You Say WHAT Happened

You Say WHAT Happened? by pearberry14.

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I broke out of the house, and bolted away. I ran as fast as was possible without falling.

"Isabella! Get back here, NOW!" My stepfather yelled.

I heard the door slam, and his car starting. I knew that I had precious seconds before he caught me. I ran into the woods, and climbed a tree.

"Damnit," I muttered under my breath. He was sure to see me. And when he did, he would 'teach' me a 'lesson'.

"Isabella," he clucked, "you aren't very good at hiding you know." He scaled the tree, grabbed me by my hair, and pulled me down.

He threw me, literally, into the backseat. He drove home, and dragged me into the house by my arm. He then proceeded to throw me against the wall.

"Get up," he snarled.

I slowly stood, trying not to test my limits.

"Now make dinner the correct way, and hurry. Renée will be home soon."

I walked slowly to the kitchen, when I tripped over an empty beer bottle that my stepfather had left lying around. I fell, sprawled on the floor.

"Get up," he snapped.

I tried to get up, but I collapsed back onto the floor.

"I said, get up!" He roared, charging at me. He stomped very hard onto my leg. I could hear the sickening crack before I felt the pain.

"God," he muttered, "what am I going to tell Renée? Here we go! You fell down the stairs, carrying your laundry up to your room!" He sighed, and roughly picked me up. He walked out to his Volvo, where he put me down on the backseat. He slammed the door shut, and climbed in the drivers seat. He started the car, and sped to the hospital. When we got there, he became the 'caring' stepfather, the one he was around my mother. You know, the one who didn't rape me every night when he was home. He pulled me out of the car, cradled me against his chest and walked into the ER. He walked up to the desk. The lady looked at us, and said, "What happened?" in the most uncaring voice I had ever heard.

"She tripped over the cat on her way downstairs, and I accidentally stepped on her!" He said, pretending to sob.

Cat? We don't even have a cat!

"Okay. We will take her to x-ray first. Have a seat," she said in the same monotone voice.

Phil went and sat down. He placed me on the seat next to him.

"If you ever tell anyone what actually happened, I will personally kill you, Isabella," he growled in a menacing tone.

"O…okay," I whimpered in a small voice.

They called my name, and brought me up to x-ray. They placed me onto the metal bench, and took the x-rays. Then they brought me into an examining room in a wheelchair. The doctor walked in (no, it's not Carlisle…).

"Okay Isabella! It's a clean break, which will make it easier to heal! We need to put a cast on, and teach you how to use the crutches, and you will be free to go! For cast colors, we have black, pink, orange, rainbow, yellow, blue, purple, and red. What do you want?"

"Um… black."

"Okay then!" And with that, he wheeled me to the room with the stuff. They put the cast on, and taught me to use the crutches. Then I met up with Phil in the waiting room, and we left. When we got back home, my mother had just pulled into the driveway, and was getting out of her car.

"Hey baby," he said, waltzing over to my mother. He kissed her and said, "Honey, don't be concerned. Isabella fell down the stairs, and broke her leg. She'll be fine though. Now I have to go to a game. I'll be back around 1 o'clock tomorrow morning."

And with that, He got in his Volvo, and left for a game.

"Mommy, can I go to Forks to live with Daddy?"

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