He Who Would Be Torg.

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In the near now

The Last thing Albus Dumbledore remembered was saying please and sound of the killing curse sending him to the next great adventure.

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office occasionally glancing at the devices that were monitoring his charge. That charge being Harry James Potter, a boy who was proving to be most extraordinary, a boy who through no cause of his own was the subject of prophecy. Moreover, a boy who lost his parents at the tender age of one. A boy who he committed to a hell he would gladly take on in the boys place yet it was not within his power to do so.

'Albus' a voice spoke in his mind.

Startled he looked around worried no one could get through his mental defenses not since Grindlewald.

'Fear not Albus Dumbledore, I am not an enemy to you' the voice said with thinly veiled amusement.

'Who are you and how did you overcome my mental defenses?' he asked wondering if he was not as barmy as everyone said he was.

'Child you are not barmy, as to who I am I am known by many names for I represent something for every culture in the infiniverse. Some call me the creator, some call me god but that is not distinction I care for' this last came out with no uncertain amount of venom. ' My name is Apieros, my time, here is very short, and I have a tale to tell you that will change how you perceive the universe and the darkness. However, first I should be probably manifest myself .'

Dumbledore sat at his desk wondering what the voice meant when the air in his office shimmered and an old man appeared stooped by age with long Grey beard with hair to match. "Greetings Albus Dumbledore"

The old man said " I am Apieros normally I do take physical form, or at least I have not since the day the nameless one almost destroyed the universe, but I appear to be getting ahead of myself," He saw the confused look in Albus eyes.

"what do you mean , who is the nameless one, why would he want to destroy the universe, and how did you stop him" Albus could not believe what he was hearing?

Apieros looked at Dumbledore, as if taking his measure of the man "In the beginning there was the maelstrom, or the cosmic forge I suppose you could call it. I do not know how it came to be . All I know that from it came the nameless one and myself. From the very beginning the maelstrom beckoned me to forge it into something and from it, I made the universe. The nameless one took to pride in destroying things that I had made" the old man sputtered through a wracking cough "It came to pass that my final creation the eternity chalice ;an item that could control time. The Chalice drew the nameless one into direct confrontation with me and all I created. He easily overcame me and had almost overran the universe. In a rare moment of insight, I shattered the chalice and passed my hand over creation duplicating it an infinite number of times, at the same time I ceased to be a living being as my essence was now spread out across the newly created infiniverse so to the nameless one was shattered."

To say he was shocked would be an understatement. The foundations of everything he believed had just been dumped into the rubbish bin. "go on" Albus said as he reached up on to a shelf to grab a bottle of 150 year old old Ogden's.

Apieros looked amused and with a wry smile he continued "For a time there was peace, and I was at rest. However, the Nameless one did not rest he sent out his thoughts into the different universes. In doing, so he managed to coerce creatures great and small to find the shards of his once immortal form and forge them into items of power. With these items they could manipulate the reality of their universe assuming total control giving birth to the first High lords."

Albus looked like he as going to be sick and Apieros continued "During this time I also sent out my thought seeking the strongest of the shards of chalice and my thought was drawn here to a woman of common birth who had in her the ability to bend reality to her will, You might know of her, Helga Hufflepuff" Albus was prepared for many things but this was not among them. He sat in silence nodding his head like a fool and Apieros continued "She and her three friends had just met this school was not even a thought yet. I appeared to them collectively and showed them what was to come, and they founded this school. Helga had the largest most powerful of the shards of the challis and with it she made a new chalice. Without her knowledge I duplicated it and hid the one she made within the castle after it was built. There will come a time when the cup will be needed again."

Albus finally found his voice "What did you show the founders?"

"My friend," Apieros began "I regret to tell you that in the not so distant future within 20 of your years. This world will be thrust into a conflict that is millions of years old and has crossed countless realities the only consolation, I can offer is that you will have passed on to the next great adventure as you put it. Unfortunately, the damage you will do in that time to the boy who will save the infiniverse will be tremendous and that is what we must discuss!"

Albus paled when he realized what Apieros was talking about "Why would I harm Harry Potter? His mother and father were among my best friends. I was the one who performed the his blessing, I love him like, he was my own grandson."

"Yet you put him with people who hate him for what he is and who he reminds them of"

Apieros said with a sad look.

"Certainly it cannot be that bad!" Albus exclaimed.

"Unfortunately you are wrong" Apieros said with a slight growl "Watch" And Apieros pass his hand in front of the window of Dumbledore's office. "see what your non interference in the boys life will bring"

Albus watched as he saw Harry grow up in the cupboard under the stairs even now at 4 years old he slaved away at the Dursley's, he saw Harry's years at Hogwarts. The countless defeats of Voldemort, a 12 year old boy who went into hell for the sake of a family who shown him the barest kindness. The escape of Sirius black and revealing Peter Pettigrew as a rat Animagus. The tri wizard tournament, the death of Cedric Diggory and the rebirth of Voldemort. Harry's torture at the hands of Delores Umbridge with a blood quill, the fight in the bowels of the Department of mysteries, the death of Sirius Black. His own instruction of harry concerning Voldemort's past and His destruction of the ring and its affect on his own hand , the discussion with Severus as to whose life was worth more and his own subsequent death. Last he saw Harry sad standing against Voldemort bravely dying and yet returning to life. In addition, the battle that took place in the great hall Voldemort wielding the elder wand and being killed by it when all Harry casts was a disarming spell. All through this he saw pattern of neglect, and he wept.

"Albus Dumbledore, I give this task to you. You have a chance to be the leaser of the light that you once claimed to be. You have seen what is to come it now lies in your hands to change it or not the decision is yours." Apieros intoned "We will speak again" as he faded out of existence.