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Summary: It has been raining out all day so, Gojyo decides to visit a miserable monk.

Chapter 2 I hope you will enjoy the final part! smiles

Meanwhile down stairs in the lobby:

"Hey, Hakkai what's taking Gojyo and Sanzo so long?" Goku asked

"…What, Goku?" Hakkai murmured after a moment, as he looked up from the tea he held in his hands. While waiting for Gojyo to come back down stairs hopefully with Sanzo, he had ordered some tea for the two of them at the café that was inside the inn.

"I said what's taking Gojyo and Sanzo so long?" Goku whined, he was hungry and he wanted to eat.

"The cockroach was only to go up stairs and get Sanzo, so why is it taking forever." He continued, not even letting Hakkai answer.

"Goku, we are talking about Sanzo here. Gojyo in all likelihood is having a hard time convincing Sanzo to join us. You of all people should know how he gets when it rains," Hakkai rationalized.

Goku sat there silent for a moment. Yeah he knew, Goku knew all too well, what happened to Sanzo when it rained. It really hurt to see his "sun" so depressed, times like this he never eats, never speaks, hell he never even moves away from the window. He would just sit or stand there in a trance-like state staring out into the rain, completely shutting everything else out. When that happens he would get scared and start wondering if this will be the day that Sanzo will break.

"You have a point Hakkai," but even knowing this it still did nothing for his current hunger.

30 minutes later:

"Hungry… I'm so hungry," Goku drones out, while the back of his head hits the chair.

"Goku it's only been an hour since Gojyo went up there." Hakkai stated, in his teacher-like voice.

"Yeah, but it's been five hours since I've eaten." To prove a point, as if on cue, his stomach took that moment to growl. "See?!" he said, pointing to his empty stomach.

Sighing Hakkai took off his monocle cleaning it with the end of his shirt. Putting it back on he looks Goku in the eyes and states. "Goku, you have to give Gojyo a chance. Look I know you're hungry but just wait a little longer. You do want Sanzo to join us and not remain secluded in his room don't you?"

"Of course I do but, damn it what is that perverted kappa doing. I mean unless Sanzo shot him which I highly doubt, because we would a heard it. Gojyo should a just given up and came back down." Goku huffed, thinking he should of gone up and not the stupid cockroach.

"Just wait a little longer." Hakkai repeated.

"Fine…" The monkey pouts folding his arms cross his chest.

Another 30 minutes and a starving Goku later:


"Yes Goku?"

"I'm hungry."

"I know Goku."

Some moments passed then, "…Hakkai…?"

"Yes Goku?"

Goku turned facing the demon slayer with big golden puppy dog eyes and said, "I'm hungry."


"Hakkai, why can't one of us just go up there to their room and get them?" He asked, with a hopeful look in those wide eyes.

"I guess you're right, it is taking quite a long time. Goku, you stay here with Hakuryu and I'll go and see what's keeping them."

"Okay" Goku said, with a grin.

With a sharp intake of breath and a sigh, Hakkai got up and slowly made his way to and up the old spiral staircase that led to the upper chambers, heading down the long narrow hall to where Sanzo and Gojyo would be sharing a room.

He was seconds from the door; hand raised ready to knock when a distant voice called out:

"Hakkai forget it, I changed my mind! Let's just go and leave them here. We can always bring something back for them to eat!" Goku exclaimed, catching him just before he got there.

"Are you sure Goku?" Hakkai asked, putting his hand down and turning towards him.

"Yeah, I mean if you were ta go in there, there's a chance that we may never leave." And that of all things is the last thing Goku wanted.

"If the cockroach did something to piss off Sanzo, you know Hakkai as well as I do, that you would want ta stay and smooth things over."

"So let's just go eat first then come back and play psychiatrist." The monkey stated, as he held Hakuryu in his arms.

"Well…" Hakkai paused looking hesitantly at the door. Sanzo always gets more agitated when it rains; meaning Gojyo was probably not the wisest of choices in convincing Sanzo to leave the room and join them for dinner. Maybe he should at the very least, take a look just to be on the safe side.

"Hakkai didn't you hear me? Let's go! The stupid kappa will be fine as long as he doesn't say or do anything to make things worse."

Well that did not help Hakkai at all. If anything, it just made him want to go even more. He knows how those two get, as they cannot stand each other. And, here is Goku saying that it will be fine as long as Gojyo did not say or do something to make things worse. "Oh dear," he muttered, Gojyo lives just to antagonize Sanzo. 'It's his favorite pastime' he thought with trepidation.

"Hakkai, Hakkai, Hakkai, Hakkai, HAKKAI…" Goku repeatedly says, trying to get the healer's attention.

"Yes…O-okay Goku we'll go and eat now," Hakkai stated a little uncertain. He turns away from the door, and with slow uneasy steps, he headed back to the staircase where Goku waits.

"Yes," Goku jumps in the air throwing a punch with his free hand. Once he lands he does an about face, and all the way down the stairs and through the lobby he says one word over and over "Food." Behind Goku, Hakkai shakes his head and smiles.

