Severus Snape was well pleased with himself the dark lord had been gone for almost 5 years. However he was well on his way to filling the void left by the Dark Lords passing . He had even destroyed the fabled Marauders of hogwarts the only downside was that Lily was dead 'Damn her for not stepping out of the way' He entered the grand foyer of the hogwarts and was not really paying attention. And he almost ran over Flitwick.

"Good evening Filius" the potion master said not noticing the look on the diminutive man's face "How are you this evening?"

"Oh I have seen better days Severus. I found out who ultimately was behind the death of my last apprentice and her husband." Filius paused for a moment and looked down the hall at the headmaster and Minerva.

Severus had no idea that Flitwick ever had an apprentice but could tell whoever it was he considered them family and that meant someone was in for a world of hurt he was after all a four time world dueling master. "I didn't know you had an apprentice."

"You wouldn't Severus your friendship was on the rocks with her after fifth year when you called her a mudblood." Filius said with a snarl.

Severus froze and then calmly said "Not a day goes by when I do not regret that day I said those word. She was my first friend and I dare say I loved her."

"Is that why you poisoned me the day of your interview Severus?" Albus said coming up behind Severus causing Severus to stiffen 'how had he found out and how much does he know' deciding chance favored the bold "How did you find out Albus?"

"Memories of the day the charm was cast I was in the memory though I was never there I was at St. Mungos with extreme gastrointestinal infection due to food poisoning. Then earlier today we found Peter Pettigrew."

Snape snorted "I suppose he confirmed Black was indeed responsible!"

"Alas Severus after I removed the memory blocks I saw what you did to Peter's Mother and sister. I also saw how you and Voldemort got around the secret keeper quite ingenious actually polyjuicing him as me and Peter handed him the note. Too bad your memory work is shoddy."

Snape knew his time was up but he also knew he could not out duel Albus, but he might be able to kill Minerva or Filius if he got lucky that is. "So you have come to take me in I take it?"

It was then that Amelia entered the conversation "No Severus Snape justice will be dispensed according to the old code as invoked by Filius Flitwick. Also just so you know Sirius black and Peter Pettigrew have both been exonerated of all charges save failing to register as Animagi."

Then Remus stepped out of the shadows "Severus I knew you despised us but I never thought you would sink so low as to sell them out."

Snape sneered "Werewolf I would have sold my soul to the devil to see James Potter and his spawn die. Lily would have lived if she would have stepped aside. It must really get to you Lupin that you can have no contact with Potters spawn now that he is with Dear Lily's sister" Snape looked at the wolf and saw his quip did nothing

Finally Filius had enough "Severus Snape I challenge you to a duel to the death for the death of my apprentice and harm to her heir. Do you accept or stand craven before your peers?"-

Severus was never surer he was going to die than he was right now "Albus I have a confession to make I never wanted a second chance and you were a good mark. " He then drew his wand and bowed his head to Filius

Filius cast a wordless shield then opened with a spell chain of six spells Snape either blocked or dodged all of them and loosed a chain of his own spells only for the small professor to roll under his spells between his legs as he rolled through Severus Snape heard the last word he would ever hear. As he heard them his face paled for a moment before his body was torn to shreds "Confringo"

The silence in the aftermath was palpable coating everything and everyone seemed to stop as Flitwick finally let himself grieve for his lost apprentice it was Minerva who broke the silence.

"Come we have lives to fix now" She said with a grim certainty

Flitwick and Bones nodded their accent grimfang looked positively feral "As Severus Snape was the scion of a lesser noble house he is liable for damages for his crimes against an ancient and noble house as well as Mr. Pettigrew's family."

They walked until they came to an inner courtyard Albus looked around "I have been involved with Hogwarts for almost a century and I have never seen this court yard. Strange."

There was a faint whisper of a warm wind hitting them in the face caressing them as a mother would her child. The air began to shimmer and an elegant lady appeared in the courtyard she beckoned Albus and the other to come to her when she spoke her voice was melodious and full of life "Please take your ease."

As they sat the spirit turned to Albus, "For many years you have been my champion Albus Dumbledore. However as of late you have begun to stretch yourself to thin being a member of the wizengamot and chief warlock. On top of that you are now the head of the International confederation. It is because if this that Severus Snape was able to so easily subdue you. My old friend you are not getting any younger and the trials that await you will not stop."

