Hah~ A nice day today…no more damn tests for two weeks, only anime and games for me! For starting now it is the beginning of Winter Break! Winter Break…it is the sanctuary for students who have nothing but work upon work on their hands.

"Don't you mean for lazy people like you?"

Looking over my shoulder, I see a girl wearing our school's regulation female uniform as well as a non-regulation blue ribbon tied into a bow to hold her hair in a ponytail. But then, I shouldn't note about non-regulation stuff…my collar is loose, I didn't button up my jacket and my tie is…well not here.

"Enough with your monologue of clothing already…" she said

"Did you need something, Kobayashi?" I asked her.

"Oh right, do you have any plans after this? You wanna go karaoke?"

"Sorry, but I plan to spend tonight by myself, so maybe some other time."

"That so?" She looked a bit disappointed but it passed. "Well, don't let anime become a big part of your vacation. You need a social life as well you know."

"I don't need it," I replied instantly. "Having a social life is overrated until after college."

Kobayashi gave me an exasperated look and sighed. "That's an expected answer from you I guess," she said as she shook her head and shrugged at the same time.


A group of girls called her from the doorway. She looked up and called back to them. "Anyway, don't waste too much time in front of the computer and stuff. See you later."

Kobayashi Kasumi…we've known each other since we were kids…but unlike in anime and stuff…neither of us have any inkling for a romantic relationship with each other…such a shame right?

Well it's time for me to get going as well. I picked up my bag and headed home. On the way I stopped by a fried katsu stand and bought some to eat. Life in this city was pretty normal. I have two awesome parents who are okay with my hobbies, I live in a nice house, crime isn't a major issue here, the neighbors are friendly…life was…almost perfect…so perfect that it was almost a little boring.

The sun was setting to my left, a nice blend of red, orange, and yellow streaking across the sky. I sat down along the side of the road and stared up into the sky with a katsu in my mouth.

Man…if I knew I was going to be bored, I would've gone with Kobayashi…second thought…singing my heart out in a room full of only girls? Actually that'd be pretty funny…

But too late for that…I guess its not so bad…lying on the grass, looking into the sunset with some food to eat. Just wish I had a little more excitement in my life though. As I continued to watch the sky change from the red side of the color spectrum to the other side I noticed something circling above me.

It was a crow. It circled around me over a dozen times now. I rolled over a bit to show that I wasn't a dead body but it continued to circle me. All of a sudden it dived down towards me. I yelled and rolled away as it landed where my head was before. As it turned towards me I noticed something in its beak. It hopped towards me holding its beak out.

"Are you giving it to me?" I asked it and it just hopped closer to me. I held my hand out and it dropped a glove. It had a pretty interesting design. It was black and had a green cybernetic theme with designs like a motherboard all over it. I put it on my right hand on impulse and it fit quite nicely.

"Oh~ this fits nicely," I said as I looked at the crow. It cawed and flew onto my shoulder. Looks like I made a new friend.

"What are you doing here?"

I looked behind me to see Kobayashi standing there with her hands on her hips.

"Yo; karaoke finished early?" I asked her. My eyes suddenly darted to the thing on her shoulder. A dove. "You have a bird too?"

"Hmm? 'Too?'" She looked to see the crow on my shoulder.

"Hey…you didn't get a glove or anything did you?"

"Eh? I did…" she raised her left arm and showed me a white glove with red cybernetic designs.

Before we could do anything else, a loud explosion came from above us and the birds started flapping their wings and calling like crazy.

A large aircraft appeared above them and objects were being dropped from it.

"What's going on? WHAT IS THAT?"

Kobayashi was screaming hysterically as I followed the objects with my eyes. They're people? And they're moving towards us?

Next thing I knew the scenery changed to a dark color. The grass the water even the building lights were dimmed.

The people landed around us pointing something that definitely wasn't friendly at us.

"This is the Time-Space Administration Bureau! We have you surrounded!" The voice came over a loudspeaker from the aircraft above us.