Batman Gotham Prep

Batman Gotham Prep

Summery: Disclaimer I do not own Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Rachel or any of the other Characters. I just like messing with them. This is My First Fanfic Be nice.

Summery: This is what happened when all the Characters were in High School So Sorry no Joker here.


A sixteen year old Bruce Wayne looked down at the dead frog on his desk as he attempted to loosen the collar of his uniform swatter vest. He was n ot looking forward to what he was about to do.

Jugging By the fact that his Friend and lab partner Harvey was starting to look as green as the dead frog nether was he. Not doing much "You want to cut it open or should I ."

Bruce thought for a Moment "You do it I'M going to be sick"

"I'M not feeling much better about this. Harvey pulled a coin from his pocket. "Flip for it looser has to Do the dissecting."

"Deal", Bruce replied not knowing that one day this whole coin toss thing would one day become an obsession with Harvey.

"Call it", Harvey said.


"Rats" Harvey reached for the scalpel but before he could make the firs cut. He put his hand to his mouth and ran out of the room Before throwing up in the hall.

The whole class was hallowing. Well Except Bruce.

A/N Sorry Cliff hanger let me know what you guys think. Ok I dout if the mutilated former DA was ever this squeamish Bbut come on no one likes doing the Frog dissection in High School.