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A new beginning

Chapter 6

The halls around the konoha ninja school were quiet once more. It was a Saturday meaning no school for the student body and a break for the teachers that spent their entire week day working in this building. The school was kinda odd being so quiet. Not having students running around and teachers teaching their pupils new techniques. No, naruto liked it better this way. He didn't really have a lot of fond memories of this place. Walking through the hall ways he could almost remember the way kids looked at him. Full of hatred and disgust. He could almost feel the resentment they had for him. Though he tried not to think of it. Those were the memories he wouldn't mind forgetting. Then again this was the place were he met ino and sakura. A small smile appeared in his lips as he remembered the shenanigans they used to get into.

He sighed. Naruto was sitting in the swing under the tree that he had spent practically his whole childhood on. He liked coming here when there was no school. He would come and just sit here and think. Lately he had a lot to think about. They had just gotten back from the land of waves a few days ago. Saying it was trouble was an under statement. They hadn't expected what came at them, luckily they were able to dodge that bullet.

Though Haku's face kept popping up in his mind. (A/N: Haku was a girl in this story. I just cant imagine him as a boy)

"What do you fight for?" Haku's asked, her face gentle but curious. Naruto knew how to answer this question. Or at least he thought he knew. He opened his mouth to answer it but no sound came out. She smiled not ridiculing him but a encouraging smile. "Its alright." turning back to the herbs "I can see that you have a noble cause for fighting. Its not for power or glory. Its to protect those who you care about" She said as she stood up from the ground putting the freshly picked herbs in her basket. Naruto stood up putting his herbs in her basket too. "you could tell all that from my face?" he asked curious how she put into words how he felt. She didn't answer, only smiled at him.

Of course he knew the whole time that she had been working with Zabuza. She had his scent all around her. She just seemed so different. Not at all like Zabuza. Her nature seemed too caring, too nurturing to be a killer. If he had to guess it seemed that she fought for Zabuza. It broke his heart knowing that she was dead now.

He turned his head to the right anticipating something. Sure enough a second later iruka was standing next to him.

"I knew I'd find you here, naruto" he said his hands in his pockets looking very nonchalant.

Naruto didn't respond to his old sensei. Not wanting to be rude but he hated being interrupted when he wanted to be alone.

"you know kakashi's been looking for you everywhere" iruka said getting closer. Again naruto didn't respond.

"he said you might be a little down from what happened back at the land of waves" iruka said now standing right next to the young genin. Haku, dead on the ground sprung into naruto's mind and he, naruto, covered with all her blood. He shook his head trying to forget. He didn't know why it affected him so. He had killed plenty of people before, though all of them deserved it. But he wasn't to so sure if Haku did.

"iruka-sensei?" naruto finally said after a 5 minute silence.

"what do you fight for?" he asked not looking at his face but out at the playground. Iruka was a little taken back not expecting this.

"well… I guess I fight for my village." he said looking down at the blond. "I fight to protect it and all my children" he said. Of course by children he meant his students but there really was no difference.

Naruto took this in, thinking about it. He looked up at his old teacher and smiled.

"I thought so" he said. Iruka returned his smile and they both stood there just looking at the empty school not saying anything.

"do you really think they're ready kakashi- kurenai- asuma" the hokage said looking at the jounin standing in front of them. All three of them shook their heads, not doubting that there students were fit to participate in the oh-so-important exams. "But there all rookies!"

A fellow jounin said aloud. "they have no experience, and I don't think there mature enough to handle something like this." he said. Kakashi spoke up.

"all of these genin have enough experience, in fact my team has already been on a A-ranked mission, and with one or two exceptions, they're all mature enough to handle this." kakashi said thinking of naruto.

Immediately the entire room went on a uproar, half protesting the participation of these genin on the exams, the other half defending them.

"enough!" the hokage finally yelled, getting a headache from all the yelling. The entire room went silent, waiting on the final word from their leader.

" all 9 genin are permitted to participate in the exams" the hokage finally said. A sea of protest was heard. The hokage put a hand up to silence them all, and in a second they were.

"though to make sure they are all fit to participate we will test them, that is my decision"

The hokage said.

Naruto, sakura, and ino were all laying down on the soft grass in the large training field. The sun was going down so they had the entire place to themselves. None of them said a thing. It was nice after such a hectic mission to just lay there and look up at the sky, admiring the clouds for being able to be free. Naruto all of a sudden was reminded of shikamaru.

All of a sudden Naruto stood up and threw a kunai to the right at them. A faint groan could be heard, signaling the kunai made contact. Sakura and Ino, not needing to be told what was going on stood up, both drawing kunai to.

