Author's Notes: Not sure if I will continue this or not. Just a thought I had while pondering Avatar one evening. This is probably the last entry I would have written if I had chosen to do an ongoing series, so the other entrees (if there will be any) will probably take place before this one. Any continuation from this chapter would have to take place after the final episode airs. No promises though. Peace.

- Mark R. Whitten

Katara's Diary

August 12: the Final Battle

This may be my last entry. As we prepare ourselves for the final battle, I can't help but remember what Zuko told me last night.

He said that the Firebender's have an ancient legend that tells of the end of the world.

They say that when Sozin's Comet returns this summer, the sun will glow in rapturous harmony and expand outward, consuming the world and all the other elements in the eternal blaze of its everlasting glory.

I told him that the Waterbenders of my tribe spoke of a similar legend, except in ours, the world ends when the great wolf-lion swallows the sun, casting all into the icy embrace of an everlasting night.

I think about all of this as I ready myself for what could be my final journey. As I look into the faces of my closest and dearest friends, I can see their courage and determination at what we are facing and that they are truly ready to lay down their lives in defense of this world.

As for me, I dare not tell them what I feel right now.

They could never understand the icy terror coming over me as we climb aboard Appa.

As I close my eyes and take a deep, purging breath, my ears catch a distant sound that sets me to shivering.

I think I hear the wolf at the door.