Chapter 6:

Rangiku was definitely hiding something. That was all he really knew.

Seriously, there was always something wrong when Rangiku was silent doing nothing for more than 10 seconds.

"What was Aizen doing?" Toushiro finally asked, knowing Rangiku wasn't going to jump into explanations like he had hoped.

Rangiku looked up, thrown out of her reverie. "Hm? It's rude to just call him 'Aizen' you know."

Toshiro sighed. He wasn't going to get any answers from her. "I mean what was he talking about?"

"Well, I have this friend who hates my guts right now... and I thought Aizen was connected to him in some way... but now he mentioned 'Okinawa' so it must be another friend of mine, who also has connections with the guy who hates my guts, but I'm not really sure if that means anything or if Aizen is messing with me. I mean, he does that a lot so I can't jump into conclusions and..." Rangiku paused thinking.

That was easier than I thought... Toushiro thought, surprised at how easily she gave away information.

"Well, we should get home. There's really nothing I can do right now anyway." Rangiku got up and motioned for Toshiro to join her. He did, and they walked home, or Toshiro's home.

"Hey, Toshiro-kun! It's almost winter break!" Rangiku said as if the thought had just struck her.

"...Yeah, it's starting tomorrow."

"What!? Why didn't you tell me!?"

"I figured you knew. You ARE a teacher."

"Oh my gosh! I need to ask Ukitake about a party!"

"A party?" Toshiro did NOT like the idea. For the past few years he had spent his christmas alone. He had finally gotten used to it, so a party was not a welcome idea.

"Yup! You can invite your friends and I'll invite mine!"

"A party of teachers and students... won't that be awkward." There was sarcasm in his voice that Rangiku did not pick up.

"I'll have to call him today!" She said to herself, looking up at the sky. "I wonder if it'll snow..."

"Maybe, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't." Toushiro answered and shrugged.

"Toushiro-kun, after winter break starts, you need to accompany me for christmas shopping!"


"Oh, come on!"



"You can't just drag me into this stuff."

"Pretty please?"

"I thought I said 'No'?"

"But I NEED you to come!"


"Come on, Toushiro!"

"Don't just call me by my name!" (a.k.a 'yobisute sunna!' cuz she dropped the -kun, and that makes it informal.)

"Toushiro-SAMA." (-sama is used for important people)

"...I'll go if you shut up."


"Huh? Toushiro-kun?" Momo looked at her cell phone, which said shiro-chan on the screen. "Wonder why he's calling..." She said to herself as she answered.


"Hey Toushiro-kun! What's up?"

"Well, Rangiku-san's got this idea to have a party and if I don't invite some friends I'll be the only student there. So can you come on Christmas Eve?"

"I think so." Momo replied, "Let me check with my parent's first and then I'll call back."

"Thanks Momo."

"Oh, can I invite Kira-kun, Renji-kun, Ichigo-kun, Rukia-san, Orihime-chan..." Momo added, realizing she might want some moral support at Rangiku's party.

"Yeah sure. I'm sure Rangiku won't mind."

"Ok! I'll start spreading the news!" Momo giggled.

"Yup..." Toshiro replied and hung up.

Typical of Toshiro-kun to not be happy, but this could be fun! Momo thought as she went to her address book to tell the rest of her friends.

"Uki!" Rangiku burst into Ukitake's room.

"Rangiku! What's wrong!?"

"You mean what's RIGHT! We need a christmas party! Do you think we should bribe Byakuya into lending his mansion? Or should we just go out and rent a place?"

"Um... first of all, it would require the will-power of all the world times 20 for Byakuya to lend his house to us for a whole night, second, what christmas party?"

"The one I'm starting! How about Yoruichi then?"

"She might lend a place." Ukitake replied. "But who are you inviting?"

"Toushiro-kun's got his own list, but my list is:

1. You

2. Kyoraku

3. Nanao

4. Shuuhei

5. Kenpachi and his buddies

6. Kisuke

and that's about it! Anyone I missed? Because I've already invited all of them."

"I think you've got them all..." Ukitake thought for a second. "If you secure it with Yoruichi, I think it can work."

"This will be the best Christmas ever!"

"A party with Toushiro-kun? Since when does he have parties?" Kira asked.

"I don't know, but he brought it up and I can't go alone!" Momo replied hastily.

"But haven't you already invited Renji and the others?"

"Yeah, but come on Kira-kun! I NEED you to come!" Momo begged, unaware that she had hit a weak spot for him.

"...Fine, I'll come." Kira finally replied. "But it's Matsumoto-sensei right? That sounds like it's going to go crazy..."

"Exactly! That's why I need you to escort me there, since Toushiro-kun will be helping with the setting up." (Rangiku's idea.)

"Okay, okay. I'll be at your house at 5 or something?"

"Yeah, that'll be great! Bye Kira-kun!"

"Bye HInamori-chan."

Kira flicked his phone shut and stared at the wall.

"This can not be good." He told himself.

Sorry it took so long! Major writer's block and homework and other evils.

Hope you like it!

I know it's late but Rangiku has got to be able to pull of a great christmas party. :)