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candyluvva: meh. ROLL CHAPTER SUMMARY; Hotaru is fed up with mikan and natsume's fighting. She makes them come to her lab and uses...something. Now mikan is cold, stubborn and unsocial, and natsume's peppy, go-lucky, annoying, and sensitive...wait, what. the. f-... hell.

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Mikan ran around her room to get ready. "HOTARU! MATTE! I'M ALMOST READY! AHHHHH I'M LATE!"

Natsume was thinking about where he should spend class time. Not in class for sure. Oh, look...




"I'M LATE! JIN-JIN WILL KILL ME!" Mikan screamed.


Oh, she forgot to put her pigtails up. Well, she was late...she looked so cute...Wait!I did not just think that. Oh wait, here we go.



"watch where you're going kitten. wait, its kuro neko pattern. have you fallen for me?" Natsume asked.

"NO, I HAVE NOT, YOU HENTAI!" the academy shook.

"I thought you said you were late, kitten."

"Oh yeah! I'M LATE!" she ran off.

Mikan opened the door. "HOTARUUOHIO" she dived into Hotaru


"Stay away. Hug someone else." Hotaru said in a monotone.

"sniff...sniff...RUKA-PYON!" she took it seriously. Everyone in the class except Ruka and Hotaru sweat dropped. Ruka was too shocked to do anything, let alone sweatdrop.

click "IMAI-SAN! GIVE ME THOSE!" Ruka shook off Mikan and chased after Hotaru.

Mikan grinned. "my plan is working. those two obviously like eachother." everyone in the class stared at her. was she not as dense as they thought?

class went on as usual

Mikan looked on her desk. There was a note:

dear baka,

Come to my lab at five. Bring hyuuga with you.



PS: come wearing clean clothes. I just cleaned the lab

"sniff...HOTARUUU! demo...why do I have to bring natsume? Oh well."

At the Sakura tree

"NATSUME!" no, Natsume thought.

"Nani, kuro neko?"

"Will you come to Hotaru's lab with me?"


"Why not?" she pouted.

must. not. look. at. pout. or. eyes. He sighed.



at hotaru's lab

"welcome, bakas, don't touch anything."

"Ne, Hotaru, what's this machine?"

"You'll see."

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