Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The dark skinned girl stood on the roof of the condor she slowly walked to edge and grabbed the rails supporting herself, she closed her bright amber eyes and inhaled the fresh air as the gentle summer breeze softly tossed her midnight blue hair.

"Peace at last" piper thought. She was glad to get away from the others, although she loved them very much there were times when she would rather just be alone.

She walked over to a wall and sat up straight with her back against it she opened her diary and began writing in it. ..

Dear Diary

Today was yet another adventure battling cyclonians, Aerrow defeating the DarkAce visiting new terras…

I can't believe its been five years since me and the guys became an official squadron, Finn is still self obsessed as always, junkos still the same kind hearted wallop ,stork well his still moody and paranoid as ever, Raddar is still the same cute little fluff monkey and Aerrow…

she paused for a second Aerrow had changed a lot but not in a bad way he had become a big part of her life she knew he was her best friend but she always thought of him as more then that but couldn't quite figure out why she cared about him more then anyone else on the team.

..err well I no I shouldn't be thinking this but he has grown to be very attractive leader,… ever time he smiles at me I get butterflies in my stomach and every time he touches me I my heart skips a beat and my cheeks begin to burn and his body is sooooo… well let me just leave it at that

Piper xxx

Piper closed her diary and started to rub her hand up and down the blue velvet cover of her diary she closed her eyes and slowly drifted asleep …


Meanwhile down in the kitchen of the condor….

Every body had just finished their meal, well Aerrow tried feeding his to Radarr which he surprising ate, Finn just about had half of his and Junko's was all gone but he had turned a sickly green colour.

"Ooooo I don't think I should have eaten so fast" Junko said holding his stomach trying not to throw up.

"Dude then why did you eat so much"

"I thought it would taste better the second time"

"I don't know why you guys are complaining it's the best thing I've ever tasted" said Stork putting more cabbage onto his plate.

Aerrow raised an eyebrow "Better then Pipers sandcakes"

"Well maybe not the best"

"Speaking of Piper were is Piper?" Finn said while wiggling his eye brows at Aerrow.

Aerrow just rolled his eyes "She said she needed to freshing up, but I don't know what's keeping her, im ganna check up on her"

"Yer you do that" said Finn with a chessy grin on his face which soon changed when he got a sickly feeling in his stomach.

"Ermm Finn u ganna finish that" said stork eyeing Finns plate

"Go ahead I think im ganna throw up" Finn ran out the kitchen and towards the bathroom.

Stork gave a somewhat evil laugh "hehe he doesn't no what his missing"


Piper didn't sleep long, when a cool breeze of wind swept passed her, her eyes shot open and she soon realised that she was still on the roof " ooo sugar! I must have dosed of, I hope the others ar'nt looking for me"


Aerrow walked down the hall towards pipers lab he knocked on the door no answer "Piper its Aerrow can I come in" silence It was not like piper to not answer to him something must be wrong. Aerrow started to get worried so tried to open the door but it was locked so he started shouting her name "Piper PIPER!..."

"AERROW! im on the roof"

a shocked Aerrow ran down the hall up to the roof of the condor and slammed the door open "PIPER!

"ahhh Aerrow im right here you don't have to shout"

"Ooo sorry Pi" Aerrow started to blush slightly "I thought you were in trouble, what you doing up here anyway?"

"Well I was just writing in my diary and I must have dosed off im sorry if any of you got worried"

No …err well not anymore you must be hungry why don't you get something to eat"

Well I would but I think ill just go to sleep its been a long day and between me and you I don't really want any of storks merb cabbage"

Aerrow gave a little chuckle as he watched Piper walk towards the door

"Good Night"


With that Piper left the roof and walked towards her lab not noticing she had left her diary behind…. be continued

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