Hey sorry about the delay on getting new chapters up…

Hey sorry about the delay on getting new chapters up….I've been grounded for a while. It really stinks, but I got to look on the bright side! I have had a lot of thinking time and so I have several ideas. Well onward!

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What Happened to Naruto?

"I can't believe he hide all that from us…" Ino whispered shivering. The small group of ninja wilted remembering the life he had lived. "He was always smiling and laughing…you never would have guessed. You know, now that I think about it I remember me and my mom where on a shopping trip once and we saw this small boy in an ally…He looked really beat up. I asked my mom if we could help him but she told me "NO, that is a demon, you're to stay away from him at all times. You can throw things at him though." Then we just walked off. We left him…it was Naruto." Sakura spat furious at her mother. Shikamaru nodded. "Ya, something similar happened with me only my mom told me what she would do to the 'Demon' child all the time and at the time it only seemed like bed time stories…I hope they where only bed time stories…" He said remembering some of the hideous tales his mother used to tell him. 'He'll be ok….I hope…' Hinata thought to herself.

The Kuuybi walked in a fox form down the barren hallways of Naruto's mind. 'This place gives me the creeps…' She thought. "Naruto?" The demon called trying to sound irritated. Then she saw him, he was standing with his back to her in a room that was dark. This wasn't a natural darkness thought…It was so dark it scared the most powerful of the buji almost to tears. "Naruto! Snap out of it and come on!" The demoness called quietly, but loud enough for Naruto to hear. The container looked at her, his normally bright blue eyes where dark…almost as if he had died. The boy turned to walked toward her, he resembled a zombie. "Brat?" The beast asked extending one of her tails. Her Container flinched violently, his eyes scrunched closed and he began to quiver. The fox pulled her tail back and waited for almost fifteen minutes then Naruto opened one of his eyes and slowly began to go back to how he had been then followed the fox, who kept her tails down and away from him. 'Why is he like this?' the fox wondered not remembering anything except her container walking into that house and freeing that girl. 'What happened?' She wondered not for the last time. The rest of the walk back it was deathly quiet, Kuuybi growing more worried with each silent, hollow step.

Tsunade walked into the room of her adopted brother. He hadn't changed at all. She opened the curtains slowly, it was still raining. Naruto had been out for about two weeks, he was breathing on his own and everything, but he hadn't woken up. 'Naruto why won't you wake up…' She wondered sadly for the thousandth time. 'Why hasn't that fox done anything?' She accused. "I've tried…all I've been able to do is find him. Let me tell you Tsunade, you won't like what you see…" a voice said, it sounded like it came from the room and yet like it came from a past experience. "Who are you?" She asked her eyes darting to every corner of the small hospital room. "I'm hurt Tsunade, you don't recognize me? We used to be such good friends; even that traitor kinda liked me. Minato was my closest friend I expected you of all people to recognize me…" the voice sounded hurt, then it dawned on the poor woman. "Kyuu-chan?" She asked afraid she was mistaken. "So you finally remember!" The fox said happy to find one of her closest friends remembered who she really was. "Tsunade I'm sorry for everything! I don't know what came over me to do the things I did…I remember drinking this tea from the weird young man then I was sealed in the boy…I truly am sorry…" the fox said sadly, hoping her friend could forgive her but not expecting it. "I forgive you…but can you help bring Naruto back?" she asked starry eyed. "Yes, I will but let me warn you…your won't like what you see." The fox warned. Then the boy woke up, he opened his eyes and simply stared at the white ceiling above him.

"Naruto? Please answer me." The Slug Sannin spoke softly, one of her hands reaching out to touch him. She stopped short when the boy jerked away from her hand and looked at her, fear like wild fire in his eyes. 'Abuse…that's what the biggest problem is…' Her more professional side deduced, though her personal side wanted to scream. She sighed, a tear sliding down her face. 'What will I tell his teammates?' The slug queen worried. She had only once treated a patient like this before and the girl had a loving family willing to help her, even with the support of her family and her entire community she eventually overcame it. 'She had all that help and it took 2 years just for her to be able to walk around her town without flinching away from everyone…' As she sat and pondered she failed to notice when a blue haired girl shyly walked into the hospital room.

"N…Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked quietly. The blonde glanced at the newcomer for a brief moment then turned his gaze back to the ceiling. The Huga slowly walked over to the side opposite of Tsunade and put the flowers she had in a vase. "I…I'm glad y…you're awake N…Naruto-kun." She blushed lightly. "Tsunade-sama, w…when did he wake up?" The girl broke the trance the woman was in. Tsunade looked at her briefly then her eye's widened, "Hinata, when did you walk in?" She asked worried. "J…Just a few m…moments ago, I…I just wanted to bring N…Naruto-kun some f…flowers." She blushed even more. Tsunade almost sighed, 'Good she didn't hear me talking to Kyuu-chan.' "Well, you had better get going Naruto needs his rest." The older woman scooted her along. "B…But, how is he?" The girl asked. Tsunade grimaced, "H…He's not so good right now. I'll tell you and the rest of the rookie twelve later. In fact go get them for me, tell them to be in my office in an hour." She pushed Hinata the rest of the way out the door. "Ok!" The confused girl said.

Tsunade turned back to her adopted son, 'Naruto…I don't now what to do…' She sighed. 'Maybe in a different place you would be ok but in your condition that might do more harm than good.' The woman walked out of the hospital room mentally preparing herself for the talk to come. As soon as she was out the patient slowly turned his gaze to the small white rose in the flower vase. He stared at it for some time before slowly reaching and gently plucking one of the flower pettles off, cupping it with one hand, before returning to staring at the ceiling.

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