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A new beginning

Chapter 1

It was nice out that night. The full moon shined brightly, illuminating the streets of konoha. There wasn't a single soul out that quiet night. No one, but a little young boy, whose name was Naruto Uzumaki. This young boy was wandering out all by himself, even though he was too young to be alone. This boy appeared to be six or seven years old. He had crazy sun yellow hair, cerulean orbed shaped eyes and he had on a loose black shirt on with loose orange shorts on. At each cheek there appeared to be 3 whisker-like lines that were too neat to be scars, but too real to be drawn on. Looking at him it would seem that he was having a argument with himself. "Will you shut up, fox" Naruto finally said aloud, apparently to no one. Well, no one if you were watching him. Actually Naruto was talking to the fox spirit that inhabited his body. About 7 years ago the nine-tailed fox demon attacked the hidden leaf village. The 3rd hokage, not being able to kill it, trapped the demon inside a body of a newborn child. Naruto happened to be the lucky new born. Ever since then the entire village saw him as a monster, a second coming of the nine-tailed demon. Though the 3rd hokage wanted Naruto to be seen as a hero, and the 4th has asked the village repeatedly to leave Naruto alone, it never got better. All his life he had been beaten and hated for something that he had no control over. He didn't have anyone in his life that actually cared about him until he entered the hidden leaf village ninja school. There he met his sensei Iruka who had grown to like and even see the boy as a son. Of course all the children had inherited their hatred of him from their parents. Naruto had no friends his age, but he had adult friends. Iruka, kakashi, the 3rd hokage and Anko were all there for him. They always helped him when he needed it and when he needed a shoulder to cry on.

I'm just saying it's already dark out and you should go home! Besides don't you have a test tomorrow?!

The fox yelled back in naruto's head.

"Oh quit worrying I'm going to ace that test, believe it!"

Naruto replied in his head with his signature foxy grin in his face. Naruto's and kyubi's relationship was hard to describe at best. They tolerated each other knowing that there was nothing they could do to get themselves free from each other. Though they argued a lot, you could tell that years of being together made their bond something of a brothers bond. Naruto didn't know about the kyubi until he was 5 years old. The hokage thought it was time for him to know the secret that konoha had been keeping ever since he was born. In the beginning Naruto was angry at how the hokage could have done this to him, but finally accepted it knowing that it was what was best for his village. After the villagers had come after him again leaving him within a inch of his life, Kyubi had to heal him knowing that if Naruto dies, he did too. They learned a way to communicate with each other and over the years developed a brotherly bond. I guess you could say the Kyubi was the first real friend Naruto made.

Fine but don't say I didn't warn you when you flunk tomorrow.

It was now pitch dark out. The moon had taken shelter in the clouds and nothing could be seen except an outline of buildings and objects. Naruto continued walking forward towards the lake thinking it was a good place to go and relax. Suddenly a scream broke the silence.

What was that?

Naruto thought in his head to kyubi. Another scream was heard this time from a different person, though the scream seemed familiar to Naruto.

I don't know kit. You better go check it out.

Kyubi advised. Immediately, without thinking, Naruto turned directions to the source of the screams. The screams were getting louder and louder until they led him to a back alley of a store. He stopped just around the corner and peeked at what was going on in the alley. Naruto recognized two little girls, standing backed up against the back wall. Both his age and both in his class. One of them had short strawberry pink hair and pale skin. The other had short blond hair with aqua blue eyes. He knew their names were Sakura and Ino. He had never personally talked to them, and from what he knew they were one of the few kids who didn't hate him, they just never had a chance to talk to each other. In front of them were three older guys. From the looks of it they were chunin.

"Leave us ALONE!" The blond girl name Ino yelled. One of the chunin laughed and turned to his friend.

"You hear that, she said to leave them alone!"

The other two laughed with him. From the way they were unbalanced and slurring their words naruto could tell they were drunk. Sakura was holding on to Ino, crying, and Ino was trying to look brave for Sakura but you could see that she was shaking.

"Ok how bout we have some fun now"

The chunin in the middle said as he pulled out a kunai. Ino took a step back and her brave face disappeared. I got to do something Naruto thought. Kit you can't. These guys are chunin theirs no way you can handle them Kyubi argued back. Well I can't just watch and do nothing!

