Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha LegendS Theatre!

Harouki: Hello! And welcome to the MSLNL Theatre! Here, I let you, my readers, know everything that wasn't told in the Fan Fiction. However, it's no fun to do it alone, so let me introduce my guests! The three leading characters of the story! Kuro, or should I say Yuuki, Kasumi and of course…Subaru!

Yuuki: Yo!

Kasumi: Thank you for having us here today!

Subaru: Um…is it okay for me to be here? I'm the only unoriginal character here…

Yuuki: Don't worry about it! We're not going to shun you out because of that.

Harouki: Of course, you're the heroine after all.

Kasumi: Although I bet half of the readers thought that I was supposed to be the heroine.

Harouki: Yes, yes, childhood friends seem to always get together in these types of things, don't they?

Yuuki: Which brings us to our first question from our readers, "Did you ever consider Kasumi as Kuro's true love interest?" Hahaha…I'm still being called "Kuro" even though my real name has already been revealed…

Subaru: Well, people are just used to seeing it.

Yuuki: I hate being called Yuuki anyways, it sounds too feminine…

Harouki: Well, I chose it because I wanted to contradict your codename, and Yuuki sounds like snow in Japanese. Anyway to answer that question…yes I have. I had originally intended to have this story flow like a Visual Novel format where at the end of each chapter I'd let the readers vote for where the story would go…but I'm still a new writer so my stories would receive enough attention to do something like that so I ended doing it like it is now.

Yuuki: So I would have been something like an eroge protagonist? DAMN IT! I LUCKED OUT!

Subaru: Eroge? What's that?

Harouki/Yuuki: Nothing a minor should worry about!

Kasumi: Boys…

Harouki: Hahaha! Well let's pop in a song before moving on! How about Seikan Hikou by Nakajima Megumi?

inserts disc into player

Yuuki: Huh…not too shabby.

Subaru: "Nakajima?"

Kasumi: Don't worry, I'm sure it's no one your related too…

Harouki: If anyone is interested, I can send you the song.

Kasumi: Moving on…

Yuuki: Right, Next question: "There were a few references that Kuro (haha Kuro again…) made during certain situations…what were they?"

Harouki: Well I changed the name of any anime I referenced, while still leaving them very close to the original name. The one where we walks into Teana changing in the infirmary, he referenced the oh so ancient yet still fun to read series, "Love Hina" by Ken Akumatsu. The one where he walks into the scene of Teana…uh…how should I put it…? "harassing" Subaru in their room was based of a scene in Zero no Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi. There was also an unnamed reference of hammers in chapter 6. It was based off of the popular web comic El Goonish Shive.

Kasumi: Those are some pretty oktauish references there.

Harouki: Hey, I'm your creator, respect me!

Kasumi: Whatever…

Subaru: Um…please don't fight.

Yuuki: Next question! "Why does Kuro get hurt so often?" Finally! I can get to hear the well thought out answer for why I have to deal with so much pain every single chapter during this longwinded story…

Harouki: Because I thought it'd be funny. Next question!

Yuuki: WHAT?! That's it?! I went through all of that just because you tried to be funny?!

Harouki: Yep. I explained early on in my "Author's Notes" that I wanted to try portraying a main character who's also the comic relief character. Sucks to have been you.

Yuuki: Why you damn…

Harouki: Be happy that this was a Romance themed story and not a tragedy themed one! You ended with a nice girlfriend instead of being six-feet under.



Kasumi: Hahaha, look at you two lovebirds, blushing as you look at each other!

Yuuki: I-it's not my fault! It's his!

Harouki: Just because I built your character, doesn't mean I can control it during this dimension.

Yuuki: What you mean on the other side of your laptop screen? You're the one who wrote this!

Harouki: We're already chipping at the Fourth Wall here, don't shatter it…

Yuuki: What are you talking about? We already broke it the moment we set foot in this place!

Kasumi: Let's continue while the "Hero" and the author argue like kids. Subaru, why don't you read the next one?

Subaru: Okay! "This story could have easily had a Teana or Vita ending…why Subaru?"





Harouki: Well…this is an awkward atmosphere…ahem…well I thought about that as well. At the beginning it seemed like it was YuukixTeana wasn't it? That's because the majority of the episodes in StrikerS dealt with Teana's relationship with Section 6, so I had to mold the story around there, and Vita was just for more comic relief and pain moments for Yuuki.

Yuuki: Ass hole…

Harouki: But that's the official reason why it wasn't Teana or Vita.

Kasumi: "Official Reason?"

Harouki: My choice was purely a personal one. After scrapping the idea I immediately thought that Subaru would make the perfect candidate. She was the only character in the entire anime that openly showed her emotions, therefore it made it easier to bring the two together. Tsunderes are fun characters to write, but a little annoying since they always deny themselves and never really get along with the main character until they get all blushy at them…DON'T KILL ME!


Subaru: K-Kasumi-chan! C-calm down!

Yuuki: Hey Subaru! Don't hold on to her, let the great Author feel the pain of physical humor for once.

Harouki: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! NOT A CHAIR! DAMN IT YUU! I'll remember this!

Subaru: "Yuu?"

Yuuki: Apparently that's my nickname. Well while Harouki's being occupied, let's continue. "How did you come up with this storyline?" Oh Kasumi, done already?

Kasumi: Of course not, but we need to get on with this.

Harouki: Pain…hurt…

Subaru: Um…Sensei, we need your answer…

Harouki: R-right…Well basically, the inspiration came from something I'm sure any anime fan feels when they're watching their favorite anime. "I want to be in there with them," or something along those lines. So I put myself in the story in the shoes of Yuuki here.

Yuuki: Wait…so I'm supposed to be you?

Harouki: Yep. Basically I created you and you're my clone in the Nanoha Universe.

Yuuki: I'm…supposed to be…this idiot…? NOOOOOOOOO!

Subaru: Y-Yuuki-kun! Calm down!

Kasumi: Don't bring out a freaking sword in the studio, you idiot!

Yuuki: NOOOOO! I might as well just die!

Harouki: Well that will keep them busy for a while…next question: "Who is your favorite character in StrikerS?" Haha, that's easy! First and foremost, it has got to be Takamachi Vivio! She's just about the cutest little loli you can find anywhere, that's the whole reason I wanted to watch the Nanoha series in the first place. But when it came to StrikerS, I almost cried since my precious lolis grew up…but Vivio filled that void up. The Few, The Proud, The Lolicon! In fact, our official theme song is on Youtube. Simply search "Boku wa Lolicon and scroll down to the one with English Subbed in its title. Of course, after Vivio, Subaru is my favorite. She's pretty much an all in one package. Cute, funny, sexy, boyish…ahh…and she should be in Middle School in Japan…completely my type.

Kasumi: Die, scum…


Subaru: And last but not least, the last question is…"Any plans for a sequel?"




Harouki: …what? I just wrote 116 pages in 2 months and you people want me to do a sequel already? Look at all the other authors who have a huge break period! Writer's apathy sucks doesn't it? But the answer is YES. I WANT to do a sequel but it's going to be a bit hard, so dun expect an update every few days like last time. Completely original material is tough. Anyways, look for a new story soon!

Kasumi/Yuuki/Subaru/Harouki: We hope to see you all again soon!