A Blonde Uchiha?

Twelve Years Later…

It was a quiet spring afternoon. Ino sat on a porch swing, gently humming as she stroked her youngest son's head trying to lull him asleep. But mush to her dismay and irritation, two other loud voices broke through the environment she tried to create.

"Mom you have to come and see!" Her eleven year old son, Kyo blurted with wide excited dark eyes much like his father's.

"What is it?" Ino was used to his over dramatics so she wasn't too moved by his desperately adamant tone. Her one year old son Rai, was wide awake now and he fought to be let down.

"But mom! Dad is battling the Hokage!" Her other son Kane, seven years old, ran up to her and insistently pulled on her arm. Again Ino wasn't too moved and she finally let the persistent one year old off what little lap she had left.

"So? They spar all the time."

The kids shared a meaningful look between one another before Kyo tugged on her hand once again. "No mom, I did something kinda bad and now dad wants to kill Toru! The Hokage barely managed to jump in and save him from dad!" His cheeks flushed in what Ino assumed was shame as he tried to explain.

Okay, this was getting more interesting. Ino stood up with a hand to her hip. "What did you do?" She cautiously asked Kyo. He and Kane shared a look that Ino immediately recognized and she grew worried.

"Kyo!" She snapped impatiently.

"He showed dad Azami's diary!" Kane pointed an accusing finger at his older brother, taking a step away from him for safety.

"You did what?" Ino was beginning to grow concerned and she picked up Rai and had the other boys lead the way.

"I was just a joke. I didn't know what she wrote in it until dad dropped it to go after Toru." Kyo defended breathlessly as he and his brother almost had to trot to keep up with Ino's long strides.

"Where is the diary now?" Even eight months pregnant (again) Ino quickly made it to the face off. Luckily it was outside the village walls, but loud enough for a curious crowed to start to form by the gates. She spotted Sakura in the midst with her own eleven year old son demanding to see what was going on. He was a lot taller than most of the boys in his age group with spiky black hair like Kiba but jade eyes like Sakura. He was a lot bossier and demanded attention far more than Kiba ever did. Just recently his dad gave him his very own ninja puppy who was barking excitedly round his feet.

"I said no. Here take your brother and go see your dad." She pulled her quiet, three year old son back toward her. He was trying to get away and even though he was serious for a kid his age, he was quick.

"But mom!" Her eleven year old huffed. Sakura gave him a reprimanding look which made him close his mouth.

"Go." When her two boys left back to the less crowded streets of Leaf, she began to help the gate guards restore order. Ino weaved her way into the crowed, waving Sakura down the closer she got to the gate.

The pink haired woman rudely pushed through a group on giggling ten year old girls who had spotted Kyo. Like Sasuke's younger days, Kyo had a fan-base all his own. But unlike Sasuke, he actually loved all the attention he got from the opposite sex. In his short life, he already had six "ex-girlfriends". But right now, he was too troubled to deal with them and tried his best to ignore them.

"What the hell is going on?" Sakura made her way to them.

Ino gave her the quick run down before turning to her arguing sons. "Kyo! Where is the diary?" Ino repeated to Kyo who had managed to shake off his fangirls (but not before he winked at them creating a massive swoon effect). Kane just muttered something about annoying girls that needed to be hosed down.

Kane was irritated by his brother (he had a very short temper). "He has it! Give it to her!" Kane yelled in exasperation.

"You have such a big mouth!" Kyo growled and dug into his pocket to get out a hand sized notebook. It didn't look like a diary and was probably why Azami made it into one. She flipped through the pages, coming to a smudged, wrinkled one in particular. She tried not to feel guilty as she scanned over her daughter's neat handwriting.

Today something big happened. Toru and I were sparring like usual when out of no where he said that I had such pretty lips. At first I thought that he said it to take me off guard, but then in a blink of an eye he leaned down and kissed me! I was so shocked…all I could think of was how wonderful his lips felt, how soft and…

Ino didn't need to read anymore. She didn't have to. "Kyo you are so grounded." She muttered and charged ahead with fresh worry. "Where is Azami right now?"

"She's already there. She and Toru were in training area seven." Kane supplied, giving Kyo a smug smile. The older boy tried to take a swipe at Kane, but the younger boy easily dodged it, and began walking closer to Ino.

Ino pawned off Rai to Sakura so she could move faster. She felt the faint traces of powerful chakra float past her the closer she got to the training area. Training area seven was like Azami's second home. She was like her dad in that aspect, always pushing herself to do better and to get stronger. Some times Ino would have to send one of the boys there to leave her food because the girl would forget to eat.

When she arrived, the place was completely trashed. Naruto and Sasuke were in a heated, no-stops-battle of locked weapons. Sasuke looked ready to kill but Naruto had one of his silly foxy grins on his face, totally ecstatic.

