Mansion Adventures & Mishaps

By LinkwithRedSox


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Chapter 4

The Amazing...Button!

"NESS! LUCAS!" Toon Link and Young Link were yelling down the hall at the Earthbound-series youths. They were in the hall near Ness and Lucas's room; a wide hall with red carpet and nice bronze chandeliers.

"Yes Little Links?" Ness said, walking up to his friends with Lucas.

"Okay, we've got a really cool idea of something to do today! This morning, when we woke up, (Quick note: Marth and Link are roomates, but TL and YL sleep in a bunk bed in the same room)

Marth and Link were talking about a 'secret control room'!" TL told them

YL finished for him, saying, "And we wanna go look at it! They said it controls the WHOLE mansion!"

Lucas spoke up for the first time in the conversation, "Yeah, I'd love to!"

Approximately ten minutes later, the 4 youths were infront of a door they had found in the attic.

"Let's go in!" Ness said.

Lucas turned the handle, and they stepped in. They were met by a wall of computers, screens, buttons, switches, and more of the like.

"Wow...what do they do?" YL spoke, walking towards a red button. "Let's try this one!" And he pushed the button.

-In the Garage-

Samus was in her car, backing out; she was right under ther garage door. The same time YL pushed the button, the garage door came down, smashing her car. "WHAT?"


"Hmm...nothing happened...let's try again!" With that, TL began hammering on the button.

-In the Garage-

Suddenly, the garage door began moving up and down, smashing Samus's car to little bits of metal. "MY CAR!"


"Ok...let's try this one!" Lucas said. He pushed another button.


C. Falcon was playing F-Zero, surrounded by several other smashers, as he was about to get a record time.

"Almost there..." Falcon announced, when, all of the sudden, the power went out, leaving the room pitch black. "NOOOOOOO! Why?" Falcon blurted.


"ok...oooo, this little lever says hot and cold..." Ness pushed the lever all the way to "hot".

-In Link/Marth's room-

Link was taking a shower and Marth was reading 'The Twenty-First Century for Dummies', when Link suddenly let out a yell.

"Ok...I wonder what that's about..." Marth said to himself, hearing the water turning off, while reading the chapter, 'How to Safely Cross a Street', in between the chapters 'Entering the Street' and exiting the street'.

A few minutes later, Link came out wearing his green tunic.

"The water went REALLY hot all the sudden..."

"I wonder why?" Marth replied. "Oh, and why haven't TL and YL come back yet...they're usually coming back here about now asking us to play games with them...and did you know exiting a street could be so says here-"

"Oh no! I have a bad feeling...I hope TL and YL didn't get any ideas from what we said about the control room this morning..." Link said, as he heard a distant yell; something about fire in a kitchen.


"Alright, let's try this one, it says it's the self-destruct button..." TL told his comrades, pushing the button.

Next, Marth and Link burst into the room. "What are you two doing in here-"

Suddenly, the machine said in a recorded voice, "Mansion Self-Destructing in 60 seconds...59..."

Marth and Link quickly grabbed the four friends, dashing downstairs. "Can you not READ? The mansion's gonna blow!" Link told them.

Mario heard the conversation, and asked Link, "The mansion's gonna blow-a? We need to warn the others!"

"Right!" Marth answered.

Soon, everyone was running for their lives, screaming something about being too young to die...

They could still hear the speakers in the mansion going "7...6...5...4...3...2...1..." as they ran outside into the front yard. Everyone braced themselves for the explosion when, "BOOOM"...o wait...there wasn't a boom...Mario thought...

Soon, Snake came out the door, saying, "Fixed it!"

Everyone sighed in relief.

As they filed in, Marth told TL, YL, Ness, and Lucas, " that again..."

"Or make the water so hot," Link said.


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