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Chapter 1
Green and Silver Threads

One depressing year passed. Hermione was so sad she just lost her best friend. Draco was sad for the same reason, but he was more beat up. He started acting mean and nasty towards people that would ask him why he always looked so down. He got into the habit of acting that way. Hermione buried herself in books more, reading everything she could put her hands on. She focused a lot more in her classes and was the student with the highest GPA in her school. Schoolwork took her mind off everything that's happened. She didn't make many friends with her frizzy brown hair and buck teeth. People who were willing to be her friend would stop talking to her because she sounded like a know-it-all.

Then, that one day in August, Draco finally got his Hogwarts letter. He read it and sighed. He wished Hermione was going to the school, too. But there was a huge chance she wouldn't. He still kept hope though. That he would see her again. Most people didn't like her because of her hair and teeth. But no one ever looked at her personality. It was inspiring. She was just so smart. What she said would make you think. She didn't really care how she looked. And she was there for you.

Hermione got her letter on the same day and was surprised what the address on the letter said. It said the exact location of her room and was written in fine handwriting. On the top, there were little bite marks from some kind of bird. She hid the letter until she got into her room to read it. She hoped it was from Draco. He's the only one besides her mum and dad that would know the exact place where her bedroom was. When she opened and read it, she was terribly wrong. However, she got unusually excited. This explained everything weird that's been going on every time she's gotten mad or scared. It was as if it was magic. And, it turned out, it was.

She told her mum and dad and they didn't believe her at first, but when they read the letter, they were convinced. Hermione squealed in delight and smiled a true smile she hasn't shown in a while. Her parents were just ecstatic that she was happy about something again.

September 1st came and they saw each other. Draco immediately noticed her hair and just how she walked. Hermione immediately noticed his blonde-almost-white hair. She saw that his appearance changed a lot. Like his hair for one; it was gelled back and she hated it like that. Draco was shocked. She was a witch. His days and months of hoping was worth it.

He didn't get a chance to talk to her, however. The necklace he gave her was found nowhere on her neck. He was still wearing the bracelet, but it was hidden under his shirt and cloak.

When Draco finally found the perfect chance to talk to her, she had already made new friends. They were practically inseparable. One had red hair and freckles and one was The Boy Who Lived, who he was supposed to hate, according to his father. He immediately hated them just because they got to talk to Hermione as much as they wanted.

On top of all that, his father decided to tell him how devoted he was to the Dark Lord. He even showed Draco the mark on his arm. Draco flinched when he saw it. His father told him that he should be rude to muggleborns or 'mudbloods.' Lucius questioned if he was still friends with that 'mudblood Granger' and Draco shook his head, no. He was so confused; he didn't know whether to follow his father or his mind.

His friends always made fun of the muggleborns. They would often make fun of Hermione, too. Draco couldn't do anything but laugh along. He didn't want to be called a 'Muggle-lover.' He got into the habit of making fun of all the 'mudbloods.' He would pick on Hermione constantly just so he could hear her voice and talk to her in some form. She would look at him differently and glare at him and come up with a snide comeback that was incredibly smart.

Soon enough, second year came and there wasn't any time to talk to her because of the Chamber of Secrets incident. He got so frustrated that he continued to be meaner and meaner to her. He called her 'mudblood' for the first time. She seemed confused, but angry at the same time. He wasn't sure if she knew what it meant, but he knew she knew it was bad.

His father sent him letters once a week, telling him how he would be part of the Dark Lord's plan one day. Draco flinched. What if he didn't want to join this Death Eaters Club? His father blew up at him in a Howler that he read in the safety of the empty Slytherin common room during classes.

Third year came, and he was losing hope. He had gotten Hermione so worked up that she had the nerve to slap him! Hard. He had gotten furious at her and insulted her more and more.

When it came fourth year, he gave up completely, and sort of forgot why he was trying so hard. He convinced himself that he didn't fancy Hermione anymore, but the truth was, deep, deep, deep down, he still did. Draco had cast a Disillusionment Charm on the bracelet, so that he wouldn't have to worry about hiding it. He soon forgot all about the pieces of thread wrapped around his right wrist.

As the years went by, people thought him to be charming and devilishly handsome. He found himself snogging girls in hallways, but he never got into any kind of real relationship. He would always try to find a girl that was right for him, but all the girls he went out with were not 'his type.'

Fifth and sixth years were the hardest. They were the years of the war. Draco realized he had a mission to fulfill. He had to kill Dumbledore. He couldn't, he just couldn't. Snape ended up casting the spell on him and everyone immediately said he was on the Death Eaters' side. It wasn't true. I knew it wasn't. Snape had no choice, since I didn't decide to kill him.

