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The legend of Hogwarts

Chapter 1: Oh shit!

It was an ordinary day in Hyrule. It was in the spring while the days were getting longer and the birds started to sing. It was then that a hero, known as Link, and a princess, known as Zelda, decided to have a picnic in Hyrule field.

So Zelda, Link began as he lay down on his back in the grass, beautiful day isn't it? He gazed up in the sky at the clouds.

It really is Link. Zelda replied and she too lay back in the warm grass.

Do you wanna do anything special today? Link asked and as Zelda was about to reply they heard a shrieking voice not too far away.

Linkeyypooo! In an instant Link was up.

It's coming from the zora-river, Zelda said, and you know what that means?

Yep, Link replied as his face grew pale, a certain fish/princess/freak is about to chase me for a few miles again right?

Right you are. Zelda said.

Perhaps I should start running. Link thought as another female voice came from another direction.

Linkeyypooo! It came from the ranch.

Malon? Zelda asked.

Yep. Link replied again. Well princess, thank you for the picnic and the company but I'm in a tight spot right now so I gotta go. And with that he dashed of across Hyrule field not knowing how this day would end. After running a mile or two Link came to a cliff and realized that he was cornered. He got an idea. A bold idea but it would lead him to safety. When Malon and Ruto reached the cliff they found it deserted. In fact Link was hanging on the edge so they wouldn't see him.

I think it's safe to climb up again. He thought but as he started to climb he lost his grip and fell down. Oh shit! He yelled as he fell and lost conscious.

Zelda heard the scream and ran to the cliff. She gasped as she realized what cliff it was. It was the portal-cliff, the gateway to other worlds. How was she supposed to get him back? She knew that in order to find him she needed to jump too, and she did. She jumped after Link into the darkness.

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