An hour and a half and one happy monkey later:

"Ah, now that is more like it." Goku said as he was patting his now full belly.

"Yes, it was a nice meal and it seemed that the rain had stopped while we were eating." Hakkai replied, rubbing Hakuryu under his chin.

They had just come back to the inn and now were heading up stairs, Goku holding Sanzo and Gojyo's dinner.

"Goku why don't you go and give them their dinner and I'll be in the room, no since in us both going." He said, opening the door to his and Goku's room.


Goku came to their door and knocked.

He waited and waited but no answer. He tries once more but got the same response. Huffing, he tried one more time but this time he called out to them. "Come on Sanzo, Gojyo open up the door I've got dinner," but still nothing.

"Hey, you perverted water sprite; you better not be doing anything to Sanzo!" He yelled through the door, 'that should get them, if only to deny the accusation' he thought.


Not even a single peep can be heard on the other side. Giving up he turns and heads back to his room. Opening the door, he walks in putting the bag on the small table there.

"Goku you couldn't get them?" Hakkai asked, as he was getting under the covers.

"Nope they might have gone to sleep." Goku answered with a shrug, as he was undressing.

"Oh well, their food can keep till morning. They can just have it then."

With that said, they both turned in for the night.

Back in the other room:

Sanzo had woken up because of Goku's knocking and his excessively loud mouth. "Stupid monkey" he said sleepily and not a little irritated.

Looking around the room for the alarm clock with half-closed eyes, he tries to focus on it "11pm" his left eye twitches.

"…ter not be doing anything to Sanzo," said Goku through the closed door.

Sanzo groaned, bringing a hand to his face, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. "Go, away" he said, but it was not loud enough for Goku to hear.

He was about to get up and find his gun, feet already about to swing off to the side of the bed when he heard footsteps moving away from the door. "Tch, idiot" he settled back down.

Closing his eyes he was about to go back to sleep when something clicked in his mind. Something Goku said, "What was it again…better not be doing anything to Sanzo."

'What the hell…why would the stupid monkey say that for?' he thought, trying to get his half-asleep brain to work. Sanzo came up empty though, so he just gave up and tried to go back to sleep, when he felt movement next to him.

"What the fuck?!" Sanzo sat up quickly reaching over to the nightstand to turn on the light. Turning slowly around he sees the cause of the movement. "…Gojyo…" the monk whispered, eyes wide then narrowing.

'Why is Gojyo in my bed; and why is he…'Sanzo stopped his train of thought, when something catches his eye, reaching for the blanket and pulling it away from Gojyo. "Oh, fuck" Sanzo breathes, he then looks down lifting the blanket over him "Bloody hell!"

Throwing the blanket back over the sleeping half-breed, Sanzo bends his legs resting his arms on his knees as he tries to remember what happened earlier that night.

Sanzo remembers that it was raining; looking towards the window, he realizes that it had stopped. 'Okay it was raining, what else?' Turning back from the window and looking down at his hands, he recalls that Gojyo had walked in when he was sitting on the window seal. The kappa was trying to get him to join him and the other two down stairs. 'I told him to leave me the hell alone; so how did me saying that end up with him in my bed…naked?'

He looked at the redhead trying to get the answers. He remembers Gojyo kissing him and pulling him away from the window, heading backwards towards the bed. Where Gojyo then pushed him down then stripped him of his clothes, proceeding to stare at the now naked form before him.

As Sanzo remembers, his cheeks slowly turn a nice shade of pink, out of embarrassment and the slow rise of anger. '…once you were naked, you climbed on top of me, where you kissed and caressed me gently.' He paused in thought, just that part alone got him confused. Deciding to leave it for now, he goes back to recalling the evening's events. 'I asked you why you were doing this, and you gave me an answer that pissed me off.'Okay…that should have been the end of it; right? 'So why the fuck are you here, naked?'

Closing his eyes, he lets his head fall back against the headboard, as he tries to remember the rest. 'Shit.' Eyes opening wide, head snapping forward everything came back to him then in detail.

"Where the fuck is my gun?!" Sanzo hissed, as he swings his feet to the edge of the bed. He grabs the blanket snatching it off Gojyo then wrapping it around him. Standing up, he commences the hunt for his banishing gun. Not even caring of the slight pain he caused himself.

Through all the noise Sanzo was making, and the sudden chill he had gotten Gojyo woke up. Shifting in bed, he opened his eyes but just as fast closed them as the light, engulfing the room blinded him.

Groaning he tries to open his eyes again, but this time he brings a hand up shielding his blood reds. As his eyes finally adjusted, he puts his hand down looking towards Sanzo's direction.

"Sanzo, what are you doing?" the unsuspecting Gojyo asked. However, no answer was forthcoming so he tried again just wording it differently.

"Sanzo, what are you looking for?"

A pause in movement, followed by silence, the silence seemed to last forever until… "I'm looking for my gun so I can blow a hole in that thing you call a head." It was said so calmly, so matter-of-factly that for several moments Gojyo could say nor do anything.

