Chapter 8: Reunions pt 2

Up stairs three individuals start to awaken. The first one after realizing what she had done begins to cry, keeping her golden eyes closed and biting her bottom lip to silence her sobs. The next one to show a sign of awareness, did not do so because of the sent of food or the feel of the warm body she was pressed against. What disturbed her slumber was a sound she thought she would never hear, the sound or her greatest rival and truest friend weeping as if she had lost all hope. Reaching over to the other womans face she gently wipes the tears away before asking the question that is burning in her mind.

"Why are you crying Ryoko?" Ayeka asked in a soft whisper.

"I'm what you keep calling me, Ayeka, last night proved it. I'll leave so Tenchi won't have to be ashamed of having 'been' with me. I won't get between you and Tenchi any more, he deserves some one who can behave properly like you."

The pain and anguish in Ryokos voice and eyes nearly broke Ayekas heart and probably would have if a particularly clever thought had not occurred to her, a thought she just had to share.

"Well Sister dear, it is going to be hard for me to be Tenchis Second Wife with out you there to be the First, is it not?"

"NO," Tenchi said startling both women. "I will not have you numbering your selves like that. It makes it sound as if one is more or less important to me than the others, I will not have it. I love all of you equally. It hurt me even more knowing that my not making a choice was hurting you. The two of you constantly demanding that I choose one of you was like being asked which eye I wanted to keep because the other was going to be cut out. The choice of who to pick was made harder by the fact that as I was trying to sort my feelings for you girls. As got things worked out in my mind, I would discover that I had developed feelings for the one of you that had just joined our little family. I would have to start sorting things out all over again."

"I must say, Lord Tenchi, that I am sorry for my behavior in this matter. If I had thought of how the situation must have been affecting the rest of you, rather than just how I was feeling," As Ayeka continued to speak she moved her right hand from Tenchis' chest to Ryokos' left cheek, "we may have already been married by now."

"At least the others are gone," Tenchi said as he went to move to put his arms around the two of his loves only to find some thing was restraining him. Looking up to see what it was he continued, "I know I'm going to marry all of you but it was rather disconcerting having the others watching us." What he saw was that his arms were tied to the head of the bed, with one of the girls hands tied to each.

Ryoko looked past Tenchis' face to see what was bothering him. Upon seeing the restraints she looked to the princess and with a look of anger and frustration says the first thing that comes to her mind.

"Hay, what gives princess? Afraid Tenchi was going to run off with me and leave you here alone?" Memories of some of the cruel tortures that Kagato had subjected her to as a way of teaching her not to fail him flashing through her mind.


In a region of space just outside of the orbit of the planet farthest from the star known as Sol, three very large flagships exited into normal space. A fleet of ships that numbered in the hundreds followed each of these ships.

One Juraian, one from Sentinel Prime, and the last one was Galaxy Police. Just as the last of the ships in the fleets came out into normal space, a fourth group started arriving. This newest group was vastly different than the previous three, primarily in that it was made up of ships from various planetary systems and types, and secondly in that none of the ships were armed. It would be more appropriate to call them a convoy than a fleet.

As the collection of fleets organized themselves, three women and two men sat down for a meeting on board the flagship of the Juraian fleet. Marshal Anderson of the Galaxy Police, Empresses Funaho and Misaki of Jurai, and the current Director of the Science Academy.

"I believe you all know why we are here today. We are here because," Funaho was cut off when a view screen popped up with a very angry looking Azusa.

"Why was I not informed of that transmission or this meeting?" Azusa barked out.


All Tenchi knew at the moment was that one of those he loved was in need and he was unable to even hold her. He closed his eyes and quickly went through a calming meditation his grandfather had taught him so he would be more affective during emergencies. As he felt the calmness come over him he felt an energy deep within himself begin to build up.

Deep in a subspace lab, several alarms went off. Programs activated to collect, analyze, and make reports, on the incoming data. And a young girl, surprised at the sudden noise the alarms made, formed and fired her very first energy blast, hitting her dark clad target.

Ayeka could feel the power building within Tenchi, it worried her. Reaching over to try to calm the first person she could call friend, other than Sasami, she brought voice to her concern.

"Lord Tenchi what are you doing? Ryoko needs help," and at that moment Ayeka was cut off and left speechless by what she was now being witness to.

It started off with the markings of power appearing on Tenchis' head, followed by a simple ball of white light forming above Tenchis' chest. Then a sight she has seen countless times before with her peoples tree-ships, three lines appeared then widened to form Light Hawk Wings. Then some thing happened that had never occurred before in all of Jurais recorded history, like Tenchi even being able to form the wings in the first place. Those three wings split to form six, then those six split again to form twelve. Nothing had ever been ever formed more than six wings other than the Ship of the Beginning, Tsunami and it only formed ten. Seven of those wings then separated from the others five leaving the room, one moved in front of herself and the last moved to in front of Ryoko.

The last thing she was aware of was the sound of dishes crashing down stairs in the hall. The world then went black.


Kiyone is preparing trays of food for Washu and her guests in the lab, as well as a few for the trio still in bed. As she walks through the dining area she pauses to speak.

"Mihoshi said to let every one know that Ryoko is not allowed to have any sake, on account of her condition."

