Midnight Groan

Sequel to Wedding Vows

By The Alternative Source

Author's Note: This idea was given by hotforjensen101. She wanted to see a fan fiction with Dean being happy with his own kids. I took her suggestion and flipped in around a little. Hope you guys enjoy it. Let's begin. And remember review, review, and review.

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"Hmmm," was what made my eye lids open. A midnight groan had just waked me up again. For the hundredth time tonight I rolled over and looked at the face of my wife. My very beautiful, stubborn, and pregnant wife.

"You ok Chlo?"

"Yeah. I just feel a little weird." I look at her face and see that she looks a little flushed and sweat is starting to build up on her forehead. I put my hand on her swollen bell and rub it while trying to make her relax.

"Is my little man moving around a little too much? That's Winchester blood for you," I tell her laughing but the look on her face stops me.

"What makes you think that it's going to be a boy? I, for one, think that it will be a girl. A beautiful little girl."

"Sureā€¦. Our family has luck with what?...Boys," I told her while laying down facing her. She looked at me and scolded at me.

"Whatever. Bet you twenty bucks that it's a girl," she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and it took her a little effort to push herself off the bed, "And stop looking at me while I haul myself off the bed. The least you could do is help me."

Leaning over I smack her bottom, "Don't worry. I still think you look sexy." She smacked my hand away and waddled to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I plopped back down on the bed and scratched my stomach.

It's been three years since our wedding and I still love her as much as I did the first time I woke up in the hospital after she saved us from the jinn. And in three years lots of things had changed. Sammy and I still went on hunts every once in a while. But it had become less and less because of the pregnancy and Sammy had gone back to school a couple months ago.

Also Chloe and I had bought a house near Sammy's school so we could all stay close to each other. We did think about moving back home to Lawrence. But the house held too many memories for us to live in it, so we opted for a two story house with two bedrooms. When we moved in Sam said he didn't want to deal with the sounds of me and Chloe messing around in our room anymore. So we converted the basement into an apartment for Sammy.

The biggest change came when Chloe told me that she was pregnant.

He looked over quickly when he heard something fall in the bathroom, "You ok, Chloe?"

"Yeah, I'm ok. I just knocked over the toothbrush holder by accident," came her irritated voice from the bathroom.

'She always gets defensive whenever I ask her if she's ok. Stubbornnnnnnnn.'

Nine months ago we had all stayed in after a tiring day of work, school, and demon hunting. Sammy and I had plopped down on the couch and were enjoying some beers while watching TV and Chloe was upstairs taking a shower. She had come down a little while later and sat down in my lap and started watching TV too. When I had offered her some of my beer she said she couldn't. I thought she was a little too tired or something so I asked her why. Then she blew my mind by telling me that she was pregnant and that in nine months I would be a dad. Surprised couldn't even describe what I felt as I tackled her and kissed her.

All I could think about was how in nine months I would have a kid. My own kid.

'Nine months.'

I sat up in my bed as I heard Chloe groan from the bathroom and it suddenly hit me. Looking at my watch I realized it was nine months today. Chloe and I had been so wrapped up with all the baby stuff and furnishing the baby's room that we didn't even realize that the day was coming around so soon.

I got up quickly and knocked on the door, "Chloe, are you okay? Open the door."

The door opened and Chloe told me, "You have some killer instincts, don't you."

I looked at her feet and saw that there was a puddle of what looked like water by her feet.

"You're water broke," I stated and looked back up at her with a smile on my face, "Come on we have to get you to the hospital. Where's your hospital bag?" I pulled her out of the bathroom and helped her sit on the bed. I pushed her blonde hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.

"We're having a baby, Chloe."

"Have you been reading my pregnancy books?" she said while giving me a weird book.

I smiled and walked to the dresser and began getting dressed, "What if I have?"

"I knew you were a softie inside. Sam owes me twenty bucks." I looked back at her and threw some clothes at her so she could also get dressed, "Hey, watch where you're throwing that." The clothes that I threw at her had smacked her in the head.

"Sorry. I was aiming for right next to you." I smiled as I told her that as I finished putting on my jacket. I looked around the room quickly and spotted the bag that Chloe had packed just in case her water broke unexpectedly.

"Sureeeeee. Like I haven't heard that before," I heard from the bed, "Ok, I'm ready."

After grabbing the bag I looked back at Chloe and was surprised to see her already dressed.

"Damn. That was quick. Where did you learn that?"

"From you," she stated while walking past me and out the door. I followed her and we both descended the stairs and started down the hall to the front door.

"From me?" I asked her as I grabbed the keys before she did.

"Yes. From you. I know how to dress myself quickly because you have this obsession of doing it everywhere. Even if the chances of someone walking in on us in very high."

I opened the door for her and locked it behind me before jogging down the front steps after her, "Obsession. Now what proof do you have of that? I have no obsession."

Chloe stopped and turned towards me with an annoyed look and patted her swollen belly, "Are you sure about that? Because this belly looks like enough evidence to me."

I smiled and scratched my head as I opened the car door for her, "One point Chloe, zero Dean."

As soon as she was safely in the passenger seat I ran to the other side of the Impala and started up the car. As I started pulling out of the driveway Chloe started groaning again and held her stomach while her face scrunched up.

"Contraction, "was the only thing she said.

I finally pulled out of the driveway and changed the gear to D, "I got you baby. I'll get you to the hospital."

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