So white...

So pure...

Snow stained with crimson blood.

It had happened so fast, Sasuke wasn't sure if it happened at all. But it was true. The blood on the snow... the blood on his face... the kunai sticking out of Naruto's chest... Why? WHY!? This wasn't supposed to happen! He said he wouldn't die without seeing his dream fufilled! Yet... here he was... slowly dying in Sasuke's arms...

"Naruto..." Sasuke whispered, his voice heavy with tears.

"Sasu... ke..." Naruto spoke, his voice strained, "I'm sorry... It wasn't supposed... to end this way..." his breath came in harsh gasps, "I should've told you sooner... I love you, teme..."

"Naruto... I love you too. Please... Don't leave me Naruto... Not yet! Not like this!" Sasuke pleaded, tears running down his face for the first time in 10 years.

"Don't cry Sasuke..." Naruto said, wiping his tears away, "You're gonna make me cry..."

Sasuke looked at Naruto's face. Indeed, his azure blue eyes were filled with unshed tears. Yet, he smiled at Sasuke nonetheless.

"How can you keep smiling like that...?"

"I have no regrets." Naruto said simply, "I might not be Hokage... But I told you how I felt. That's all that really matters..."

With that, he pulled Sasuke down and kissed him. It was a sweet kiss that held all of Naruto's emotions in it and Sasuke responded with his own. When he pulled away, Naruto's hand fell limp in the snow. He was gone.


Koneko: AH! I made myself cry! I know it kinda sucks, and it's really short, but still! Someone else take over! I have to cry in my corner! sobs

Kitsune: I'll be doing the disclaimer then. Koneko does not own Naruto in any way, shape, or form. If she did... I don't think they'd allow it on telivision... And Koneko would like to thank Midnight Mourner, seeing as her story, Taking the Kunai Blow, helped to inspire this short death fic.