What if Brooke and Lucas had had more than one kiss that night in New York? What if that kiss lead to one thing, which lead to another? What if Brooke was left pregnant? What would it be like in the 5th season? Set 4 years after that night.

Disclaimer: i own nothing, except Georgie who is a cutie in my mind!

'Georgie.' Brooke Davis said as she gently shook her 4 year old daughter. If Georgie could do one thing for her life it would be sleep.

'No mommie. Back to bed,' the four year old said as she tried to push her mother of her bed.

'Come on sweetie. Please for mommie. Mommie has a big meeting today and really needs to have everything ready.' Brooke pleaded with the four year old who didn't have any motive of getting up. 'Please Georgie. Come on. All mommie wants is for you to get up' Brooke said before having her daughter's hand bonk her on the face.

'What was that for Georgie?' Brooke asked as she rubbed her nose. 'Why did you hit mommie?'

'I was looking for the snooze botton.' Georgie answered as if it was obvious. Georgie was her father's child, that was for sure. She not only had his looks but she was brilligent. Georgie had Brooke's smile and attitude but other than that she was all Lucas. She had the famous Scott eyes. Deep baby blues that you could get lost in or like Brooke you couldn't say no to. Her hair was a bright blonde. It was a mess too. Though even at the messiest it was the most beutiful.

'Please baby? I'll take you to see Aunt Rachel.' Brooke tried one more time to have her daughter get out of bed. This last attempt seemed to work.

'Aunt Rachel? Aunt Rachel! Yeah! Why didn't you say so mommie? I have to find my cutiest otfit!' Georgie said jumping out of her bed. 'Aren't you comming mommie? We have to look our best!' Brooke laughed at her daughter's likeness to herself. Brooke took off after her daughter who was already in her closet throwing things all over the place.


'Rachel?' Brooke asked as she walked into her best friends appartment.

'Brookie cookie? Is that you?' Rachel yelled from across the loft. After Clothes Over Bros had gotten into the big time Rachel had been almost the face of the company. She was an actoress and wore Clothes Over Bros to almost every event. She and Brooke had gotten even closer if it was possibility.

'Yes Rachel. And someone is here for you!' Brooke shouted to Rachel who was either getting dress or too busy with her new husband.

'I wonder who could be here to see me?' Rachel said as she poked her head out of her bedroom. Rachel looked around and pretended to not see anyone. 'I don't see anyone' Rachel said as she stepped out of the bedroom and looked around searching for someone.

'It's me Aunt Rachel!' Georgie said with a giggle. She then proceded to throw her arms aroudn Rachel.

'Ahh... it is my beutiful goddaughter. What are you wearing Georgie?' Rachel asked twirling Georgie around who was just having the best time with her godmother.

'A Clothes Over Bros original duh.' Georgie said as she shot Rachel a 'what were you thinking look'.

'Oh, of course you are because we who wear Clothes over Bros are the hottest chicks in town, don't you think?' Rachel asked Georgie who was still fixing her bow.

'Of course.' Georgie said as she found her way to Rachel's bedroom. 'Time to wake up Uncle Cooper!' Georgie screamed as she flung her self onto her sleeping uncle.

'Nooo.. five more minutes please.' Cooper pleaded to the 4 year old who was paying no attention to his pleads.

'Nope. Time to wake up! Your faviorite niece is here!' Georgie said as she started to pull her uncle off the bed,

'Oh yes. My faviorite niece. Now whats her name again? Balerina? Borgie? Lorgie? Forgie?' Cooper said scratching his head.

'No! It's Georgie!' She screamed jumping up to give him a hug.

'Oh yes that niece.' He said as he returned her hug and carried her out into the kitchen where Rachel and Brooke said chatting away,

'So I see Georgie got you up? Good job Georgie!' Brooke said as Cooper set Georgie down in the seat she had proudly declared her's a few weeks ago. She then gave her daughter a high five,

'Let me guess your mother didn't feed you did she Georgie?' Cooper returned as Georgie nodded her head. 'How about I make us some yummy chocolate chip pancakes.

'Yeah! Please, please, please!' Georgie said jumping up and down in her seat as she nodded her head.

'Ok, I guess we know what we are doing today Rach.' Cooper said as he started to get the pancake batter out.

'How was your night's sleep?' Rachel at as she hugged her husband.

'Good. But I'm not talking about the sleep part.' He said as he returned the hug and kissed his wife.

'Ewwww!' Georgie said as she covered her eyes. The adults laughed.

'Hey, can you guys keep the S-E-X talk down a little. There is a four year old in the room?' Brooke said pointing to Georgie who was playing with her american girl doll that she got when she, Brooke and Rachel took a girl's vacation to Chicago a few months ago.

'Hey, I can't help that my wife is sexy.' Cooper said as he gave Brooke the famous Scott smirk as he kissed his wife before going back to the pancakes.

'Mommie?' Georgie said as she looked up to the ceiling.

'Yes sweetie?' Brooke said as she watched her daughter get the Scott grin on her face.

'What is sex?' Georgie asked leaving Brooke stunned and Rachel and Cooper laughing like hell.