"What, why?" Gojyo asked confusion clearly in his voice, as he found himself able to speak again.

Sanzo whips his head around glaring at Gojyo, he answers. "Why? I wake up naked and find you also in my bed naked, not to mention I remember what you did to me and ALL YOU CAN SAY IS WHY?!"

Gojyo slowly blinks; he still does not understand why Sanzo is so angry. What they did was mutual after all.

Not even giving Gojyo a second look, Sanzo went back to his task of hunting down his gun.

In truth, Sanzo knows that he has no right blaming this night's event on Gojyo, at least not all of it. 'Damn it all, why in bloody hell did I say I wanted Gojyo to help me forget?' Those violet eyes locked onto Gojyo's reflection in the mirror as if that would give him the answers he wanted. 'And, why did he go through with it? ...Gojyo was not obligated to help me. He could of just let me be, and left me at the window as always, so why? Why would he go to such an extreme as having sex with someone he doesn't even like?'

His movements stop in sudden understanding. 'Pity. That's it pity. Gojyo just pitied me.' Sanzo lets out a very small sigh, 'the very thing I told the cockroach I didn't want, he gave.' A small broken chuckle escapes him.

From the bed, Gojyo was watching everything. He could not help it, as he found himself watching the man he loves tear through the room looking for his banishing gun. He also watched as Sanzo's countenance changed from rage to confusion, and now it's something he's never seen before but for some reason this new expression he liked even less.

"Sanzo…?" he called out but there was no answer, only a small chuckle escaped from Sanzo's lips.

Not liking what he heard, Gojyo grabs the sheet he is laying on wrapping it around his waist, he gets up. Walking towards Sanzo he slowly reaches out one hand grabbing his arm. "Sanzo, just stop and talk to me." Gojyo asked.

From just that one touch, Sanzo's whole body stiffens.

"Let. Go. Of. Me." The monk said slowly.

"No. Not until you talk to me. Man what the hell is going on? Why are you mad; when it was clear that you wanted this, just as much as I did?" Not letting go he turns Sanzo around to face him.

Purple eyes looking to the floor, Sanzo answers in a voice not of his own. "Who said I wanted this?"

"Who said- don't give me that bullshit! You said it and you know you did!" Gojyo yelled, eyes narrowing to slits.

Startled by the sudden outburst Sanzo flinches. Gripping the blanket tight around him, he tries yanking his arm away but to no avail. Gojyo seems to tighten his hold even further.

All the anger Gojyo had left him as he watched Sanzo's reaction in confusion. 'Sanzo flinched… and now he's trying to pull away from me. What the hell?'

"Sanzo, would you please talk to me? Don't go giving me the silent treatment." He asked his voice now calm unlike how it was before. "Sanzo…?"

For several moments Sanzo said nothing, he did not even hear what Gojyo was asking him because he was lost once again in his own thoughts. 'Why did I flinch? Was it because he scared me. No. That wasn't it; I was just not expecting him to yell all of a sudden so he startled me. However, that's not important what is, is why my hearts beating so fast? Is it because of what happened between us? His being so close? Him holding on to my arm the way he is. Why does it feel like my chest is going to explode by the sudden pressure? Shit, a thousand questions but not one single fucking answer.'

It took some time for Sanzo just to register that Gojyo was still talking to him. "What did you say?" he asked as he looked up finally.

"Sanzo… you've got to be kidding me? Were you not listening to anything I just said?"

"Obviously not or I wouldn't of asked you." Sanzo stated with annoyance evident in his voice. He was not even annoyed with Gojyo, which by the way was a miracle. He was annoyed with himself. "You're hurting me, now let go."

As soon as he said that, Gojyo let go. He looked at Sanzo's arm noting the reddish mark clearly on his pale skin. Inhaling sharply Gojyo then watches as Sanzo cradles his arm to his chest.

"I…I'm sorry, I…" he stops, looking at Sanzo with remorse in his eyes. He did not mean to hurt Sanzo, just get his attention.

"Gojyo shut up, it's just a bruise. I had worse and you know it." Sanzo said, trying to sound angry but failing.

"Sanzo do you regret what we did?" Gojyo asked unexpectedly.

"…Yes…no, damn it I don't know," this time there was anger in Sanzo's voice. He hates being confused when it comes to this idiot.

There was a pause before Gojyo spoke again. "Sanzo which is it, I have ta know?" he whispered.

What felt like an eternity was only seconds before Sanzo answered "no" it was softly spoken as if he was ashamed of not regretting what took place between them.

Sanzo moved away from Gojyo going over to the nightstand to grab his cigarettes, needing the nicotine right now. For his heart was still pounding in his chest.

"Sanzo if you don't regret it then why are you so mad? Why the fuck are you trying to blow my head off?" The half demon asked as he slowly made his way back to Sanzo's side.

Getting no response, he just watches as Sanzo lights the cigarette moving to the open window. 'Not again, isn't this how we started.' He thought, as Sanzo takes a long drag.