"Come out or die" Naruto said in a serious voice that didn't all belong to him. Suddenly someone came out but from behind them. All three of them dodged him before making contact with the kunai in his hand. The one that naruto attacked came out too, knowing their element of surprise was gone. Naruto knew their attackers where outnumbered but he sensed that they had high chakra levels, at the very least they were jounin.

"what do you want?" Ino asked.

Instead of them answering they went on the attack.

"smoke fog jutsu!" one of the ninjas cried and out of his mouth a thick fog came out surrounding them making it impossible to see. The enemy charged. Naruto felt himself being attacked but couldn't do nothing about it. A foot, he assumed, made contact with his face, making him fly upward and landing on the ground. He got up and spit blood,

These guys are really pissing me off

He could hear the other girls getting beat too. Apparently another guy joined the fight to make it more even. Naruto closed his eyes listening for where the guys where coming from. A faint step was heard a few feet to his right. Aquatically, he made hand signs.

"black fire rasengan!" he yelled and in his hand a mix of chakra and fire orb formed. He managed to hit his target, taking two of them out, since they were standing right next to each other.

"dragon wind jutsu" naruto said and exhaled. A fierce wind came out and a one swift move the fog disappeared. Naruto looked around. It turned out that another guy joined the fight, because both sakura and ino had beaten a guy, and naruto beat two guys.

Knowing they won naruto headed to what he assumed was the leader.

"What do you want?" he asked him as he raised a chakra powered fist to punch him.

"wait, wait, wait!" the jounin said rapidly trying to avoid another injury. Naruto paused.

"ok were done" the jounin sighed admitting defeat and crossed his fingers. The other three guys did the same and they were all engulfed in smoke. After it cleared naruto saw different guys before him.

" congratulations you guys passed." the leader said as he stood up. Naruto recognized him a jounin from the village, as well as the other three guys.

"passed what?" sakura asked very confused as to why jounin from their village just attacked them.

"sorry for attacking you guys but we needed to see if you guys where ready for the chunin exams." a guy on the ground said as he got up to.

"the chunin exams?" ino asked.

"but were rookies" she said astonished. "well" the leader said "from what we just witnessed you guys are pretty advanced for rookies, especially you Blondie" he said nodding towards naruto. "kakashi and asuma weren't lying when they said you guys were good." he said scratching the top of his head. Naruto grinned at the other two.

"well we better get going there are other teams needed to be tested." he said "oh and yakamoto, your other team mates did fine to so did that uchiha guy, of course he was only taking on a genin." he informed them and him and the rest of the jounin disappeared.

As soon as they left Sakura and Ino squealed.

"oh my god!" sakura yelled. Naruto grinned again.

"how troublesome, another test" he sighed.

Sasuke was sitting at the uchiha mansion by himself. He had just gotten home from being attacked by a hidden leaf village chunin. He had taken him out fairly easy. The idea of him being in the chunin exam only as a rookie didn't really effect him. Lately there has only been one thing on his mind. Sakura. He doesn't know when this crush, infatuation, or whatever it was, began. But all he knew is that he liked her, a lot. He threw a kunai into the wall in frustration. One image kept on appearing in his mind.


It was night and him and team 7th had stopped to make camp on their way back to konoha. They had just finished their mission in the land of waves and now where heading home. Sasuke, partially insomnia tic, couldn't sleep. He went outside just to do something. He had only walked a few miles when he heard some voices. He recognized them. Not wanting to interrupt he crouched behind a bush and listened to that his teammates where saying.

"naruto it wasn't your fault, you only killed a murderer." sakura told naruto who was sitting on a rock, sulking. "I know but why do I feel so bad about killing her….I honestly don't think she deserved it." Naruto said in a sad tone. "if you hadn't killed her she would have killed you" sakura said trying desperately to make him not feel so guilty. "what would I do if you died. Huh, naruto?" she said in a matter of fact way.

Naruto sighed. " I'm sure you would survive sakura" he said . Sakura laughed and sat next to the blond and grabbed his hands. He turned his head up to see her."I don't think you know how important you are to me, naruto" she said looking intently at his cerulean eyes. "more than a brother" she whispered.

Naruto stared at her. "sakura?" he whispered too. She didn't respond but instead leaned in.. In a second their lips met. Sasuke watched and saw the scene unfold. For some reason he had this anger in the pit of his stomach. Watching naruto kiss sakura made him want to tear naruto to shreds. He fled not wanting to see this anymore.

Sasuke laid In bed trying to get the image of sakura and naruto kissing out of his head. He knew now that him and Naruto could never be friends.

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