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Green is for Jealousy

The next day at lunch, Quinn, Lola, Zoey, James, and Michael were having lunch together.

"So, do you think French Fries have feelings?" Michael asked, holding up a fry. "Why, yes Michael. I'm sure they do. I think about that all the time," Lola said sarcastically. "Hey! Don't mock me and my thoughts about French fries!" Michael exclaimed angrily. "Alright! Break it up you two!" Zoey said. She looked over at her pale brunette roommate, who had been awfully quiet lately. Like now; she appeared to be zoning out. "QUINN," Zoey said. Quinn looked up from her food. "Yeah?"

"You were zoning out again," Zoey stated. Quinn looked back down. "Oh. Sorry." Zoey exchanged glances with Lola. What was wrong with Quinn?


Quinn was distracted. She didn't feel like eating, she didn't feel like talking, and all she could do was think about how bad things were between her and Mark. He didn't even want to talk or hang out anymore. Every time she wanted to hang out with him, he was "doing homework" or "not feeling well." Come on! She had an IQ of 177 for crying out loud! She can tell if her boyfriend was lying to her. 'I'd better talk to him soon, or he'll slip away from me,' Quinn thought.

"Hey guys!" A male voice said, addressing the group. Quinn was snapped out of her thoughts by this said voice and looked up to find Logan standing there with a beach blonde, Jessica Simpson, Barbie slut. 'Why does Logan always go for the easy, trashy kind?' Quinn thought. Her blood boiled as she watched the girl, Jessica as Logan introduced her as, take a seat next to him across the table. Quinn hated her walk, her talk, her fake smile, EVERYTHING about her! She wanted to get up and smack Jessica senseless. She looked down- oh WHY did she choose didn't she have her zap watch on today? Quinn started to stare Jessica down. 'Wait,' Quinn thought, confused all of a sudden. 'Why am I being so mean to this girl?' Quinn got up and mumbled to her friends that she had to get to class. 'Yeah, before I can do any real damage to Jessica,' she thought.


Back at her dorm, Quinn was now painting her fingernails. Apple green. She was also trying to figure out why in the world she acted so badly to Logan bringing his make-out friend to lunch. It's not like its Logan's first girlfriend. 'Maybe you have feelings for him,' a subconscious part of her mind told her. Quinn stopped painting in shock. 'Do I like LOGAN REESE?' Quinn thought with wide eyes. Well, let's look at this from a scientific stand point- she freaked out when Logan brought Jessica to lunch, she secretly loved helping him with his free throws a couple years ago, she got a happy feeling inside her stomach when Lola said his name, and she was now painting her fingernails green, the color of jealousy. 'Oh my god! I LIKE LOGAN REESE! HOLY CRAP!' Quinn's jaw dropped open and she had to lie down for a second. She finished her nails and then got to English, her least favorite class. 'Well,' Quinn thought, ' at least I'll have something to think about now.' She walked across campus with her bold, beautiful, symbolic green nails.

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