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Nailpolish: The Final Chapter

So. The prom. The time of all girls' life (supposedly). The event that people write songs about.

And Quinn was stuck going with Dustin. Yep. Dustin Brooks, midget extraordinaire.

It's not like Dustin isn't a great kid or anything, she thought. I just really thought that when the prom rolled around, I'd be going with my boyfriend. Or at least a boy who didn't still blow all of his allowance on gummy worms.

This is all Logan's fault.

"So," he started. "I found a date for the prom."

I looked up, surprised. "All ready?"

He nodded, trying to look inconspicuous. "Mandy Franklin."

I swear my jaw dropped. "YOU'RE T-" I started to scream, then lowered my voice. "You're taking Make-out Mandy?!"

I had to admit, I was jealous. And worried. "No. Absolutely not. Go cancel her!"

Now Logan was starting to get aggravated. "But you said that we should take other people to the prom!"

"Yes, I did say that. And I think that I should get to choose who you go with!" I knew I wasn't being fair, but screw it. I'm allowed to have feelings.

"What, like you choose my date and I choose yours?" He asked, somewhat confused.

"Yeah; does that sound good?" I ask.

He nodded. "Sure. Sounds like a plan."

I would have never suggested this if I knew I had to take Dustin.

"QUINN!" Lola shouted at Quinn as she snapped out of Memory Lane. Lola was looking at Quinn expectantly.

"What?" Quin asked, confused.

"My dress? Do you like?" She asked, twirling to show it off.

Lola's dress was long and purple-pink with reddish flowers on them. She looked fantastic.

And she was going with her super-cute boyfriend. She had no idea how lucky she was.

"Yeah! You look great!" Quinn said excitedly.

"Thanks," Lola said, fixing her hair in the mirror. A knock sounded from the door.

"Is everyone decent?" Said a male voice. Vince walked in, his hands covering his eyes.

"Yeah," Quinn said. "All good here."

"You can open your eyes," Lola said and kissed her boyfriend.

"Wow!" Vince exclaimed. He looked at Lola and then glanced at Quinn. "You guys look amazing!" He said. "Especially my super hot girlfriend," He said to Lola, lowering his voice.

Quinn rolled her eyes. "So, when are you guys leaving?" She asked.

"Uh… now," Vince said. "Come on Lola, let's go."

"M'kay. Bye Quinn. See ya at prom." She said in a sing-song voice.

They walked out the door when I heard, "Hey, Dustin," in a teasing voice. Lola, Quinn thought angrily.

Dustin walked into the room. "Hey Quinn," He said. "I know I was supposed to bring you some sort of flower-thing, but I forgot. So, here," he gave me a green sheet of currency. "It's a Canadian dollar bill."

Quinn internally groaned. "Great," she said weakly.

It was going to be a long night.

The Prom schedule for Dustin and Quinn included bombing nerds with Quinn's mini-cannon (which she brought, just in case), eating at the cafeteria, and then taking a bike ride over to the prom. Fun times, indeed.

At least I don't have it as bad as Logan, she thought. He had to take Stacy Dillson. Who was now practically on top of Logan as they made their way into Prom.

"Hey! Logan! Stacy!" Quinn shouted, hoping that she and Logan could get away from their "dates."

"Hey, look! It's Quinn and Dustin! Let's say hi!" He shouted over at them, the last part directed towards Stacy, who made some kind of weird "neyh" noise.

Logan shot Quinn a look that said "get me out of here!"

"Uh, if you guys don't mind, I'm just going to talk to Logan. Right over there," she said to Stacy and Dustin. She took Logan by the arm and dragged him over to a tree.

"THIS SUCKS!" Logan yelled. Luckily no one heard him.

"Yeah, I know it does. But would you rather everyone find out that we're dating?" She asked. Frankly, by now, she didn't much care. It was causing them too much trouble.

Logan looked as if he was having these thoughts too, but finally said no.

They went back to their dates and wished they were with each other.

It had been two and a half hours. Lola and Vince still weren't back from Vaccaro's, Zoey wasn't even coming, and Quinn had been subjected to torture in the form of her roommate's brother. It seemed that Logan was having a splendid time too. From what she could see, Stacy and Logan were slow dancing. Logan looked like he'd rather be eating glass.

Subtly, Stacy started blowing into Logan's ear. Quinn couldn't help it; she winced. How could she not when all she could think about is Stacy's spit in someone, especially Logan's, ear? Logan was apparently having these same thoughts because the expression on his face made Quinn laugh. She tried to do it again, and then attacked his mouth.

"NO!" Logan yelled. "I DON'T WANT TO KISS YOU!"

Stacy looked puzzled. "But why not? My lips are nice and moist," She said as everyone around them turned and looked at the evolving fight.

"BECAUSE I LOVE QUINN!" Logan yelled. Now everyone at the Prom was looking either at Logan or at Quinn. When Logan realized he slipped up, he looked around at everyone, daring them to say anything.

One person wasn't quite so smart, though. "Dude," he said stupidly. "YOU love QUINN?"

Quinn stood up and looked over at Logan, shocked.

Logan and Quinn made eye contact, and Logan said yes to the beefy football guy. Then he screamed "THAT'S RIGHT! I LOVE QUINN PENSKY!"

Quinn was shocked and elated. "AND I LOVE LOGAN REESE!" She yelled back. There was a common expression of shock on everyone's face and Quinn and Logan finally met each other in the middle of the dance floor to kiss.

Yes. The Prom was a great time.

As it turns out, the Prom was a great time for everyone, actually. Who knew that Chase would be coming back from boarding school just for Zoey? Finally, they're together. Since none of Logan or Quinn's friends were actually AT the Prom when they announced their relationship, they got the chance to tell them their selves. Which Quinn actually thought was better. Shockingly, their friends didn't freak out. So much had already happened that night that weird stuff became unsurprising. Lola and Vince finally got to the Prom with twenty minutes to spare, and made good of their time together on the dance floor. The friends went back to the girls' dorm, room 101, and spent the rest of the night talking and dancing. Quinn decided to paint her nails.

"So, what color are we thinking?" Logan asked, seeing the nail polish collection out. "Red, perhaps, because you're so hot? Or maybe yellow, because you're so happy." He smiled and kissed her.

Quinn smiled back. "I don't know actually. I've already exhausted silver, green, red, red sparkles, yellow, and purple. Want to help me?"

Logan thought. "Why don't you paint them clear?"

Quinn made a face. "Clear? Why clear?"

He smiled. "Because what do all the colors combined make? White, right? Or theoretically, anyway. I'm pretty sure that if you mix all of your nail polish together it won't make white. Anyway, if you paint your nails according to your emotion, which you do, then it would make sense to. Because then you'll have all of your memories from the other colors," he said.

Once again, Quinn was stunned into silence. Logan took this silence the wrong way. "I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to, or anything, it's ju-," Quinn cut him off. "No," she smiled. "It's perfect."

The rest, as cliché as it seems, was history.

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