Our Legends

Our Legends

Chapter 2

"Do you know about a play called 'Storm and Stress'?" Storm asked Cloud as they stroll along the beautiful park of Midgar.

Cloud shrugged, "No, I haven't. No one on Gaia even knows about it." Storm nodded and continues on with his story. "This play is famous in our world, it's a type of literature devoted to rebellion, spectacle, and grandeur. The funny thing is… That literature really resembles my family's fate."

When the red-eyed man finishes his speech, Cloud bends his head and frowned at the thought. "How so?" asked the blonde swordsman in a soft tone. Storm didn't answer immediately; instead he walks over a flowing fountain where some adults are enjoying the view from nearby benches. Cloud soon followed the tight-lipped stranger and taking a seat on one of the empty bench with his visitor.

The silent prince seems to be having some trouble fumbling over with his words; eyes looked hauntingly sad and wouldn't dare to look up. The former AVALANCHE leader had just realized, Storm is like a mirror image of him. So alike, yet so different… Cloud continues to stare at him who is still had his head bow down. Cloud looks away, watching children playing together on a grass field. But his mind is another different story, something that had happened when he was only a cadet…

"My family is like a group of gangsters…" the blue-haired warrior suddenly said. Cloud quickly snaps from his past thoughts and tries to catch the words that had just been said. "My father, being the leader and all, handles things cold-blooded. If things get out hand, he'll send some of his lap dogs to do the dirty job. Sometimes, even murder had been committed. We don't trust anybody but ourselves…"

Horrified by this shocking fact, the blonde's eyes grew wide in horror. Oh Gaia… Too many surprises in one day! He lifted his hand to cover his face in distress and murmuring solemnly, "Being his son affects your life…. Is that what you've trying to say?"

Storm smirked grimly at this comment, "Yes, but no. I had overcome my burden years ago. Being in the royal family has its advantages, when the time is right, I will set things right. Or maybe I'll start over my life if I can," said the crimson-eyed prince. And after a few minutes talk, Storm sits up fully lean in on the bench, lifting his head to gaze at the soon-to-be-darken sky, lost in his thoughts. Cloud remembers Storm told him he was one of the ROYAL family…

"W-wait! You said you're a one of the royal family, right? Then why did your family involves in these gangster role?"

"…" silence greets Cloud yet again; he frowned, just wanting to know this juicy info about the prince's life leaving him on the edge of his seat. And then, Storm turned his head around, glaring at him with those alluring crimson red rubies. Cloud gazed at those fascinating gems as though they themselves took over their conversation and explain it to him instead. So haunted… So sad… So tired…

Cloud mentally shook off those senseless thoughts; try to focus the situation at hand, the blonde-haired ex-Soldier then opens his mouth and said, "Well?"

"… My family has been chosen to guard a special crystal in our kingdom by a goddess named Cosmos," Storm explained, he added, "That special crystal must never falls into the hands of our enemies. If that happens… Our world will turn into chaos and destruction."

The immortal hero finally understood, he turns his head away. 'His parents are the guardians of the crystal. That's why his family was so ambitious…' Cloud wondered in thought, eyes were half-lidded, staring at nothing in particular.

"You also have many stressful memories to tell, haven't you?"

Shocked by the prince's question, Cloud quickly turns his head around and stares him as he was staring at a two-headed man. "How did you know?" Cloud whispered softly but in a dangerous tone.

The blue-haired crystal guardian calmly answers his question, "Before I teleport to your world, I did some research about you. Including your past, friends, occupation, enemies, and etcetera. It seems you're not the only immortal in this world. The others must have gone somewhere away from this city, right?" Storm asked him in a serious and tone.

Cloud blinked twice before bending down his head to stare at his boots, finding them interesting to avoid the subject.

"I know this is hard for you to accept that. I know everything about you. But this is kind of important to me if I want to find a true ally." The crimson-eyed prince said; still looking at Cloud for his reactions.

The blonde clenched his fists with a sudden rage running through his blood. He shot his head up, "Don't simply read about my personal life, you bastard! There are limitations to my life that not everyone can know about! And you have the guts to show your face here and tell me this! Sorry! The deal is out! You'll just have to find another ally to do your dirty job!" shouted by an angry Cloud. The raging blonde stood up, ready to walk away without caring around the people who stare at the two warriors' heated conversation.

"That's what makes us human, isn't it?"

Cloud suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, all his anger and frustrations disappeared in a second. He slowly turned around, looking at the expressionless blue-haired prince. Storm's face changed into a kind and gentle that Cloud haven't seen before, making him petrified on where he stood. The prince said, "If someone knows about my secrets, I too, will be angered by that. But I've learned to control my emotions and listen to his explanation before I can accept his offer. You and I aren't so different after all. We all have some weaknesses, even the most feared general that you've kept thinking about," Storm jokingly stated, making Cloud blushed at his words.

His expression turns into a sad one and said, "Please, Cloud. I really need your help. I don't have time to search for another ally. You and your friends are suitable enough to fight our new enemies," the crimson-eyed swordsman begged.

The blonde looked down; brows frowned in thought, memorizing every single word he said. While the prince taking note mentally not to scare off the swordsman again.

Then, he tilted his head saying, "I'll accept your offer. But promise you must agree on one thing."

The prince gazed at him puzzled and asks, "And what would that be?"

Cloud smirked, "Never ever pry on my private profiles again."

Hearing the simple and obvious condition, Storm giving the faintest smile and nodded in agreement. It will take some time for Cloud to get used to him, as for now, they only discuss what matters the most.

Storm will tell Cloud that it's okay for not being a normal being; comforting him when he's in stress with his past and being there to help him to overcome the boundaries. But, he will wait. Until Cloud fully opens his heart to him.

Soon, their legends will be written in history.

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