Albus was gob smacked the spirit of the castle had revealed herself to all of them. The spirit smiled "My champion you have served me well and true but now you have to serve the whole of humanity therefore I urge you to pass on your political offices to someone of similar stature." She looked regretful at her own request

Albus looked as if someone kicked him in the groin as he felt the weight of the wards lift from him and the bond he had with school narrowed but did not close. The spirit turned to Minerva "Minerva of Clan McGonagall though it is earlier than I would like. I bestow upon you the position of headmistress of the school."

Albus stood stock still as he felt the wards which had for years weighed heavily on him lighten to almost nothing "What am I to do"

Her laugh tinkled like a crystal wind chime hanging in a light breeze. "Teach Albus, and teach well darkness that comes is of the likes that will blot the sun and make Mr. Riddle seem like a small turnip in comparison.

Harry stared up at Apeiros before finding his voice once more "Wow Sir that was a neat tale but I have a question."

Apeiros looked at the young man who was literally an eternities worth of possibility "Go ahead Mr. Potter"

Harry looked down at his feet "That boy in the story sounds an awful lot like me losing his mummy and daddy like that"

Apeiros looked on sadly "that is because it is your story Harry there is a great journey before you and before you begin there is a truth of the universe I must explain to you. That truth is for every action or choice you make here there are countless universes across the infiniverse where you have or will have made different decisions it is not in the choice itself but the possibility of the choices at all that keeps the infiniverse in balance." He stopped and remembered he was talking to a 4 year old little boy "Just remember Harry that if one has strong enough will they can force reality itself to bend to their will. Someday that will be a useful skill for a young man to have. Now I have kept you long enough Tipi will be here with food soon and I must be off."

Harry was wide eyed "But?"

"Albus and others will be here to help" Apeiros said jovially "We have some time to explain over the next 6 years young one be patient." He chuckled as he left the office.

Harry laid back down and went to sleep.

Albus and the other adults came and found the boy well fed and asleep once more. Filius turned to the headmaster "Albus I know you don't want the fame to go to his head. But he needs to be told, more importantly he needs to be trained not rigorously mind you but trained just enough to understand his role."

Albus was about to reply when an older voice that albus recalled from his vision broke the silence "He knows his role in things to come, there is more in store for this boy than just the terror that is lord voldemort." As Aperios once again manifested "I must be brief even now agents of the nameless one are beginning to move possibilities are moving far too quickly for me to ascertain how quickly their plans come to fruition I do know that more than one stormer will invade and you must be prepared. To that end I have prepared some works for your perusal they are in your personal studies you will need them."

Before anyone could get a word in edgewise he was gone once more.

The rookery

Luna watched as her parents literally created a room from nothing for Harry to use "Mum?" luna asked somewhat tentatively

"Yes my little moonchild" Selene paused in her casting " What is it Luna?"

"Harry is going to be living here, kind of like an older brother?"

Luna worked it out slowly

"Yes" was all Selene said with a smile

"But I and he are betrotted" luna said murdering the word betrothed

"That is betrothed little one." She replied.

"What does that mean mum?"

Selene looked skyward it was going to be one of those days.

Next Day wizengamot chamber

Lucius entered the chamber just as the session started hoping to find out what fudge wanted when he called. He noted that Fudge was not present and a frown creased his brow. He then sought out Yaxley and Avery "Gentlemen I trust you everything is well"

Yaxley a squat man of ill demeanor and a passing familiarity with bathing turned a baleful eye to the posh aristocrat "Lucius it seems we are at a loss as to why we are here maybe you could shed some light?"

'well there goes that idea' He thought "Alas I was on the continent until late last night, However my guess is Fudge has some law he wants passed."

At that moment Dumbledore, Bones, the three marauders and a scared little boy with a lightning shaped scar on his brow walked in under heavy Auror guard. Lucius stomach turned into knots as Amelia assumed the place reserved for the minister looking to his compatriots he could see the same thought going through.

Albus signaled the meeting to order "Madam Bones, I believe we have several matters of justice before us today where would you like to start"

Madam Bones had a predatory smile as she nodded "I want to start with the trials of Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black"

Lucius was about to rise when he felt a hand rest on his shoulder and a low voice growled " now ye don't want to be objectin now do ye sonny boy" he turned and saw a lanky Auror behind him "Just keep your tongue silent Lord Malfoy and you may yet return to your family."

Lucius smiled wanly "Of course Auror"

What happened next sickened the whole of the wizengamot as they heard testimony, watched memory after memory of Peter's ordeal, and subsequently Sirius' punishment for killing 13 muggles. The chamber was in an uproar when Dumbledore finally fired off a canon blast charm.