Everyone fought for two years straight, still somehow getting some education in their minds. Harry, going on dangerously horrid journeys, found all the horcruxes and destroyed them. The only thing left to kill during sixth year was Voldemort himself. A bloody and fierce war took place on the very grounds of Hogwarts. Draco was fighting for Potter's side, believe it or not. He did not want to be involved with his hating father who killed innocent muggleborns. He had more heart than that. The war ended, many lives lost. Voldemort was defeated after a long duel between him and Harry. (A/N: So, basically, the whole war took place for two years. Imagine the fifth and sixth books squished together for their fifth year, and the seventh book as the sixth year. It's hard to explain.)

Hermione took off her necklace before first year started and hid it away in a secret box she's had since she was a baby. Draco and her being friends was erased from her mind when she became friends with Harry and Ron. Every time he would insult her, she would glare daggers at him, and hate him even more.

Seventh year was starting. A warning bell rung in Draco's head for some reason. That would usually go off whenever there was not much time.

But not much time for what?

When he saw that golden-brown hair, he knew why.

- x -

Draco(with Pansy practically attached to him), Crabbe, and Goyle walked into their usual compartment, the seventeenth one. When Draco first got onto the train in his first year, he counted seventeen compartments, because it was his favourite number.

"Pansy, get off me!" he said, practically yanking her off of him. He opened the door and they all sat down in the compartment. Draco sat by the window, across from Crabbe. Goyle took the seat next to Crabbe and Pansy attached herself to Draco again. He sighed in disgust.

"How was your holiday, Malfoy?" Goyle asked, trying to strike up a conversation to break the silence that had occurred.

"Nothing special. Same as every year, Goyle," he replied like he didn't care. He never asked how Goyle's holiday was.

"Oh, Draco, you have such soft hair," Pansy said, trying to flirt with him. She started running her fingers through his platinum blonde hair. "I love it when you're hair is gelled back."

He hastily hit her arm away and fixed any strands of hair that she may have ruined. She gave up on his hair and started running her hand down his right arm. Her hand soon reached his wrist. "What's this?" she asked, pulling on an invisible bracelet.

Draco whipped his head around to his wrist. He had forgotten all about it. It's been there for so long, he got used to it being there. Memories came rushing back to him. The scrapbook, the necklace, the tulip, the letter, Granger. Her tenth birthday, stupid Blaise, her crying, the signs she taped on her window. How he used his Quidditch broom to tape that letter up on the second floor, moving away from his house.

He started wondering. Did she throw the Undying Tulip away? Did she even read the letter he gave her? Did she still have the necklace he gave her? Did she even remember that day? Does she still think about it?

"Draco, sweetie, are you all right?" Pansy asked.

He cringed at the way she called him "sweetie." He got up from his seat, exited the compartment, and leaned on the wall outside it. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then, he slowly took out his wand with his left hand and undid the spell he cast four years ago on his right wrist.

"Hold on, Ron, I'll go get the lady with the trolley now!" he heard that familiar voice laugh as she got out of her compartment, next to where he was standing. When she turned around and saw him, she froze.

The green and silver threads revealed themselves around his wrist. Draco looked up at her. She looked at him in disgust at first, but when she saw the colours that appeared on his right wrist, she gasped. She recognized that bracelet.

"I-is that- ?" she asked, unable to move or walk.

He quickly covered up his wrist with his shirt and cloak. "What's it to you, Granger?" he rudely interrupted. He glared at her and walked back into his compartment. She was left alone.

"Oh, my god," she whispered, putting a hand to her heart. She looked like she couldn't hold herself up. She started falling to one side. The wall caught her and she started breathing heavily.

Memories she's forgotten for so long came rushing back to her all at once. She couldn't even imagine Draco being the way he was before. He was always so nice, so caring… to her at least. He had made her a scrapbook that took him four weeks! A month. Just for her tenth birthday. Because it was her favorite number. The necklace she gave him, with the first moving photograph she's ever seen. She remembered how amazed she was about it, before she figured out she was a witch. The necklace. The necklace. Did she still have it in her little childhood box? The tulip, her favourite flower, that was on the letter. She had put it in the box, too. It hasn't died.

She couldn't believe it. He still had the bracelet. The bracelet she had given him on his tenth birthday, seven days before hers, almost seven years ago.

And you know what was the worst part? Neither of them got to say anything about the Head Girl and Boy badges shining on each of their robes.

- x -

Draco got back into the compartment and didn't speak to anyone for the rest of the train ride to Hogwarts. Pansy left shortly after he arrived back to go to her other friends. Draco was glad.

He stared out the window, blocking out everything that may have been going on in the compartment. His eyes kept glancing down to his wrist, every time thinking of Hermione. He could cast the Disillusionment Charm on it again, but then that golden-brown-haired girl wouldn't see that he missed her.

Which he absolutely did not.

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