"Sanzo you can't keep avoiding me by smoking, you have ta answer me sooner or later. I for one hope its sooner." Gojyo stated as his long fingers combed though his disheveled hair.

Stubbing out what was left of his cigarette on the window seal Sanzo sighs. As he was smoking, he had some time to think. He went over many things but his focal point was why his heart always beats so fast when Gojyo's near him all of a sudden.

The answer came to him like a punch to the stomach. He knew all along what this was, he just did not want to believe it. That's why he had gotten so angry when Gojyo said what he was doing was nothing more than just a "distraction". Or why now he wanted to kill the bastard, it is because he feels the total opposite and its scaring the fuck out of him. 'Damn it, you want an answer as to why I'm mad or why I want to blow your head off? I'll tell you why, it's because I love you and I know you don't feel the same.' Nevertheless, Sanzo never said this he just thought it, aloud though he threw out his own question.

"Why the hell does what I feel matter to you so much, Gojyo?"

"Why…? Because…because," Gojyo found that he did not know how to answer Sanzo's question, not without telling him how he felt.

Gojyo's mind began to race 'Damn it, now what? I mean I could tell him the truth, tell him that I love him and that's why I want to know. But he'll just say that I'm incapable of loving anyone, and throw all those women I had back in my face. Worse Sanzo could find his gun and actually follow up on his threat. Therefore, that would leave me with one alternative and that's to lie. I don't want to lie, but I sure as hell don't want to say that I love you either. …Fuck Sha Gojyo you should be able to come up with something, so think!'

Luckily, Sanzo put him out of his misery when he sighed and walked away. "Forget it, I really don't care," there was a hint of sadness in his voice when he said this.

"Sanzo wait," Gojyo called out. He had made up his mind; he was just going to tell Sanzo the truth. He will tell him the truth and hope Sanzo will believe him.

With newfound resolve, he closed his eyes taking a deep breath, when he opened his eyes he blurted out his confession. "It matters to me how you feel, because…because I love you Sanzo! Shit, there I said it I love you okay!"

Sanzo was walking towards the bathroom to take a really hot shower, when Gojyo had called out for him to wait. He stopped but he said nothing, nor did he turn to face him. He just waited to hear what Gojyo had to say.

Sanzo found out rather quickly however, that he was not prepared for what came out of Gojyo's mouth.

"What, what did you say?" Sanzo asked, as his hands closed to fists, body starting to tremble.

"Did you say you love me; is this some kind of a fucking joke?" Sanzo hissed, turning to face Gojyo.

"What…joke, no Sanzo it's the truth."

"The truth; you love me so that's why you fucked me, and now want to know how I feel, because Sha Gojyo the biggest fucking womanizer loves me a man." Sanzo said, 'Lies, everything that comes out of his mouth are nothing but lies. I can't trust him, he said it himself that he cannot stand me, that no one can love an arrogant asshole like me.'

"Yes, Sha Gojyo would jump anything willing that is beautiful and with big breasts and a skirt. Fine I will admit that when it comes to the ladies I usually cannot resist, but can I not change. Can I not fall for a beautiful male with eyes so mesmerizing you could get lost in them? With a man, whose presence commands respect? Or a body that is begging to be fucked." Gojyo said this last statement with a glint in his eye and a sexy smile on his face.

Sanzo for the most part was blushing until that last remark, which made him glare at Gojyo with the promise of death in his very near future. Which if it was up to him would be right now, but he knows he cannot least not until the mission is finished. Then it is open season on erokappa's.

Gojyo laughs nervously when he sees Sanzo's reaction to his little dirty joke. 'Okay, maybe I should have kept that last statement to myself. But shit man I couldn't help it, looking at Sanzo naked with only a blanket to cover him…it's impossible not to think of sex. Plus, adding that he's blushing makes him look so innocent and pure, it's driving me nuts.'

Taking a deep breath to calm his lust filled mind he tries to reason with Sanzo.

"Look Sanzo I'm sorry okay. I shouldn't have voiced that last comment; I should have kept it to myself. But everything else before that; about me loving you, and how your eyes mesmerize me or the fact that you command respect, I meant every word." As he was talking, Gojyo was slowly making his way across the room, closing the distance between him and Sanzo. Now they were only mere inches away from each other.

Sanzo's eyes looks to the floor, he cannot trust him, Gojyo could not be trusted. At least when it comes to his heart he could not trust. 'Just stop lying to me, damn it. Why must every word out of your mouth be a lie?' Sanzo thought bitterly.

What felt like forever Sanzo finally speaks, but his voice is barely above whisper, because right now he cannot trust even that. "Just stop it Gojyo, stop lying to me. Stop saying things you think I want to hear. Quit fucking acting like you care." Looking up, as he continues his voice starts to rise with hurt and anger. "Stop being nice. Stop with all your false compliments. Stop the fucking bullshit because it means nothing, you mean nothing!" Body trembling, chest heaving Sanzo screamed that last part.

Gojyo feels as if he was just stabbed in the chest, 'I mean nothing to him.' Taking a deep breath to clam his rapidly beating heart, he looks down not trusting the expression on his face right now.

