Chapter 1

Chapter 1 "The First Encounter"

"Natsume… we'll meet again… right?" A soft sweet voice echoed as the cold wind blew from the sea.

"I know we'll see each other again…" Natsume thought as he looked at the shore below him. He was standing on a cliff, high above the coast where he and his childhood friend first met.

"That day sure was rainy… you were crying because your mother left you…" Natsume said as if talking to his dearest and most valuable friend. But he was stupid to do a thing like this, for the friend he knew was not by his side and he was all alone on top of the cliff.

"But, I still believe that you're going to run to me and cry like you used to…" he smiled and left…

It's been 5 years since their batch graduated from Alice Academy. They lived their own separate lives. Hotaru got acquainted with a scientist and worked hand in hand with him. Ruka finally became a veterinarian and put up a house on top of the hill, resting near the shore. Natsume was apparently visiting him on that day.

"Natsume, you're still not bored looking at the horizon from that point, aren't you?" Ruka asked as his friend walked towards him.

"No, I guess not…" he replied with a smile.

"Would you like to go inside and have a drink?" Ruka asked.

"No, it's okay. I still have to catch up with the meeting. I'll just come by here the day after tomorrow." He replied.

"You're as busy as ever." Ruka said with a little giggle. "Who would have thought you will become the president of the biggest company in Japan" the blonde guy added.

"It's like a joke really. It's already 10 o'clock. I'll be leaving now. Bye…" Natsume said waving his hand while getting in his car. Ruka waved and watched as the vehicle made its way down the slopes of the hill.

"10 minutes until the conference starts, I think I can handle it." Natsume thought turning at a street. His phone rang and he immediately put it into speaker mode.


"Mr. Hyuuga, I called to ask where you are now. It's almost time for the meeting. Our guest will arrive any minute now." replied the voice from the cell phone.

"Yes I know. I'll be there in about 10 minutes." And he hang up.

He turned to another street and stopped at the junction waiting for the green light to glow. He was about to take a right turn when a girl suddenly caught her attention. The girl had long brown hair and was holding an umbrella. She was staring at one of the windows of a shop selling wedding dresses. The girl looked at the floor and ran to the street where Natsume had just passed.

"No, that couldn't be her." Natsume said racing down the avenue and parked in front of a building taller than the Eiffel Tower. He entered and the guards immediately bowed and greeted him. He still had the cold blank look on his face as always. He pressed the button of the elevator, taking him to the highest floor.

"Good Morning sir." A girl greeted him as soon as the elevator doors opened. He ignored his secretary and went inside his office. He left his bag on his chair and left. He went to the room where the meeting will take place and sat on the biggest chair in front.

"Good Morning Mr. Hyuuga." The people said and I bet Natsume didn't care about the greetings. He stood up and announced the start of the meeting. The whole procedure took 2 hours until everyone bade farewell with smiles painted on their faces, But Natsume still had that cold blank look on his face and locked himself in his office. He sat on his chair and a picture of a brown-haired girl with hazel eyes greeted him as he opened the computer.

"That girl I saw earlier did seem to resemble you…" Natsume said, not taking his eyes of the monitor. "But… that couldn't have been you… could it?"

The whole day went on as usual and ended as usual. He left the building and drove all the way home. The following day was just about to become a usual one when loud knocking woke Natsume up.

"Tch! You don't have to be so loud! It's very early in the morning!" Natsume yelled as he stood up from the black couch he was sitting on. "What do you want?!" Natsume barked at the stranger as soon as he opened the door. The person was looking at the floor and her bangs were covering her face. The girl giggled a bit, looked at Natsume and said.

"You haven't changed a bit Natsume." The girl said with a sweet smile. Natsume didn't even believe that he was standing in front of that person. He thought it was still a dream and in a few moments he'll wake up to see reality.

"Natsume… Why are you spacing out? Seems like you've seen a ghost!" the girl said breaking the silence.

"Mikan… how did you know where I live?" Natsume said trying to hide his astonishment.

"I asked some people. Lucky a lot knows where the president of the biggest company in Japan lives…" she replied.


Mikan looked at the distance where the sound of the waves was heard.

"Natsume let's go to the seashore!"

"Oi… oi! Can you see I haven't changed yet? It's still so early in the morning and waking me up for such trivial matters!" Natsume said in his usual self.

"Geez Natsume…" Mikan said in a low voice.

"But I'm glad that you're finally back…" Natsume said in a whisper.

Mikan smiled and turned around.

"I'll be waiting at the gazebo, President-san…"she giggled a bit and left.

"Mikan's really back huh…" Natsume thought closing the front door and walking to his room. He took a bath and changed his clothes. Since the gazebo was only a short distance from his house, he decided to walk.

"Natsume!" Mikan shouted, raising her hands in the air. Natsume noticed it and went in the gazebo. Mikan smiled at him and looked at the sea. She leaned on the railing of the gazebo and started talking.

"Natsume, do you still remember that day on this beach?" Mikan asked, not taking her eyes away from the view. Natsume walked to her side with his hands in his pockets.

"Of course…" Natsume replied and gazed at the same shore where they first met.

"That was a rainy day, wasn't it? We both ended up soaked." Mikan paused to giggle a bit and continued. "That's when we first met. We became good friends in the Academy although you were still that cold towards me. On our graduation day, before I left for France, I made a promise right? A promise to return here 3 years after graduation... I guess I broke it… sorry…"

"At least you still returned even if you exceeded two years…"

"You know Natsume, France was a beautiful country and it was fun, yet I was sad. I missed everyone… especially the boy who was always mad at me since that day on this beach… the guy who I thought would never even like a part of me… but he was still kind inside and always there for me whenever I have troubles… sound familiar?"

"tch…You're always like that, so emotional…."

There was a moment of silence between these two people until Mikan closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said in a very soft voice.

"Natsume, I'm getting married next month…"

This made Natsume look at Mikan to see if she was joking. But a serious sad feeling was painted on her face.

He didn't know what to say until the words suddenly escaped his lips.

"Congratulations…" and he turned to face the sea once more.

"eh…" Mikan looked at him with eyes full of wonder and surprise. She was sure that this wasn't supposed to be his answer but he still said it.

"Mikan, you're gonna be married, you should be happy."

Mikan was so shocked to hear his words and a tear suddenly fell from her eyes.

"Natsume…" she cried and ran away without another word.