InuYasha does not belong to me

InuYasha does not belong to me. Thanks for the reviews! Now on with the story.

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Dinning room #1…

Lord Karino sat at in the chair at the head of the table. His back was facing the mural of the family. On his left sat Lord Jun, Lady Akira, Kikyo, InuYasha, and Miroku. On his right Lord Sesshomaru, Lady Kagome, Lord Kohaku (they turned him into a demon too, his color is dark green), Lady Sango, Lord Tako, Lady Rin, Lord Ryu, and then Kirara.

Sesshomaru and InuYasha were separated from each other. InuYasha wouldn't stop picking fights, of course; and all the fights so far had been verbal and Sesshomaru had won them all. Witch just made InuYasha even angrier.

They had eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, serape, sausage, apple juice, orange juice, tea, water, milk, bagels (sounds good, no? this is what I wanted for breakfast instead I only had a peach. Sad isn't it…), waffles, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, star fruit, peaches, apples, oranges, bananas, straw berries, blue berries (not a big fan of them), papayas, and any other fruit you can think of or pronounce.

After breakfast Kagome, Akira, and Sesshomaru went to the library, Rin and Ryu went to the gardens, and Sango and Tako went to the big, and I mean 4 football fields together big, half pool half hot spring in the back. Karino and Jun went to Karino's study to talk and drink. The Inu gang went to the dojo. They all stayed were they where until it was time for lunch. They all sat in the same places too.

They had TACOS! (you can tell I love tacos can't you? Tacos! Must obey Taco Man! Sorry about that…lol) They also had pizza, hamburgers, french fries, tater tots (love those too!), baked potatoes, hot dogs, more fruit (lol), water, Root Beer, tea, and sake.

Then everyone split up once again. All the ladies went to the drawling room. Kagome and Sango drew female worriers, while Akira and Rin drew the gardens. Kikyo drew the big pool/hot springs with her in it. All of them laughed even Kikyo when they saw hers.

Karino, Shippo, Sesshomaru, Jun, and even Miroku were in the study sharing stories and talking while drinking tea or sake, or both. InuYasha was sleeping in his and Kikyo's room. Kirara and Kohaku were in the gardens.

As everyone was heading towards the dinning room once again for their dinner. Naraku appeared in front of them.

"What do-!" InuYasha started to yell at him but stopped when Kagome put her hand up and then nodded her head towards Naraku.

"There are two female dragon demon's headed this way full speed ahead." Then Kagome felt the same thing she had felt that morning. She then turned to Jun.

"Did Naya have a twin sister?"

"Yes. Her name is Maya."

"Great." Kagome said holding the 't' sarcastically.

"What do you mean love?" Sesshomaru asked and InuYasha growled.

"If I am right, witch I usual am, Maya resurrected Naya and now the both of them are on their way here for revenge." (Naya being resurrected was secretly-sesshomaru's-lover's idea, thanks again!)

"Makes since." Kei said. Everyone nodded their heads.

"Should we get the army together?" Rin asked.

"No. They would just kill them, I don't want innocents dead. Let them come, open the gates for tem when they get here. I want everyone in the basement. Only I and Sango stay here. This is our fight. Everyone else and I mean everyone." She said looking at the group. Naraku I want you in the shadows. You will only do something or let your presence known if I want it. Got it?!" she said as she started at him. He bowed

"Of course my Lady." Kagome nodded her head.

"Now everyone get in the basement! Now! Sango and I will stay and open the gates and then battle. Once it is over we will come and get you. Understand?!" Kagome stared them down. They could tell she was pissed, and nobody and I mean nobody messed or disobeyed a pissed off Kagome. So they all nodded their heads so they could keep their heads. She looked at them once again, and they all took off to do as they were told and to tell everyone else.

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With the sisters…

"Do you think they will know we are coming?" asked Maya.

"Nope. They think I am dead." The two laughed and quickened their pace.

One hour latter…

Sango saw the two coming up so she and Kagome opened the gate. They stood in the shadow masking them selves so the two wouldn't know they were there and watched to see the reactions to the girl's faces when they saw the deserted castle. The two watched as the other two came up consciously. The faces the two made, made Sango and Kagome laugh out loud and making the two look up searching for them.

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