However, if only Gojyo did not look away, he would have seen that Sanzo's face and eyes told a very different story. As his eyes were wet with tears that Sanzo did not even know were there.

For the longest time neither of them spoke or moved, they just stood there completely silent. Gojyo with his eyes downcast and Sanzo looking at the man who he thinks is toying with him.

Seconds, minutes, even hours may have passed and they would not even know.

Gojyo is the one to break the tension, as he is not able to take the silence and the uncertainty anymore. Therefore, he looks up meeting Sanzo's violet gems.

What he sees takes him by surprise, as he was not ready to see that look of pure hurt and betrayal in Sanzo's face and those beautiful eyes.

'Wha…what is this; why does Sanzo look this way? Why does he look as if he'll break at any given second?'

Gojyo wants to go to him. He wants to take him in his arms and hold him but he dares not. He dares not move for he does not know what Sanzo will do. So he just stands there with only mere inches between them.

As Gojyo was ready to take action, Sanzo was not as he was trying to find the answers to the more unanswered questions swimming in his head. 'Why is Gojyo doing this; why is he hell bent on toying with me? Did he figure it out; did he figure out how I feel about him and now he's using it against me? To see if this bastard of a monk truly has a heart; and if he does, see how far he can get before this heart completely shatters? Does he think of this as a fucking game?!'

Even though he was looking at Gojyo, he was not seeing him. As a result, since Sanzo was so wrapped up in his own thoughts he did not notice Gojyo staring at him, least not until now.

"What…?" Sanzo hissed wanting to know why Gojyo had that look, that look from before sketched in his features again. Once again, this man confused Sanzo and he is sick and tired of it.

"Sanzo why do you look on the verge of tears" he asked. 'This does not look like a man who hates me, or thinks I mean nothing to him.'This looks like a man who had his heart broken, but why.'What I said shouldn't have this effect on him. Anger yes but not this, he doesn't even love me. Hell he made that perfectly clear, that this is one-sided so why?' Gojyo was beginning to think he would rather deal with an angry gun wielding Sanzo because this, this is just confusing.

'Why would he look like this; unless…?' he's pulled out of his thoughts with Sanzo's voice echoing in his ear.

"Tears…I don't know what the bloody hell you're going on about." Stated Sanzo, he was about to say more when Gojyo said something out of nowhere that completely floored him. Yet his statement also answered one of his questions.

"Sanzo, are you in love with me?" Gojyo asked, as his blood red eyes fixed to Sanzo's waiting for a reply and seeing if he could catch if it was true or not by reading those eyes. The very same eyes that mesmerized him and anyone else who is pulled into their depth.

Sanzo to say the least is in shock. Lips slightly parted eyes unblinking, 'what the…?'

Gojyo knows, he does not even have to wait for Sanzo to answer, he can see it in his eyes. In the way he is looking at him right now, 'he does, Sanzo loves me.' He can feel his heartbeat picking up speed at this revelation.

Without hesitation, he closes the last few inches between them. Grabbing onto Sanzo, he lets one hand go around to the small of his back, while he runs the other through Sanzo's blonde locks. Gojyo then pulls him forward and kisses him, his tongue snaking its way once more in that hot cavern.

Sanzo's in even more shock as he stands there frozen, arms hanging limply to his sides. However, it did not last for long as he soon recovers and tries to force Gojyo off him. Nevertheless, his efforts are futile as it seems the more he struggled to get free and break the kiss, Gojyo pulls him tighter against him and deepens it.

'Damn it, Gojyo let go you perverted lying bastard. Shit are you trying to give me death by suffocation?!' Sanzo finds this last thought rather funny considering.

Even with this thought, and the fact his brain is screaming at him to end this that Gojyo is just toying with him and he does not mean any of this. He finds that his heart and body are saying very different things. He finds himself kissing him back and lifting his arms to wrap themselves around Gojyo pulling him closer if possible.

One would think that this is where Gojyo would smirk into the kiss. Claim this as a victory, of him winning Sanzo over, but he does not. He just tightens his hold and hums his contentment on being accepted and not rejected.

Sanzo moans when he feels the hand at the small of his back start to caress the area with gentle strokes. It feels so good and when the other hand joins it, he cannot help but find a purr escaping him again. 'Shit not again, I really have to control that impulse.' He thought.

Gojyo moans as well when he hears that noise that turns him on to no end. 'Sanzo, god I need you, please let me continue,' Gojyo thought. His hands move to where the knot in the blanket is he grabs it fully intending to undo it but he hesitates. Keeping his hands on the only thing that has Sanzo covered, he breaks the kiss so he can see his reaction.

Sanzo's eyes are closed and his face flushed with arousal. He pants softly as he opens his eyes to Gojyo's questioning ones. 'Why is he looking at me that way? What… is he trying to ask me something?' He did not know until he noticed where Gojyo's hands were. Eyes widening all he can think of is 'oh' looking back up he meets Gojyo's gaze once more.

