I am sorry to say I will not be updating anytime soon! I am having writer block for these stories:

Kagome the Demoness

Kagome of the North

Enter Hidden Village of Red Dawn!

After 9 Years

I will not be taking them down just on hold! I might also rewrite some parts. But if I did write them now then they would not be very good and would be suckish. But I might post new stories such as :

Harry Potter stories: slash, and Harry as a female

Twilight/Harry Potter crossovers: slash, female Harry, and Harry as a vampire already or not

As you can see I am in a Harry Potter, Twilight/Harry Potter crossover phase! I just wanted to warn you guys since you have been kind to me! Also I will never abandon a story! Just put it on hold.

Thanks again!

Chibi Kyuu-chan