Quinn Pensky always painted her nails the color she was feeling

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Quinn Pensky always painted her nails the color she was feeling. Right now, she was in her dorm room painting her

toenails metallic silver while her roommates Lola and Zoey were concentrating on homework. There wasn't much going on

in her life right now; it pretty much revolved around her boyfriend of three years, Mark DelFigalo. Oh Mark. She was having

some troubling thoughts about him lately. Yeah, Quinn really liked him, but she wasn't getting the feeling back. 'He

probably just has a lot on his mind right now,' Quinn thought. 'I'm sure he'll be up for Sushi Rox later.' She continued

painting her nails. "UGH! I HATE homework!" Lola said suddenly, snapping up her books and getting jumping up to grab a

Blix. "I'm gonna go hang out with James, Michael, and Logan." Zoey got up too. "Yeah, I'll come with you. You coming

Quinn?" She looked at her roommate painting her nails and wasn't surprised when she said, "Nah. You guys go ahead."

"Okay." They left the room in excitement. Quinn let her thoughts wander. There were two reasons she didn't want to go.

The obvious one was she wasn't going to walk around campus with wet toenails. But the second one wasn't so obvious.

When Lola has said Logan's name, she got this weird feeling in her stomach, like what it feels like when you laugh too

hard, but without the pain. Quinn thought she should stay away from Logan for the moment, just until she could get to the

bottom of this weird feeling. One thing a scientist doesn't like to feel is confused. But Logan aside, she was okay. Not great

or fantastic, but settling. Now she was on her last toe. All of her toenails were now shiny, metallic, neutral silver. Kind of an

emotionless color, but Quinn liked it. For a while anyway.

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