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It was 7:45 A.M. on a Saturday morning. Quinn must love him if she was getting up this early to go talk to him.

But, in all honesty, she was sincerely looking forward to it. The brunette was anxious to see him and to hear what he had to say. Logan had told Quinn to meet him over by the science building, which was good. It gave her time to think about how she wanted to tell Logan that she wanted to keep their relationship secret.

'I really hope he understands,' Quinn thought anxiously. Even though they weren't really dating, just the idea of "breaking up" hurt. She quickly pushed the stray thought out of her hand.

When she finally got there, Logan was already there, and it looked like he was talking to himself too. She smiled, suddenly really happy.

"Hey," she said while walking over to him. He turned around and attempted to hide a smile.

"Hey," he said. "Let's go somewhere a little more…private." He took her hand and led them both into some bushes of some kind.

"What's all this?" Quinn asked. Logan looked a little ashamed and started to make out with her all of a sudden. Quinn, thankful for the distraction, eagerly followed his lead. When they finally broke apart, Quinn remembered why she originally came.

"Hey, Logan," she started. He looked up at her with those big brown eyes and Quinn chickened out. "Uh… never mind," she said quickly. He looked like he was going to say something, but then went back to kissing her. I can't let him keep distracting me like this. Quinn thought as she broke up the kiss. But this time Logan started.

"Did you tell anyone about us?" He asked.

"No," Quinn answered slowly. "Did you tell anyone about us?"

Logan shook his head fast. "No, no. I wanted to…talk to you about some things first." Quinn made a flirty, confused expression. "Mkay. Talk." Logan looked around before blurting it out. "I'm embarrassed to be dating you."

Instead of the normal reaction of "WHAT?!" and slapping him, like Logan thought would happen, Quinn smiled a 1000 watt smile and exclaimed, "Me too!"

Logan looked ecstatic. "Yeah! Great! It's like if anyone found out I was dating you…" he started.

"…I'd die!" Quinn finished. "AWW!" The strange couple sighed and hugged.

"So… I guess this means that…we're secretly dating then?" Logan asked.

"Yeah. I guess it does. Is that cool with you? I know you're like the Chuck Bass of PCA, so—"

"Wait, who?" Logan interrupted, puzzled. Quinn smiled and told him to forget it.

"But really? This is okay with you? The secret dating and all? No trophy girlfriend?"

Logan suddenly turned very serious. "Quinn. I promise you that you are better than all of those other girls. I really care about you, and if you want to keep this secret, cool. But if you want to go public with this, that's cool too. But be prepared to take a lot of crap."

Quinn gave him a sweet smile and kissed him. "Thanks, but I think I'm good with the secret."

He smiled and nodded. "Good. I was kind of hoping you would say that. Now. I'm going to go back to my dorm so my roommates don't know I was gone. See ya later?" Quinn nodded. "Yeah. Bye." She said.


Back at her dorm, an hour later, Quinn's nails were a stunning shade of yellow. Yellow was a warm, happy color. Yellow was strange, but attractive. Yellow was laughter and smiley faces. Yellow was what Quinn hoped would stay.

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