Mansion Adventures & Mishaps

By LinkwithRedSox


This is my first ever story at ! Yes, first ever! I've written fanfics before, so this isn't my first fanfic. Anyways, I decided to do a SSB fic 'cause I had inspiration...from SSBB' . Anyway, the story is just about random things happening in the Smash Mansion. It includes all characters from Melee and Brawl. Also, my favorite series are Zelda and Fire Emble; don't be surprised to see alot about those two. Infact, this first chapter covers one of their adventures. Finally, this fic is ONLY rated T for violence, I mean it's SSB, c'mon. If you've played any Smash games, you'll be fine.

Chapter 1

Crazy as a Hand

"YESSSSSSSS! I beat it!" Marth screamed. He had just beat the first dungeon of Legend of Zelda.

"It took you 5 DAYS just to beat it? Wow..." Ike commented.

Marth, Ike, and Link were playing a virtual console game on the Wii in the game room. They were all sitting on a green couch, watching a large TV. Marth then ran into an Octorok playing LoZ.

"OOUCH!" Link screamed for some reason after seeing this.

"Uhh, Link...why did you-" He was stopped short as Link said, "Errr...sorry...just a bad memory about Octoroks..."

"Link! Why is Toony(Nickname for Toon Link) stuck in a tree?" Zelda proclaimed, coming to a halt behind the couch.

Link said, "Oh don't worry, he climbs trees all the time. And, Roy's walking with him right now..." He looked out the window, saw a screaming Toon Link hanging on to a very thin limb, and Roy was not in sight.

"Oh no..." Marth, Ike, and Link said, running out the door. They caught Toon Link just in time as he fell.

"Who stuck you in the tree? Where's Roy!?" Link asked.

As Toon Link said, "Bowser and Dedede." a muffled sound came from behind the tree.

They found Roy there.

"I am gonna get them soooo bad for this-"

"Don't worry Roy, I've got a plan." Link said.

10 minutes later...

"Ya know the room where Crazy Hand has his afternoon chocolate? I tied them up in there" Link said, a mischievous smile appearing on his face. Ike joined in, "Hehehehehe..."

With Bowser and Dedede

"Oh, hello thing-a-ma-jigs, will you join me in my afternoon great brown milky stuff?"

Bowser and Dedede looked up with a horrid glare, nodding "no".

Crazy had some chocolate...

"Whooooo! Choco- Choca- latee ahhhaaa!"

Crazy was flying around the room, every once in a while giving the two "Trouble Kings" a good punch in the face.

Outside the door...

"Hehe! They got what they deserved...they're so crazy they ought to join that hand more often..." Marth said.

The End...for now...

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