Back and beyond

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When the day came to return to Hogwarts and after waving goodbye to my parents, I had got onto the train, searching for a compartment.

"Michelle!" A black haired girl ran at me with a large grin on her face and gave me a large hug. Cassie. "How have you been?" She asked.

"Good." I replied, hugging her back. "And you?"

"Fantastic! Come, Alison's saving the compartment." I followed her down the train as she slid open a door and revealed a tired looking Alison.

"Hey Alli, move over." I greeted as she smiled at me.

"Hm. Now all we need is for Lily to get here."

And suddenly the door opened revealing Lily with a huge grin plastered onto her face. "Guess who got Prefect!" She announced happily. "Now I can finally get Potter back for everything he's ever done!"

"Don't you think that would be abusing your power over people?" Alison asked.

"Yeah, I guess. I probably shouldn't do it. Anyway I've got a meeting so I'll come back later okay." She darted out again as Cassie sat down opposite to me.

"Short meeting, so what did you guys get up to."

"Stayed at home basically." I said.

"Slept and that." Alison agreed.

Cassie shook her head. "You guys live such boring lives." She said jokingly. "I went to Spain!"

"Wicked! ¿Cómo era?" I asked.

(Wicked! How was it?)

"¡La mejor experiencia siempre!"

(The best experience ever!)

Alison piped up. "Meet any cute guys?"



A few minutes later Lily came back and sat across from Alison. We chatted for a while, before the inevitable happened. The Marauders found us.

We knew it as soon as the compartment door slid open to reveal a messy black head with another black haired boy and a short one.

"Evans!" James exclaimed. "Fancy meeting you here!" He came and sat next to Lily. Meanwhile Sirius had sat on a giggling Cassie's lap while she unsuccessfully tried to push him off.

"Wanna go out with me Evans?" James continued, slinging his arm around her.

Bad move. I thought as Lily paled and grabbed her seat tightly, knuckles turning white.

"Uh, Lily?" I asked tentatively.

Lily ground her teeth. "What?"

"Er, you seem upset is all." Alison pointed out.

"How can she be upset when I'm here?" James said.

"Upset? You think I'm upset!?" Lily shouted, standing up suddenly and bringing James with her. "That insufferable prick acts like he owns me or something!" She pointed at James. "Of course I'm upset!"

James blinked at her before striding out of the compartment, Sirius and Peter following.

Everyone sat in silence for quite a long time; Alison actually drifted off to sleep. Lily gradually released her fists, showing white crescent marks that she had dug into her hands. She sat down suddenly and leaned moodily against the window, watching the landscape go by.

Cassie scooted over and leaned forward a bit. "I'm sure he'll mature and stop doing that eventually Lily."

"And yet I'm sure he won't." She muttered.

"The Marauders will never grow up." Alison agreed as she rubbed her eyes, awoken from her short nap. "Except maybe Remus."

"Have a nice sleep?" I asked. "But that does bring up a point, where was Remus before? I didn't see him."

"Oooh, someone's worried." Cassie said.

"I'm not worried, just curious."

"Sounds like you have a crush though." Alison added.

"Are you going to ask him out anytime soon?"

I rolled my eyes at them. "You both know I don't like Remus that way."

"We just like teasing you." Lily smiled. "He's the other Gryffindor Prefect."

I turned back to my previously discarded book as the others started talking again. The conversation slowly stopped as the train drew up to Hogwarts.


"Oh my gosh, what are those things?" Alison gasped.

"What things, Alli?" A perplexed Cassie asked, glancing around.

"The horse things pulling the carriages."

"Thestrals." I stated.

"You can only see them once you've seen someone die." Lily said.

Alison visibly shuddered. We climbed into one of the many carriages and sat down. Shortly it opened again, letting in a cold wind.

"Brr…" Lily started. "Hey whoever's out there hurry up and get in or shut the door and go away."

There were mutterings outside and someone hit the side of the carriage. Lily scowled as James's head appeared round the door. He glanced at her before climbing in, sitting sullenly across from us. Peter followed him while Remus stumbled in as Sirius pushed him.

"Get a move on Moony! My butts freezing out here!"

Remus rolled his eyes and grinned at me. I offered a small smile in return before Sirius clambered in and shut the door behind him.

Even though the carriage ride was short, the awkward silence they held made it seem extremely long as James kept shooting glances at Lily.


By the time everyone had gathered in the Great Hall, the noise was immense.

The moment the doors opened everyone became quiet, watching the short first years hurry forward as they took in their surroundings behind a stern looking woman. Professor McGonagall led the first years up to the sorting hat, where it promptly burst into song, scaring some of the first years.

A thousand years or more ago,

When I was newly sewn,

There lived four wizards of renown,

Whose names are still well known:

Bold Gryffindor, from wild moor,

Fair Ravenclaw, from glen,

Sweet Hufflepuff, from valley broad,

Shrewd Slytherin, from fen.

They shared a wish, a hope, a dream,

They hatched a daring plan

To educate young sorcerers

Thus Hogwarts School began.

Now each of these four founders

Formed their own house, for each

Did value different virtues

In the ones they had to teach.

By Gryffindor, the bravest were

Prized far beyond the rest;

For Ravenclaw, the cleverest

Would always be the best;

For Hufflepuff, hard workers were

Most worthy of admission;

And power-hungry Slytherin

Loved those of great ambition.

While still alive they did divide

Their favourites from the throng,

Yet how to pick the worthy ones

When they were dead and gone?

'Twas Gryffindor who found the way,

He whipped me off his head

The founders put some brains in me

So I could choose instead!

Now slip me snug about your ears,

I've never yet been wrong,

I'll have a look inside your mind

And tell where you belong!

The first years started nudging each other and whispering excitedly. No doubt wondering what house they would be put in. Professor McGonagall then began calling out names.

Allan, Charlie.


Alley, Sarah.


"My brothers getting sorted!" Cassie whispered, clapping as a new addition arrived.

"5 years between you?"

Cassie just shrugged.

Soon enough, his name was called.

Moore, Kevin.

There was a long silence before the hat came to its decision.


A/N: You may have noticed that the sorting hats song is from Harry's fourth year. R&R. TBC…