Ino scanned the field and saw Toru staring at the older men with wide blue eyes. Azami was on the other side with Hinata talking really fast. Hinata didn't seem too concerned with the battle itself. She politely nodded her head, listening to whatever Azami was saying all the while keeping a firm hand in her other child, a boy who looked exactly like her except for his light caramel brown hair. He was often teased about looking like a girl and Hinata usually kept him close to her.

Azami was dressed in short black shorts that buttoned up on both sides with copper studs. Her upper torso was covered by a standard issue fishnet top and a red vest that buttoned just below her bust. Like most of her kids' clothes, the Uchiha clan emblem blazed on the back of her vest. Sasuke always hated the way she dressed but Ino often sided with Azami on her clothing choices so he was out voted every time the issue came up. Azami always left her long thick hair down. Her bangs were cut short in the front but long on the sides, framing her pale face and big dark eyes.

Toru grew up to look a lot like his dad except he didn't wear the blaring orange Naruto was often known for. He liked dark clothes and like his mother, baggy jackets. His black hair looked like it never seen a brush before but the messy, careless style suited his messy, carless attitude. He grew up knowing that his dad was the most important figure in all Leaf Village so confidence and sureness was inlayed into his personality.

"Sakura could to put a halt to this please?" Ino pleaded to her long time friend. Sakura promptly handed Rai to Kyo. She rolled her neck and popped her knuckles.

"Sure thing." She brought her hands together, building up her chakra in the center of her palm. "Hah!" She released it all at once in equal strength into the center of both Sasuke and Naruto like a bubble. The guys were so intent in their battle that the attack blasted them back, skidding them across the ground and into the surrounding trees that circled the training field.

"Wow…" Kyo and Kane breathed with big round eyes. Sakura strutted onto the field with both hands on her hips. Ino knew the power Sakura had over her old teammates and was glad that they usually listened to her. In her condition, there was no way Ino could have stopped the battle on her own.

Both men groaned and picked themselves up, making their way back to the field as the others watched.

"Fighting like little boys. Will you two ever grow up?" Sakura tsked tsked them, giving both the same look of reprimand she gave her son earlier.

"This is none of your business!" Sasuke snapped at her. His once pristine white shirt was now brown with dirt and his long dark hair was in wild disarray.

"You just ruined a good fight!" Naruto practically whined as Toru ran to his father's side. Naruto straightened out his white robe and flicked his thick blonde hair out of his sparking eyes.

"Look at this place!" Sakura exclaimed, ignoring both of them. Naruto looked over the damaged field and chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah, we did go a bit overboard. " He then frowned. "What were we fighting about again?"

Ino groaned out loud and rolled her eyes wanting to slap the Hokage upside his head.

"I was just about to disembowel your son for kissing my daughter." Sasuke coolly replied, turning his wrath filled eyes at the thirteen year old who blushed bright pink. Ahh, maybe that blush is inherited because Hinata used to turn that pink Ino thought in retrospect.

"What?! How did you know?" Azami wasn't nearly as red as Toru. Azami looked to Ino who held up the diary.

"Kyo found your hiding place."

Kyo took a step back when Azami's fury eclipsed the whole training field. She practically oozed killer intent. Her hair fluttered around her face as she stalked toward him. "I'm going to kill you!"

Kyo's dark eyes grew round with real fear. For a moment, Ino wasn't sure what Azami would do, but then she figured that the teen wouldn't really kill her little brother. Sasuke would make her clean up the mess and Azami hated doing chores."Y-you can't! I have Rai! Owww! Mom she has my ear!"

Ino took Rai from Kyo and let Azami have her revenge. Besides he deserved it. She didn't know how many times she and Sasuke told him to stay out of his sister's room. The only way he could have found such a small book was if he had been looking for it.

"Azami make sure you let him breathe. I'm too tired to heal him right now." Ino cautioned her daughter who had Kyo in a headlock.

"Uhh, I'm going to get you back you little brat!" Azami let him go by tossing him ruthlessly to the floor.

"That's what this was all about?" Naruto threw back his head and gave a hearty laugh. "Why didn't you say so?" He pushed Toru forward.

"Dad!" Toru's voice cracked in panic.

"Just kidding." He grinned and yanked on his son's black shirt to bring him back and stepped forward in his place. "I'm sorry Sasuke but I can't let you disembowel him. Is there anything else he can do for you as compensation?"

Sasuke glowered at the thirteen year old boy whose eyes were as round as saucers. Ino knew Sasuke could never hurt the boy in reality because he was Toru's godfather but she also knew that Sasuke couldn't let him go without some kind of punishment. After all, Toru kissed his one and only daughter.

"Actually there is." He finally said after calming him temper. "Three months of dawn training with me."

"Done!" Toru greedily agreed.

"And—" Sasuke smirked evilly.

"And?" Naruto prodded.

"I get to tell Neji what he did."

Toru paled considerably. So did Azami. Naruto and Hinata did a quick parent huddled before replying. "Seems fair." Naruto said and kissed Hinata on the forehead.

