Well, here's the next part

Well, here's the next part. I don't like writing this stuff but trust me you have to know for the ending to make sense.

I don't own Naruto (Sobs dramatically)

What happened to Naruto?

The Month

Naruto looked at the woman in the bed in front of him. He had endured hours of torment at her hands and wonted to plunge a Kunai into his heart. She stirred a little. 'Not again!' Was his first and only thought. "Well, demon you'll have to wait here, I'm going to go pick something up for you, and you'll just love it!" She said an evil grin on her face. 'Oh know!' He thought.

Kiri went to every bar in town getting the worst thughs and the scum on the streets. They all where muscular and most had some problem that cause them to like torturing people.

Naruto screamed out in pain. "You're a demon, a monster, an animal, you should just die!" "Die demon!" where among some of the thoughts playing over in his head. 'I don't deserve to live…but I can't die…they wont let me die…' Naruto thought. He heard ever single insult and name he had been called over the years. 'I deserved it all…I am nothing…my only perpouse is to feel pain…' He thought. Naruto thought this and more. Slowly his eyes started to lose some of there shine. Within a week he had all but given up on any hope of getting rescued from that hell he was in. The torture continued getting worse each day. 'The village had a right to hate me, know they just need to know my story…' He decided, he was going to write a book on what his life was like…it's not like anyone will read in anyway…' He thought blandly.

Sakura sat under a tree next to Sasuke. The one-month in which Naruto had left to train with his step-mom had brought them closer together, but also it had showed them what life without the loudmouth blond was like. Both of them had hated it. There was no one to make them push themselves, no one to encourage them, no one to fight with. So they had decided to start treating the blond a little better. Sakura sat on one of the lower branches as a look out, while Sasuke just sat on the ground waiting. "There's this guy coming, he's wearing all black. I don't recognize him." The fugure came up to them. He was wearing all black. Even the bandages he wore on his lower arms and legs where black. His arms and legs where super skinny but his hookie was so large on him you couldn't tell how large his waist was. "Who are you and what are you doing here." Sasuke asked. The boy didn't answer. That's when Sakura notice that a small amount of yellow hair was sticking out of the hood and he had a headband around his neck. "Naruto?" She asked quietly. The boy tilted his head in her direction. "Say something dope, we haven't seen you in a month. How was you training?" Sasuke said, a little confused. He only got science. Sakura reached out to touch him, only to have to blonde to go ridged, fear cascading off him in rivets. She slowly pulled her hand away. "Naruto tell us whats wrong! You can tell us anything…" Naruto looked from one of there faces to the other. The demon container pondered over there offer but a memorie still fresh in his mind opened up.

Flash Back

Naruto was tied to the wall, his face to it and his back bleeding from the wounds the wipe left. "Demon, if you tell anyone about what I've done to you, then I'll make you watch me kill each of you friend in the slowest way possible. Then you'll have to watch as they die slowly by my wipe." She flung the wipe again. He gritted his teeth. "Do we have an understanding demon?" She asked. Naruto only nodded, and then the torture went on.

End Flash back

Naruto turned on the spot and ran. He couldn't let them suffer; he was the only person who had to carry this burden. Every shinobi takes what is thrown at him, no mater what. The blond ran through the woods, tears streaming down his cheeks. "Why am I always alone?" He wondered. Then he pulled out a scroll and wrote. He wrote a poem, like he had gotten into the habit of doing whenever he could. The scroll already had over two dozen or so of them.

Naruto looked it over. Then he thought about the sign he had seen on the radio station. 'That's it!' He thought, this is the only way he could still live on. He had entered his poetry onto the 7 P.M. poetry-reading hour, and so far almost all of his poems where read over the radio, ever sense he could write. Several of his poems where even turned into songs. He also sat down and finished writing the last chapter of his book, My life, Your nightmare. Know he just had to get it published by that publisher who doesn't ask for names or anything. He headed off.

"Here's a poem written by the famous Golden Fox



Burning brighter,

My soul on fire.



Fuelling the flame,

It burns even brighter.



I dye inside,

My soul is gone.



I'm alone,

My soul is done dieing."

Sakura, Sasuke, Hinata, Ino, Neji, Tenten, Choji, and Shikamaru sat at a table in a restraint, as they listened to the poem. All of them loved to hear the Golden Fox's poetry. "Hay, did you hear Golden Fox has published a book!" Sakura said happily. She had already ordered a copy from the bookstore and it had come in that day. "Ya, I've already got a copy. It's strange the book store owner said he had a copy reserved to all of us from the author himself." She said excitedly. "Well, see ya latter." Sakura said. She had some reading to do.

Well, I hope you liked it. I hate having to write this stuff on the computer after I write it on paper but I do, so I'll get used to it. Well, keep on watching me.