"As to the charges against Sirius Black conspiracy to commit murder in the case of Lily and James Potter how does the council find?"

"Not guilty"

As to the charges against Peter Pettigrew Conspiracy to commit murder James and lily potter, the murder of thirteen innocent muggles, and being a death eater how do you find."

"We find Peter Pettigrew not guilty of conspiracy to commit, not guilty of being a death eater and guilty of the murder of 13 muggles."

"Before I pass sentence I want everyone here to be absolutely clear that any attack on muggles will be dealt with severely." Madam Bones said in a voice filled with the promise of retribution "That being said Peter Pettigrew was broken due to the actions of Severus Snape and Lord Voldemort his mother killed and his sister brutalized within an inch of her life. Finally Mr. Pettigrew was subjected to a prolonged mental assault via legillimens and unforgivable torture as such the department of law enforcement drops all charges but sentences Mr. Pettigrew to 4 years of supervised living in the care of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black as well as seeing a mind healer."

Sirius and Remus moved to stand Side by side with peter who broke down in tears they moved to seats right behind Harry's as his case began.

Albus Dumbledore took the floor "On October 31 1981 Lord Voldemort Killed Harry Potters parents and then tried to kill Mr. Potter with the killing curse which resulted in the scar the young man has to wear for the rest of his life" The elder statesman paused and looked around the room "In order to protect Young Mister Potter I mistakenly sealed the Potters last will and testament and placed him with his maternal Aunt. A decision I have sincerely come to regret but we will cover that later for now we must discuss the events around which young Harry received his scar."

There was a murmur of assent from the assembles crowd and Dumbledore continued "The night the Potters were killed the magic detectors here at the ministry detected three killing curses and we only have two bodies and three wands everyone immediately assumes that Voldemort was destroyed and yet there is no evidence which with to support this."

At this Lucius smiled their lord had taken many precautions against dying and then Dumbledore continued "During the last war we had captured many of his servants and miraculously after his disappearance many of them claimed he had used the imperious curse to make them take his mark and control them. Now many of you know that first and foremost I am an educator so I will take this moment to educate all of you on one very important fact." He paused knowing that he had them he surveyed the room until his eyes came to rest on the face of a scared five year old boy "Madame Bones I would like dispensation from the DMLE to prove once and for all that a person cannot maintain Imperious over multiple people."

Madam Bones looked around the room "I am assuming you want a strong mind a weak mind and what many people consider an average mind?" She asked When the old man nodded she looked at Moody and gave him the nod he stood and walked forward Albus spoke again "I would like Lord Malfoy and Mr. Potter for this exercise. Lord Malfoy will of course be the weaker minded of the two if my suspicions are correct" he said jovially.

Everyone laughed along accept Harry who had no idea what was really going on. Lucius looked like he was about to say something but looked up into the gallery and saw Narcissa and young Draco 'what will Draco do without a father' the elder malfoy thought unconsciously. 'I did buy into his rhetoric besides I am already acquitted' "Of Course chief Warlock" the elder man said with a slight smile.

Dumbledore stood stock still "I abhorr the dark arts greatly it is a well known fact so I don't think I need to tell any of you how much I hate doing this. Alastor step forward." The grizzled Auror took two steps forward "Imperio" the warlock incanted seeing the euphoric glaze engulf moody's face "Give me your hip flask Alastor" after moody did Dumbledore pointed his wand at lucius drew him up and threw a second imperious.

Lucius felt the strength of the imperio it was stronger than his masters ever was yet it could not find purchase finally Dumbledore sagged his shoulders shaking from the effort his breath ragged. "As you all can see even one so powerful as I cannot maintain multiple imperious curse it is therefore extremely unlikely that any deatheater was imperioused which means that many of you who were arrested only to have sham trials where Cornelius fudge released you due more to the money you padded his pocket with than any real justice. You will have two choices. You will either submit to a new trial or you will be banished somewhere very uncomfortable."

To which Sirius quipped "like the back of a Volkswagen?" and laughter was heard throughout the room

Harry looked up at the old man "Are you going to cast that spell on me now."

At the sound of that question the room became silent as a tomb as the chief Warlock knelt and said earnestly

"No Harry I will not, however I stand by my statement you are far more strong minded then some I know."

