This is my first fan fic so please be patient.

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The only characters I own are of my own creation.
You will know who they are when you read their sides of the story.

My story is based on the ova and movies so as to include Kiyone.
It involves Kiyone's relationship to Mihoshi (not to mention Tenchi and the other cast members) and why she wasn't in the ova, except for the Mihoshi special.

And now the story: What About Kiyone? A supplement to breakfast in bed by Steve Laird.

Prolog: The ceremony

The man studied the circle of power that was drawn on the floor in blood, his blood. It had taken several months to complete it. Bleeding him self slowly, a little at a time so that he would not die from blood loss not before the ceremony at least.

"Goddesses I hope this works." He whispers under his breath.

Adjusting his swords and other devices he steps in to the circle, careful not to step on any of the lines lest he break one and ruin the circle. Once in the center he takes out a black Zippo type lighter igniting the flame. He then turns to the first candle and begins the first part of the ceremony. After the candles were lit he turns to the incense he lights each with the candle behind it.

As he does so he whispers out a small prayer,

"Blessed be child of fire," he draws in a breath and continues
"Blessed be child of air," then blow out the flame, and as he places it in the burner he ends it with, "blessed be child of earth."

He then gets down on his knees sitting on his feet in the Japanese fashion, carefully repositioning his black trench coat and weapons, adjusts his 1920's gangster stile hat so that the brim is low over his face. He draws in another deep breath and reaches for the dagger.

He had made this dagger himself it was made from the rarest wood he could find. Carving it out by hand shaping the blade and hilt to mach the one in his dream. He had then inlaid it with the most complex mathematical formula he could think of in the purest silver. Finishing it off by placing three gems in the pommel; a sapphire, a ruby, and a black pearl, in an inverted triangle.

Somehow he had managed to make the wooden blade razor sharp.

It felt good in his hand. Placing the blade on his left palm he starts to chant,

"Magic, magic, do as I will."

Repeating the line continuously to build up the magical energy. When enough power was available he dragged the blade across his hand, cutting deep. As the blood wells up from the wound he places the hilt of the dagger on the wound grasping it tightly steadying it with his right. He then switches to his prayer:

"By the blood and life I sacrifice, take me to them."

"Through darkness and light, take me to them."

"Open the gate between worlds and take me to them."

"From this world to theirs, take me to them."

He repeated the prayer as he plunged the dagger into his gut, bringing his senses sharply in to focus. Life was leaving his body, he felt it drain away. When it was almost gone the dagger began to glow brightly. Then the blood circle of power lit up from the center to the outside edge, and then there was a blinding flash of light.

Life returned to him slowly, a little at a time. When enough strength returned, he looked around. That's when he saw her, she was one of them. Boy did she look pissed. Turning on the *universal translator* that he had made, praying it worked. He stood up pulling the dagger out of his gut, took a breath and said with a grin of pure joy tempered with an immense amount of pain,

" Greetings Detective first class Kiyone."