Midnight Reflection on a condor

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Chapter 3

Aerrow was about to leave until he saw Pipers diary , he picked it up and examined it for awhile, after realising exactly what it was he was holding he froze "Pipers diary?" His hands began trembling and his fingertips started sweating. In his hands he was holding all Pipers, drawings, thoughts and dreams, he wanted so badly to open it and enter Piper mind to find out what she really thought of everyone ….and him. He Slowly started to open her diary only to closed it again straight after " No I can't, its not right, this is not the way" Aerrow took a quick glimpse at the night sky "ill return it to her in the morning" He sighed and held the diary close as he made his way to his room.

Aerrow locked his bedroom door and placed Pipers diary on his bed being careful not to wake Radarr who was fast asleep curled like a cat at the end of his bed. After having a shower and changing into his night wear, he jumped into bed. He closed his eyes trying to dream but it was no use he couldn't sleep; he tossed and turned, trying to find a suitable position but his eyes kept being drawn to that blue velvet cover of Pipers diary.

He looked at his clock "Midnight" he couldn't take it anymore he picked up her diary and flipped to the first page .The first few pages were of drawings and photos taken during pipers childhood, his attention was drawn to one photo in particular it was of him and Piper sitting on swing facing each other about to engage in conversation.

Piper was wearing a blue dress with a pink bow at the back; her hair was in two pigtails with pink ribbons on both sides "she looks so cute" Aerrow said aloud to himself. Little Aerrow was wearing a pair of sneakers like blue shorts and a white shirt with a skimmer and the word sky knight written on it. Aerrow only laughed lightly to himself when he noticed Finn in the background getting chased by bees.

After flipping through some more pages he noticed a drawing, it was of him and just of him Aerrow was amazed he never new Piper was such an artist "why would she draw a picture of just me, unless; no it can't be".

He looked back at his clock "just one more page" he turned to the next page it was Pipers writing, he started to skim through it

Dear Diary

Today was yet another adventure battling cyclonians, Aerrow defeating the DarkAce visiting new terras…

I can't believe its been five years since me and the guys became an official squadron, Finn is still self obsessed as always, junkos still the same kind hearted wallop ,stork well his still moody and paranoid as ever, Raddar is still the same cute little fluff monkey and Aerrow.. (knock knock)

Aerrow quickly slammed the Diary shut and hid it under is pillow

"Aerrow, Aerrow are you awake"

It was Piper; she was looking for her diary.

Aerrow quickly answered "Yes"

"Sorry to disturb you but have you seen my diary?"

Aerrow took the diary from under his pillow, he felt so guilty


"No Pi, sorry I haven't seen it, why don't you look in the morning"

"yer I guess ill have to,well thanks and good night"

"Good night!"

With that Piper made her way down the hall and into her room after hearing her door close and lock, he looked down at her diary and decided not to continue, he put the diary on his desk turned of his night light and fell asleep.


The next morning…

Finn woke up bright eyed and hyper as always, he made his was to the kitchen only to be greeted by a angry Piper.

"FINN! I no it was you hand it over"

" hand what over? what you talking about" Finn gave Piper a confused looked

"My Diary of course only you would stoop so low as to take it,"

"Look this time im innocent ok"

"ermmm some how I find that hard to believe " said Piper with her hands on her hips

Finn started to get annoyed "Look what you need to do is shut your big mouth and get to cooking my breakfast"

Piper only stood and started to shot lighting bolts form her eyes at Finn and she was begging to turn Red

"err Finn ,you better run, You're a dead man" said Stork while finishing his leftovers of merb cabbage, Finn just nodded and ran from the kitchen with Piper following close behind.


"What's going on out their" without wasting time Aerrow jumped out of his bed and out his door to see what the racket was all about.

Aerrow only stood in shock as he saw Finn sprint pass him and Piper screaming close behind he braced him self, just as Piper was about to run passed he grabbed her arm and pulled her in from her waist to prevent her from killing Finn, they were now standing face to face.

"Aerrow let me go, his getting away, AHHH FINN YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!"

Finn just chuckled and cheered knowing he had won and was soon out of sight

"Piper can you clam down and tell me whats going on"

Piper just stared and her cheeks started to burn and she was getting that weird feeling in her stomach again.

Aerrow to started to turn red he didn't want to let her go he wanted to hold her forever and tell her just how much she means to him.

Piper was the first to break the silence

"Aerrow you can let me go now"



"Oh sorry" Aerrow let go and started to rub the back of his head "so are you going to tell me whats up?"

" Finns got my diary"

Aerrows heart skipt a beat , its wasn't Finn it was him that had her diary

"Are you sure it was him?"

"Well no but I he always takes my stuff at has to be"

"well I don't think you should blame him if your not totally sure"

Piper just shrugged and answered quietly "I just want it back"

Aerrows heart melted, he hated seeing her like this, and it was because of him why she was like this "hey cheer up, ill help you look for it later" Aerrow said with a weak smile.

Pipers face lit up, and she gave him a big hug "ooo thank you Aerrow"

Aerrow smiled and hugged her back , Piper ran to find Finn and apologize.

Aerrow ruffled his red hair, went back to his room to get ready for the long day ahead…

To be continued…..


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