"Sanzo…please?" he asked,

For a while Sanzo did not answer he just studied Gojyo, and what he saw told him what he was going to do next. Arms still wrapped around Gojyo, he closes the distance between them yet again by kissing him, his tongue licking Gojyo's bottom lip asking for admittance. When Gojyo parted his lips, Sanzo slipped his tongue in at first he explored his mouth before he twined his tongue with Gojyo' own.

As the kiss deepens, Sanzo slowly moves his arms from around Gojyo bringing them to the front. His hands now resting on Gojyo's chest, he rakes his fingers down slowly until they reach their destination, then they stop. They stopped for only a second as his nimble fingers undo the sheet letting it pool on the floor at their feet.

Gojyo gasps then moans as he feels Sanzo's hands moving over his chest and then lowering. His hands leave the knot on the blanket, as he wanted to hold Sanzo once more. So, he lifts his arms wrapping them around Sanzo's midsection as he kisses him more passionately.

Gojyo's breathe hitches when he feels Sanzo un-wrapping the sheet from around his waist and letting it fall to the ground. He moans once again as the cool air hits his warm erection.

Pulling away so they can both breath, Gojyo reaches for the blanket and undoes the knot letting it fall and join the sheet on the floor.

"Sanzo" is the only thing the redhead says as he pulls Sanzo to the bed and gently lays him down.

They are both painfully aroused and looking for release, as Gojyo explore Sanzo's body as if for the first time. He starts his exploration by kissing Sanzo on the lips drinking in his moans as his hands roam the smooth terrain of his chest. Breaking away, his tongue licks a path from Sanzo's jaw to his collarbone as he makes his intentions known. Moving on, the tip of his hot tongue then licks one of Sanzo's pert nipples, before he gently puts the sensitized nub between his teeth and lips and suckles it gently. The other nipple gets the same attention as he twists and pulls it gently as well. Once he leaves Sanzo's now erect nipples, he goes back to his mouth kissing him once more, as his left hand starts to stroke his side from shoulder to hip and back again.

"Gojyo, I…" Sanzo is not able to finish what he had wanted to say, as he feels Gojyo's hand leaving his side and grabbing his throbbing cock giving it a few gentle caresses. Throwing his head back and arching his body into the touch, Sanzo lets out a small cry that is begging to increase in pitch and volume. Those once gentle caresses seem to get more firm, harder, and faster with every second that passes, and yet still controlled so that Sanzo will not reach his climax.

Biting his lip, Sanzo is so close to pleading with Gojyo to let him come. 'Fuck, Gojyo stop teasing me, and let me come damn it.'

Unfortunately, for Sanzo it would seem Gojyo has other plans, as he now let's go and sits back on his heels just watching him.

"Gojyo what the hell?" Sanzo hissed, trying to adapt a scowl on his face, but with his flushed cheeks it came out as more of a pout.

"I'm sorry Sanzo, I know you want to come but I can't let you do that just yet…" Gojyo was cut off at mid-explanation as Sanzo practically yells his objection.

"Why the hell not?" Sanzo voiced, he was so close just a little longer and he would have come.

'Ah, Sanzo looks so adorable…but he would kill me if I said it out loud. However,' he continued with what he was about to say before Sanzo interrupted him.

"Like I was saying; I'm sorry, I know you were close and wanted to come but I can't let you. I can't let you come because it's not in my plans just yet, okay?" As he was talking, he was also listening to Sanzo's breathing waiting for it to calm. 'Perfect, Sanzo's breathing has leveled out, no chance of him climaxing too soon. So forward it is. ' "…Now angel don't look at me like that."

Smiling he now crawls up Sanzo's body like a cat on the prowl for its prey. Coming face to face with Sanzo, he reaches out running his fingers through his hair as he leans down capturing his lips for a heated kiss.

Sanzo wraps his arms around his neck bringing him closer all the while deepening the kiss.

They kissed for some time before Gojyo breaks it; he leans up on his hands looking into those eyes that are filled with desire, he speaks "Ah, Sanzo do you know where I threw the lubrication at?"

Sanzo blushes despite himself "It's on the floor at the foot of the bed," was his response.

Not moving Gojyo turns his head looking over his shoulder to where Sanzo mentioned. "That far huh," he lamented. Not wanting to move from his comfortable position, but knowing he has to, he gives a quick kiss to Sanzo's forehead before turning to get it.

Sanzo watched Gojyo, seeing his muscles flex under the skin of his back with every move he makes as he crawls to the end of the bed to retrieve the wanted bottle. He is still a little nervous about what's to come but this time unlike the last it is being out weighted by his excitement.

Gojyo reaches the end of the bed and now leans down to grab the bottle. Once it is in his hand, he turns back to Sanzo with a gentle smile gracing his features.

That smile Gojyo gave him just squashed the last remaining nervousness as he is now filled with longing for the man that is above him once more.

Gojyo can see the emotion in his lover's gems as he uncaps the bottle pouring a small amount to his fingers then rubbing them together. He does not have to ask as Sanzo bends then spreads his legs giving him access to his entrance.