"Ryokos' condition?" Nobuyuki asks, "What is wrong with Ryoko? I thought she was better now."

"Can I tell him Kiyone?" asks Sasami with a mischievous grin.

"Sure Sasami, go ahead and tell him. I'm going to take these trays to Washu and her guests. When you get done explaining things to him could you take the other three to the sleepy heads up stairs?"

Sasami nods to Kiyone then looks over to the new girl before speaking to Nobuyuki.

"Ryoko is Pregnant, father. Is it not wonderful? Now Maya-chan will have a little brother or sister to play with."

Upon seeing Nobuyukis' jaw hanging down Kiyone walks out into the hall towards the door to the lab door. As she was opening the door to the lab she glanced over at the G.P. standing next to it, he did look familiar. Shaking off the feeling she turned her attention to entering the lab. At that moment three light hawk wings moved around in front of her, one stops in front of her the other two continue into the lab. The world starts to fade and she feels a pair of arms catch her as she falls unconscious to the sounds of the trays of dishes shattering to the floor.


"Hurry up Mihoshi I need to talk to Mayuka when I'm done with you, she had a nightmare last night. I want to analyze it, she has been showing signs that her 'special' abilities might be beginning to be manifesting themselves."

"And you want to be sure she is being monitored, right Washu?"

Washu then stopped walking and turned to look back to the entrance of the lab.

"What is it Washu? Is something wrong?" Mihoshi asked with concern showing plainly on her face.

"Something is upsetting Ryoko, Mihoshi. I want you to go and check on Maya while I check on her. I'll be right with you, when I'm sure things are ok with Ryoko."

No sooner than she finished speaking than an alarm sounded followed by the sound of a blast and to more alarms sounding in rapid succession. The two women took off running in the direction of the blast. they arrived to see a pale Maya holding her palm out towards the man in black who was hunched over coughing up blood, a set of parallel skid marks on the floor, stopping mere inches from where the woman in white is standing. Before Washu or Mihoshi could ask what was going on they felt something approaching from behind them. When they turned to look they caught a glimpse of a pair of light hawk wings stop a few inches from them. their world went black, the last things they heard was the sound of dishes crashing to the floor and a soft feminine voice.

"It is all right little one, you are not in trouble, everything will be fine."


On the Jurai Royal Flagship the Kouza (Emperors Throne), in a mid sized meeting room.

"What do you mean Husband?" Lady Misaki asked.

"It is a rather odd coincidence, all four of our fleets arriving here at the same time Sister." Said Lady Funaho as she glances over at her Sister-wife.

Azusa opens his mouth to speak, but Misaki interrupts him saying, "I did authorize a research expedition for the Science Academy to study the wreckage of the Soja."

A guard walks up the Funaho, whispers into her ear, hands her some data pads, and then exits.

"The Centennials are requesting authorization to enter Jurai space in order to recover something of importance to their Ruling Cast." Funaho says next.

Grand Marshal Anderson of the Galaxy Police stands and walks over by the two Queens, bows to Azusas image and begins to speak.

"The Galaxy Police are here because of a report by Detective First Class Makibi Kiyone, stating that a Highest Level Special Threat Energy Reaction was detected on Colony World 0315: Earth. We have not heard from either her or her partner Detective First Class Kuramitsu Mihoshi since."

Funaho turns to the Marshal and asks, "Detective First Class Kuramitsu Mihoshi is your Granddaughter, is she not?"

"She is My Lady. Although she can go long periods without sending a progress report during missions, her partner Detective First Class Makibi Kiyone usually makes regular Mission Status Reports. Once a week at minimum. Given the seriousness of her last report, they are long over due." The Marshal replied with a worried tone.

Azusa looks at the people assembled in the room, gazing at each person as if trying to determine the truth of their intentions.

"So you know nothing of the transmission intercepted announcing Ayeka and Sasamis Bondings?" Azusa asks as he returns his gaze back to his wives.

Funaho holds up one of the data pads the guard had just handed her.

"I just received a copy of the message Dear, I think our guests are going to want to see it as well, after all the message is addressed to them also."

Just then three people enter the room: A young woman with long orange hair and purple eyes that were unusual in that the 'whites' were blue. An older gentleman with white hair, a gem in his forehead, and eyes that were all black. Lastly, a young man with short spiky black hair and dark clothing.

Funaho motions for them to take their seats and with a nod from her husband, plays the message.


Moments after Kiyone left to take lunch to Washu and her guests, the others in the dinning room see Sasami stop giggling and look up stairs.

"What are you doing Tenchi, you are using too much energy." Sasami said just before a Light Hawk Wing came floating into the room and stopping in front of her. The sound of dishes crashing to the floor in the hall was heard as they watched her face go blank.


Back in the Masaki dinning room:

Nobuyuki turns to his father-in-law and asks, "What is going on, what should we do to help?"

"Wait, and pray. We don't want to disturb them, in our ignorance of the situation we may cause more harm than good."

"They will be fine," Hiwa says "we just have... to... be... patent." Her voice trailing off as she turns her attention down the hall towards Washus lab. Then with alarm she says "Oh, no!" as she scrambles to get up and runs down the hall.


More will be told in the next chapter: Chapter nine: Reunions pt. 3

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