Naruto thought about it. If he went for help he might not make it back in time and besides who would help him when no ever listens to him. He had made up his mind.

"Hey! They said leave them alone!"

Naruto yelled as he stepped away from the shadows and into the alley. The chunin turned back to stare at him, including Ino and Sakura.

"Look kid, if you want to keep your life I suggest you get out of here"

The chunin on the right said and turned back to the two crying girls.

"How pathetic! 3 chunin picking on 2 defenseless little girls! You rotten pieces of shit!" Naruto yelled at them in anger.

Kit you might not want to anger them that much

Naruto heard kyubi say, but he didn't care. He took two steps forward and was prepared to fight them if he needed. The middle chunin, who appeared to be the leader, began to laugh.

"You honestly think that you can take us on"

Naruto didn't say anything but got into a fighting stance ready to fight them if he needed. The middle chunin studied his face and grinned. "Go get him" he said quietly and the other two guys charged at him.

"No Naruto!" Sakura yelled as she realized he was going to take them on for them.

The guy in the right got there first and figuring he was an easy target only tried to punch him but much to his surprise Naruto dodged it with amazing speed. He appeared behind the chunin and reached in his pack to steal a kunai. The chunin realizing what he was doing turned around but Naruto was too quick. He plunged the kunai into the chunins back and did an aerial kick hitting with the chunins head. The chunin fell to the floor unconscious. The other chunin tried to charge at naruto from the back but naruto sensing him back flipped, dodging the attack. While in mid air he did a couple hand signs "mud spike jutsu!" he yelled and from the ground sharp spikes formed by mud appeared and flew at the chunnin, pinning him to the wall and knocking him out. The leader of the gang was scowling.

"Looks like your no pushover" He said quietly as he gazed at the little boy who didn't even break a sweat fighting the chunnin. Naruto didn't say anything but went back into the fighting stance and stared at the guy.

"Don't say I didn't warn you when you're dead on the floor"

The chunnin said and charged at Naruto. Again Naruto dodged him but the chunin knowing where he was at turned around and kicked him in the stomach causing him to hit the wall. "Naruto!" Ino yelled and ran to were he was at. Naruto, though, got up in a quick second and raised his hand at Ino signaling her to stop. He went back fighting with the chunnin and left Ino standing there.

I think I have no choice but to try that new jutsu

He thought in his head knowing that this guy was no pushover himself. "Shadow clone jutsu!" He yelled and 2 identical narutos appeared by his side. The fight went on with both giving each other hard blows and hitting them with their best jutsu, until a very tired Naruto and a very tired chunin were left. They were both panting looking at each other. The chunin was about to go back fighting when Sakura yelled.

"Please stop! Leave him alone!"

She yelled with tears still going down her face. Naruto turned not being use to such kindness and caring. It felt nice to him. The chunin on the other hand began to laugh.

"Shut Up! After I'm done with him, I'm going to kill you two brats myself!"

He yelled slurring his words. Naruto scowled looking at the man.

"You have to get past me to get to them and you're not doing a pretty good job at that."

Naruto said back trying to anger him. The chunin scowled and started fighting with him again. Blow after blow neither could get the other to back down. Finally, the chunin did a low kick and naruto exhausted could not dodge and he fell. The chunin pulled out a kunai ready to kill him when naruto rolled out of the way. Naruto stopped and made some more hand signs.

Here goes nothing

"Black lightning strike jutsu!" He yelled and lightning, not bright but night black, struck down and hit its target. The chunin yelled in pain and fell to the floor, but not before he threw the kunai in his hand. Naruto surprised that he actually pulled off the jutsu, didn't dodge in time and the kunai hit him in the chest. Naruto gasped in pain and fell to the floor to. The fight was over with both defeated. The two girls watching just stood in horror.

"Naruto!" Ino realizing it was safe yelled as she began running to his side, followed by Sakura.

They kneeled down and turned his bloodied face towards them.

"Why would you do that, you stupid idiot!"

Ino yelled as she wiped blood off his face. Naruto laughed weakly at the thanks he was getting from Ino. Everything was becoming blurry, probably from the amount of blood he lost. All of a sudden Sakura bent down slowly and kissed Naruto's forehead. "Thank you" she said quietly. Naruto smiled

"Yo-your welcome" and then everything went dark.

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