Keeping his eyes locked to Sanzo's he gently pushes a finger past the first ring meeting no resistance. Encouraged he puts in a second finger flexing and wiggling them. For his comfort, Sanzo is not showing any signs of pain, which makes him happy as he now starts to scissor them.

Sanzo knew what he had to do as he watched Gojyo rub his fingers together. Bending then spreading his legs he looks into Gojyo's beautiful eyes as he waits for him to continue. First finger goes past his entrance and Sanzo's pleased that it did not hurt. Second finger slips in right after, still he is fine as those fingers now flex and wiggle. The monk can see Gojyo looking at him searching for signs of pain, but when he sees none he starts to scissor the two.

To Gojyo's surprise Sanzo starts to push on those appendages trying to get more pleasure out of them. Seeing what Sanzo wants he thrusts them deep, brushing up against that bundle of nerves that has him crying out in pleasure. After doing so for a couple of minutes, he removes his fingers to the sound of Sanzo's disappointment.

His cock once again throbbing painfully Sanzo pants with desire as he watches Gojyo lubricate himself, and what a sinful sight that was.

Gojyo finishes preparing himself as he now goes back between those legs. Looking at Sanzo's flushed face he leans forward to claim his lips as he guides his own throbbing member to his opening. Pushing forward he manages to go half way before a small grunt comes from Sanzo, he stops giving him time.

Sanzo could feel Gojyo pushing inside of him as they kiss. To his relief it did not hurt as much as it did the first time it just tingled in a pleasant way, at least until Gojyo's cock was half way from being totally sheathed then it burned causing him to grunt into the kiss.

Waiting for a sufficient amount of time for Sanzo to relax, he looks at him to see if he can continue. With a nod of his head, Gojyo pushes the rest of the way in gasping at his unbelievable tightness. Gojyo has to stop this time for himself, as he feels too close from releasing. So Gojyo breathes slowly in and out trying to stop from coming right then and there. Once he's satisfied, he pulls out only leaving the head of his cock in that hot cavern. Looking at Sanzo, he thrusts his hips forward setting the pace to a nice steady rhythm.

Sanzo wraps his arms and legs around Gojyo pulling him closer wanting to feel the warmth of his body against his, as soft groans and whimpers escapes his lips as Gojyo picks up pace with his thrusts.

Gojyo hears those soft noises so he pushes himself up a little to look at Sanzo. What he sees is not pain but a man lost in pleasure and it is such a beautiful sight to see.

Sanzo lets out a cry as one of Gojyo's many thrusts hits his prostate dead on. His thrusts never wavering they only get faster and more intense causing Sanzo to hold on tighter to Gojyo.

Pushing up he captures Sanzo's mouth for a kiss, letting their tongues clash in a dance of dominance. However, the kiss is quickly broken as Gojyo feels Sanzo reaching for his engorged cock. Gojyo reaches between them stopping Sanzo's movements by grabbing his hand.

"S-sorry Sanzo but I…can't let you do th-that." Gojyo stated, through gasps as he continues his thrusts.

Sanzo grunts his frustrations at not being able to bring himself to climax. He was going to voice it, but the only thing that came was another cry of pleasure not the wanted words.

Gojyo can clearly see the frustration in Sanzo's face, but he can only smile as he slows his thrusts feeling his release coming and deciding not to prolong it.

Throwing his head back, Gojyo cries out his release as he comes deep within Sanzo's embrace. Collapsing out of exhaustion he lands on top of Sanzo gasping for air, as he rides out the waves of his climax.

Sanzo also cries out but it is out of annoyance, as to the fact that he has yet to come. 'Baka, Gojyo'

Sanzo is squirming under Gojyo, his neglected arousal becoming too much for him, he needs release and he needs it now.

"Gojyo, please" Sanzo looks at him; trying not to ask again, bad enough he asked once. 'God Gojyo, if you make me say please one more time I'll kill you' Sanzo's hazed mind thought.

Gojyo opens his eyes looking down at the man that stole his heart, he smiles gently at him. "Don't worry Sanzo, I'll show you it was worth the wait" he said huskily.

Pulling out slowly he remains between Sanzo's legs as he now wraps his long thin fingers around his engorged shaft. Stroking him slowly he spreads the pre-cum all over Sanzo's cock. Once spread he lets go, watching Sanzo's reaction.

Until then Sanzo had his eyes closed enjoying the sensations running through him. 'So close, I am so close just a little more. God this is torture why is he going so slow?' he thought, he was about to ask when the impossible happened, that wonderful feeling was gone.

Opening his eyes, Sanzo glares at Gojyo wanting to know why he stopped. He was about to voice his displeasure when his words were caught in his throat.

He could only watch and be still as Gojyo moved from between his legs, bringing them down flat upon the bed. Sanzo then watched with wide eyes as Gojyo straddled him, reaching between his spread legs Gojyo grabs Sanzo's length once more and positions it at his opening, but then stops.