"Dad!" Toru pleaded but Naruto ignored him. Toru turned to his mother and dropped to his knees.

"Mom not Uncle Neji! Please!" Hinata gave him a sympathetic look but then smiled and patted his head.

"You're going to be busy for a while son. Look on the bright side, all the extra training will benefit you in the up coming Chunnin exams."

"As for you!" Sasuke turned to Azami. "You're going to babysit Anko and Kakashi's kids for three months twice a week for a long as they need you."

"All three of them?" Azami squeaked in horror. Ino was a bit taken back. Anko never did get her girl. After the twins were born they had three more. The youngest was only seven months old, but they were all a handful. "That's too much dad! That's too much for one little kiss!"

Ino quickly pulled her daughter close. "Take it and run honey. Its Anko and Kakashi's kids." She warned in a low voice. "Three months is better than a year and if you keep protesting you dad will make it a year just for spite."

Azami grudgingly thought about it for a second and then folded her arms in front of her with a pout. "Fine." She bit out moodily, glaring at the ground.

Sasuke turned to Kyo who instantly paled. "And you! On top of your groundment, that you mother has probably already issued, you can't have dessert for two weeks." He paused. "Better yet, no girls over to the house for two months and you can't go to their house either. As soon as you complete your missions and training, you are to come straight home. Maybe this will teach you to stay out of your sister's room." Sasuke barked at Kyo while he was on a roll.

"Aww man." Kyo whined quietly.

"Well now that this whole mess has been straightened out I better be getting back to the office. Be good son. I'll see you two at home okay?" He ruffled his younger son's hair and gave Hinata a quick good-bye peck on the mouth before leaving.

"Ha ha! You got into trouble!" Kane chanted in a sing-song voice to Kyo the whole way back to the house.

"Mom make him stop!" Kyo whined in annoyance.

"No." Sasuke said. "Kane, please continue."

Ino smiled and handed Rai to Sasuke. "Did you have fun sparring with Naruto?" She teased. He smirked.

"Of course."

"Maybe Azami and Toru need to kiss more often." She innocently thought out loud earning a dark glare.

"That's not funny."

Ino softly laughed. "Yes it is." She winked at him over her shoulder and sauntered ahead…


One Month Later

After four kids one would think labor and delivery would be a piece of cake. What a load of shit that was Ino thought, gritting her teeth as she pushed with all of her might.

"Okay rest." Sakura was her labor coach and she slipped Ino an ice chip, using her other hand to massage het tight back.

"You're doing good." Dr. Sato got into a more comfortable position between Ino's knees. "Ready to go again?"

Ino groaned and sat back up, gripping Sakura and Sasuke's hands very tightly. A few pushes later she felt the baby give and Dr. Sato beamed and held up the crying newborn. Ino blinked in surprise at the new addition before letting out a shaky laugh.

"I win the bet." She wearily turned to Sasuke.

Sakura looked at both of them in confusion. "Bet?"

The newborn baby boy was cleaned and Nurse Kiki handed him to Ino. She stroked the soft yellow fuzz on top of his head as he blinked in the glaring light.

"He bet me that our children would always look like him. I bet that one day my genes would win over one day and when they did, that would be our last child." Ino explained.

"Five is enough. A deal is a deal." Sasuke murmured gently stroking their new son's cheek with his thumb.

"Damn right it is!" Ino exclaimed with renewed strength. "I don't want to do this again." She warned.

"Yeah, I tell that to Kiba all the time." Sakura said but then looked away. "A lot of good it did me."

Ino blinked twice before Sakura's words registered and she began to chuckle. "Congratulations billboard brow."

Sakura blushed and looked down at the baby. "It won't be so bad. When I see this one I get excited." She brightened. "You know what? I think this is the first time in history that there has ever been a blonde Uchiha."

"Hey you're right!" Ino grinned looking down at her new son. His little wrinkled face was the cutest thing she ever saw. He kinds looks like Dad, she though. He was probably waiting outside with the rest of the kids. He loved spending time with his grandchildren.

"There would be two if you just marry me." Sasuke interrupted her thoughts moodily. "We have five kids now and the whole village is still wondering why I haven't married you yet."

Ino rolled her eyes "We talked about this. We don't need to get married just because the villagers gossip about us." She recited.

"Then get married for the other reason." Sakura chimed in.

"What other reason?" Ino eyed her friend.

"The love reason." She said with a teasing jab in her playful voice.

Ino and Sasuke had been together for thirteen years but that four letter word made it seem like they were still nervous little teenagers. They blushed every time it came up.

"Mind your own business." Sasuke said and took the baby from Ino's arms. He played with his little fingers and kissed the little fist. "We don't listen to gossip do we?" He asked the baby in a soft tone.

"Yeah." Ino smiled. Sakura just rolled her eyes but she didn't press the issue any further. It's just the way they were. Everyone could read the phrase "I Love You" every time they looked at one another so she guessed that it was alright that the words were never said out loud…