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InuYasha does not belong to me. They belong to Rumiko Takahashi! Though I do own Lord Karino... on with the story!

Kagome was in a clearing practicing with her bow and arrows. She would practice ever time they stopped, she would go into a clearing and start to shoot arrows at trees. She would try to get them to go faster, and try to be able to draw them faster. Then she would put her purifying powers with them. After that she would focus on shooting more then one arrow at a time. After she was done with doing all that she would still down and meditate, trying to focus and control her miko powers.

Then Kagome would make a barrier around the clearing. Then she would change into her demon form and start to practice her demon powers and then she would add purifying powers with her attacks. Kagome had found out that she was a demon two days later after InuYasha had told her that he couldn't protect her anymore. It had mad Kagome a little sad when she remembered. The same day Kagome had found out that she was a demon Kikyo had joined the group. Kagome would never forget how her father Lord of the Northern Land, Lord Karino had come to her. It had been a week since.


Kagome had just finished her bath and started to head back to the camp when the wind blew her to a clearing. Then all of a sudden a demon came from the sky and landed in front of her.

"What do you want?" I asked the strange taiyoukai.

Then before I knew it the demon was hugging me. I was so startled that that I was frozen. He pulled away a little and he kept his hands on my elbows. He had a sad smile on his lips. His eyes held sadness and happiness.

"Do you not remember me?" he asked. There was a hint of sadness in his voice.

"I'm sorry." I said. He kept his smile and hugged me again. "I didn't think you would but I wanted to try." he said.

"You know me then?" I asked. "Yes..." he said. I waited for him to continue. "You are my daughter Kagome Higurashi Princess and Heir of the Northern Lands, and I am your father Karino Higurashi Lord of the Northern Lands." Kagome just stood there. "I-I'm a princess? And a d-d-demoness?" He nodded his head.

"OMG! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! I'M HUMAN!" he waited for her to quiet down. Then he told her that when she was born a demon came to the castle to try to kill her. So everyone at the castle sadly put a spell on her to make her look like a human and then they dropped her in the Bone Eaters Well to send her to the future were she would be safe. They had killed the demon. Though it took them about 300 years to totally make sure that it was safe. Then they found out that when she turned 15 she would be able to come back but she would not be able to remember anything until she turned 17. When she would turn 17 she would be able to get all her memories back.

"Do you believe me?" he asked with hope in his eyes.

"Yes I do. But then wouldn't I have my powers then?" she asked.

"No. They said that I would have to find you when it is a week till your 17th birthday. Then if you truly believed me you would get your demon form and powers. So do you truly believe with all your heart that I am telling you the truth?" he asked her. Then without hesitation she said...

"I believe with all my heart that you speak the truth. I believe that you are my father the Lord of the Northern Land and I am your daughter the Princess and Heir of the Northern Land." he smiled. I could see the happiness in his eyes.

"Then have your powers and your form back my daughter." Then I started to glow blue. I could feel my nails grow long into neatly shaped claws, my hair grow longer all they way down to my knees. I felt my body shape to the perfect body any girl, woman, goddess, and demonesses would kill for!

When it was over my 'father' lead me to a near by lake. I looked at our reflections. I had dark midnight blue hair down to my knees with neon green highlights. I had a neon green star on my forehead. The killer body I told you about, a black, silver, and neon green battle/kimono on and my claws were painted with neon green. I had a silver strip on each cheek (much like sesshomaru) and porcelain skin. Then I looked at my father. He had midnight blue hair tied up in a high ponytail with pale green highlights. He also had a pale green star on his forehead and a silver strip on each cheek. He had an outfit on like sesshomaru except were white was the main color for sesshomaru his was pale green, were the red designs on sesshomaru's it was black, as was his tail with pale green highlights slung over his shoulder. His sash was silver. He also had pale green eyes. Then I looked back over at me, I also had a tail that was black with neon green highlights in it. Not to mention my neon eyes!

"What kind of youkai are we?" I asked.

"Wolf. Some times though people mistake us an Inu Yaukai, because we are somewhat like them."

"These things are..."

"We mate for life, can be very stubborn, and we show NO mercy." All I could do was shape my mouth in an O shape. He chuckled.

"You are a season and element youkai along with a miko taiyoukai." he said. "Cool. What about you?"

"I am a season taiyoukai. Your mother was an element taiyoukai with a little miko in her." he said a little sad when he talked about her mom.

"She died?"

"Yes after she had you. Though she did get to see you, I believe it was the news about the demon that..." he couldn't finish. So she hugged him. He in return hugged her back.

"I will come for you two weeks after your birthday. Good-bye until then my daughter." and with that he was gone.

"Good-bye father." then she put on her human form and returned to camp.


"Kagome! Kagome!" Kagome heard Sango shouting. "Coming!" I yelled.

With that I put on my human form, dropped the barrier and ran back to camp were a demon was attacking. As I joined the fight I thought I can't even use my demon speed! I have to pretend to be a worthless, can't even protect herself miko! This sucks!

Kagome couldn't wait till tomorrow; she would be able to get her memories back. They all sleep not knowing that a pair of eyes watched them through out the night.

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