Gojyo looked at Sanzo, his eyes filled with emotion of lust, desire, but most of all love. He smiles again at the look Sanzo is giving him, "I'm going to give you the same pleasure you gave me. So just lay back and enjoy it, let me do everything." He said, leaning down and stealing Sanzo's lips in a tender kiss.

As they continued to kiss, Sanzo could feel the head of his cock pushing past Gojyo's entrance. Sanzo broke the kiss as a gasp escapes; he looked at Gojyo seeing the pain on his face and in his blood red eyes as he lowers the rest of the way, a small cry leaving his lips.

Now fully impaled on Sanzo's cock, Gojyo just sits there waiting for them both to adjust to the new sensation. "Fuck this hurts…shit Sanzo you're huge," Gojyo said, with a small pained chuckle.

Sanzo could only turn his head and blush, "shut up, baka" he said, after it took him a moment to recover from embarrassment.

Sanzo turns back looking at the man who just impaled himself on his shaft, he looks at Gojyo his eyes now closed head lowered. Gojyo's hair is hanging like a veil covering the sides of his face. His whole body covered in sheen of sweat, giving his bronzed skin a radiant glow. To sum up how Gojyo looks in Sanzo's eyes is 'stunning' he thought. 'Yes that's it; stunning, it's the perfect word to use when describing the vision before me.'

Sanzo reaches up; he wants to see Gojyo more clearly, so he brushes back the locks of hair revealing the beautiful face beneath it. As Sanzo does this, Gojyo opened his eyes at first startled by the touch, but then smiles.

With their eyes locked onto each other Gojyo slowly starts to move. Placing his hands on Sanzo's chest, he lifts his body up and slowly lowers himself testing the angle and his readiness. A groan of pain escaped his lips, but he ignores the pain knowing it will pass.

Looking at Sanzo he sees concern in his purple eyes, smiling he reassures him that he's fine. "Don't worry, this is nothing." To prove his point, that he's okay he starts to move a little faster.

Sanzo can only moan as Gojyo undulates sensually on his cock, rocking his hips in a way that drives Sanzo further and further into him. 'Buddha help me he's so tight and hot' Sanzo thought.

They continue to look at each other seeming unable to look away. Both Sanzo and Gojyo can see the love in each other eyes, there's no hiding it. Gojyo breaks the small trance they were under however, as his eyes close and his head is thrown back. He cries out as his prostate is bumped up against when Sanzo thrusts his hips up.

"Sanzo" Gojyo cried out, as he again thrusts his hips up and manages to hit Gojyo's prostate in the process. He can feel Sanzo's legs bending to support him as Sanzo's hands now find their way to Gojyo's hips gripping them tightly that he is sure to leave a bruise.

Sanzo then takes over thrusting as Gojyo now just concentrates on lifting movements, making sure they get equal pleasure.

Gojyo opens his eyes as he feels Sanzo's body tense under him. "Sanzo…?" he whispered through pants, but all he got in return was silence.

Sanzo bite's his lip at the sensations he's feeling as he opened his eyes, he can see Gojyo looking at him with what looks like concern. He smiles, shaking his head slightly as he does not trust his voice right now to answer. Gojyo nods taking this small movement as an answer and does not question again.

Still smiling, Sanzo knows he is close to releasing as he now pushes himself up onto his elbows. One hand reaching around to the back of Gojyo's head, he brings Gojyo the rest of the way as he places his lips on his kissing him so gently that it makes Gojyo's whole body shiver with elation.

During their time joined together, Sanzo had come to a decision. Breaking the kiss as a groan escapes his lips he thrusts a couple of more times before he surrenders to his release.

As Sanzo comes deep within Gojyo's embrace he managed to bring his mouth to his ear whispering something before his head falls back to the bed below.

Gojyo goes rigid and his eyes water as he hears those whispered words. He looks down at his love but his eyes are closed as he is trying to bring his breathing back under control.

However, Gojyo does not need to see Sanzo's eyes to find his answer because all he has to do is see that heavenly smile on Sanzo's face to know he meant it.

After his own breathing has calmed somewhat he slowly lifts himself off Sanzo's now soft member, and lies next to him.

The room is once again filled with silence; the only thing to be heard is their breathing which is now back to normal.

Lifting his head a little, he peers over to Sanzo just to find him starting to fall asleep again, as his eyes are closed and face was unguarded. Smiling Gojyo reaches over pulling the half-asleep man to him.

"What are you doing?" was the soft voice of Sanzo's breaking the silence in the room.

"What does it look like, monk?" was the amused reply.

"It looks like cuddling, but I do not cuddle." Sanzo said, but even with those words, passing his lips he finds his body moving closer to Gojyo as his arms curl around the half-breed.

'Do not cuddle indeed,' Gojyo mused, as he rest's his chin on top of Sanzo's head closing his own eyes.

They stay that way in each other's arms as once again sleep takes them to oblivion. Neither of them opening their eyes until late morning when:

"SANZO, GOJYO WAKE UP I'M HUNGRY!" Goku yells, just outside their door.

Down the hall by the stairs, you could hear Hakkai sighing as two gunshots ring out.


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