feel sorry for yourself. What's to understand?" She stood up and dusted off the seat of her pants, "You're going to have to let it go at some point Gray, it gets old after a while."

With that she sauntered off, back to her farm, leaving Gray maybe a little more miserable than he was before she came.

"Hey, wait up!"

He stopped and looked behind him, Claire jogged up to him, her hair all messy.


She raised an eyebrow and looked at him with surprise, "What, no 'get lost', no 'what the hell do you want', no 'leave me the hell alone'? What's going on today?"

Gray shrugged, "I thought about what you said, and I guess you're right."

"Oh? Then I guess getting over Mary also means being nicer to me."

He coughed, a little embarrassed, "I've been a prick lately anyway, I should act more my age."

"Then I guess that means you can talk about it right? We all know it's not healthy to keep feelings like yours all bottled up inside, you could get seriously depressed or something."

"I said I was getting over it, I didn't say I wanted to talk about it."

She disregarded his last comment. "So what'd you think when you read her note? Actually, I can guess what you thought, it must have hurt, huh?"

Gray grunted angrily, this girl had no sense whatsoever, "I told you I didn't want to -"

"To tell you the truth I was surprised as well, who knew! What was that guys name in the valley? Something simple sounding…Jerry, Jared…" She rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"Jack. It was Jack." He kicked a rock off of the beaten mountain trail. "She went to see that bastard at least once every week."

Claire looked at Gray and sympathy washed over her, "Mary made her choice, and she's happy now. So, you should be happy too, even if it means you can't be with her." She scratched the back of her head when his frown deepened. "You have the rest of your life ahead of you anyway. There are plenty of ladies out there waiting for a guy like you!"

Gray stared at Claire, this girl was simply ridiculous. She seemed to have forgotten they lived in a tiny town and all possibly available girls were swooning over other guys. But he allowed himself a small smile, he knew she was just trying to make him feel better in her own stupid way.

"I wouldn't exactly say it like that, Blondie, but thanks anyway."

Her cheeks flamed with anger, "Claire, not blondie! Claire!"

Gray walked into his room at the inn and tiredly flopped onto his bed. Laying still for a few minutes he rolled over and reached under his pillow, pulling out a crinkled piece of paper.

Flipping on the lamp by his bed he sat up to read it.


When you read this I'm sure you'll realize that I've left town. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid of how you'd react, it's cowardly, I know and I'm truly sorry.

I'm sure you understand how I feel though. I've never been so in love with anyone before, Jack just makes me happy. I know it sounds cliché, but he completes me, I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

I hope that you take my words to heart, you were always understanding when I needed you most and it hurts me to leave you like this. But I want you to remember that you're my best friend and I care for you very much.

Once again, I must apologize for this note, I truly wish I could have told you about my engagement in person. Forgive me.


He read it over numerous times, the words made his eyes sting and throat tighten. But he was over this. At least he told himself he was.

He walked over to the waste basket and tore the paper in half. Keeping Mary's sympathetic note just meant clinging to a past he wanted to forget. All he needed was himself, no one else. He crumpled the torn sheets of paper and threw them into the garbage.

Yes, he was over this.

Gray looked at Mary as she stood in Claire's doorway, her arms outstretched towards him. She was still beautiful, her silky hair was braided, her eyes glistened, her skin was still creamy, and her soft pink lips were smiling. He swallowed and gave her a stiff hug, because he knew that he was over her.

"Hey Mary, I missed you too."

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