The old man then turned to Amelia and nodded before turning his attention back to the wizengamot "My friends I have been a member of this august body for almost 120 years I have been chief warlock for almost 30 of those years. I have been supreme mugwump of the international confederation for almost as long. Too long, many of you have let me do your thinking for you and I dare say you are all poorer for it. Effective immediately I name Augusta Longbottom interim chief witch, and have already passed on my mugwumpship at the ICW to a younger more progressive man from the colonies. In addition to that Minerva McGonagall is the headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

The silence was vast even the former death eaters were at a loss the man who helped educate them was walking away from it all. Strangely it was Lucius who found his voice

"Arguably you are the most powerful wizard both in magic and political power why walk away when you could have literally unlimited power if you but stretched out your hand."

Dumbledore looked at Malfoy for a moment "My old friend Gellert Grindlewald thought much as you do only he said it was only for the greater good that the strong ruled. Right before he started a fight in the middle of my home that resulted in the death of my sister. And I will tell you what I told him power without wisdom and compassion is virtually useless and therefore of no true value! if we wanted to serve the true greater good then we must use our talents to enrich all of mankind lives not just wizards."

Madame Bones stood once more "Albus Dumbledore, the wizengamot and the ministry in accordance with Crown reaffirm your Order of Merlin 1st class and further offer an augmentation of arms of a phoenix descending rampant. Done this day by hand of Elizabeth the second, Queen of England" she stopped for a moment "Madam Chief Witch would you please take your place "Albus Dumbledore you are released as chief warlock with the thanks of grateful nation."

Dumbledore nodded and went over to where Harry and the marauders were

Augusta Longbottom strode forward and took her place and Amelia handed her a sheaf of papers. The chief witch perused the papers and her eyes got big as she whispered something to Amelia and Amelia produced the ledger.

Meanwhile Harry watched with great interest wondering if he would one day speak in front of this body of people. Albus noticed this and answered the little boy's unspoken question "Yes Harry like your fathers, father you will one day help shape the nation."

The chief witch spoke in a resounding voice "The court calls Cornelius Fudge, to trial on grounds of corruption, hindering due process, and mismanagement of ministry assets."

Fudge was dragged forward and placed in chains he screamed out "I am the minister for magic you cannot do this to me"

To which madame bones asked "Does being Minister make you above the law Cornelius?"

It was in that moment Lucius knew he was doomed Fudge puffed himself up "Yes it does."

Lucius could not believe the man was that dumb but Madame Bones continued on "Cornelius, I hold you have broken your oath by allowing murderers and rapist to walk free among our people, while allowing our Auror corps to be underfunded. I also hold you in violation on the grounds of accepting 22 individual bribes for a total of 140000 galleons from known associates of the criminal known as Lord Voldemort.

"What proof do you think you Have Madame Bones?" Cornelius ground out his face turning red.

To which she answered "A gringotts ledger book. Surely you remember offending the head goblin while at Hogwarts."

"He was meddling in business he had no right too." Then he turned and saw Black, Pettigrew, and Lupin all standing around the boy who lived and became livid "Just as they have no right to be anywhere near the boy who lived. A coward, a criminal, and a known werewolf. The boy should not even be here he should be with his loving relatives."

Then a clear voice from the back of the chamber rang out in challenge "I invoke loco Parentis for Harry James Potter." Dumbledore looked up and saw it was Selene Lovegood "By writ of Lily and James Potter themselves. I assume guardianship of Harry Potter. As it I have spoken so mote it be." A blinding gold light flashed as she completed her oath and Cornelius knew he was finished both politically as well as socially. " Now that you have spoken out of turn yet again Fudge. Let me remind you that those three gentlemen you so casually insulted were those closest to the Potters and if Harry is to know of his parents they will be part of his life. Being the ex-minister for magic means you have no power to say who does what anymore."

"hem, hem" came an interruption as what could best be described as a bipedal toad of a woman strode forward "Since the minister is deposed it falls to senior undersecretary to fill in his position until the wizengamot can arrange an election" she seemed ready to continue until Augusta longbottom overruled her

"Delores sit down and shut up everyone here knows that you would just as soon pardon Cornelius the minute we turned our backs. Madame Bones will fill in as interim minister and we will convene in a weeks'forcing them back time to put forth candidates for the position" she stopped and looked through crowd she could see all the former death eaters practically salivating over the fact that the election would take place "For now at least we have a number of retrials to begin and as such it is not the place for small children Selene if you would be so good as to take Young Harry and depart."

Selene nodded and then looked to the three marauders and Dumbledore and motioned them outside mentally girding herself for what was to come.

Harry for his part understood little other than a rather nice lady spoke on his behalf and kept him from his relatives.

In the silence of the lifts Harry tugged on albus' robes "Where do we go now"